Threads Entwine Revised

On Monday, Sept. 21, I presented to the Creative Writing and Literature Department at the Fort Worth Woman’s Club. What a lovely opportunity and what a great group of women. However, what made the experience special for me is this was the group my mother had belonged to back in the 90s, serving as chairwoman for two years.


When I was an assistant principal, Mom asked me to present to the group. I don’t remember the topic, probably something about the importance of Early Childhood Education, Parent (Grandparent) Involvement, or Making Presentations. Those were my stock topics back in the day. (Well, I can do a good job with any of those still today.)


But Monday, I talked about my writing journey, how I construct novels, and how an author has to be able to edit her own work. The experience was heartwarming, because the women were gracious in their praise. And while we weren’t in the same room I remember presenting in when Mom was in charge, still her spirit seemed to smile on me.

I only have one picture with people. That’s because I got so caught up in the moment I forgot about taking any. After I’d already pulled out of the parking lot and hit the main street, I went back so I could share pics of this iconic building and the grounds with you.

I’m grateful to my wonderful massage therapist, Mary Jane Ashton, who introduced me to Joyce Miller, who was responsible for the invitation.  FullSizeRender(19)

In my late 30’s I was a member of the Jr. Woman’s Club and participated in the Speech Drama Section. We put on the Spring Show every year—kind of a loose story line with singing and dancing. Even Bob got involved after he saw what a great time I had. One year for a King and I number, both our daughters were in the show.


We presented a children’s show every year and took the production to various elementary schools.

A group of us went around to schools with large handicapped puppets helping kids without disabilities to be more understanding. I wish I remember the name of the group. Interestingly, the puppets were housed at Bruce Shulkey Elementary, across the street from where we’d once lived, and the school I later served in as assistant principal when I presented to Mom’s Woman’s Club group. The threads do entwine.

My head spins as I look back on all that volunteer activity with two young kids! Good thing I was young. LOL


At 40, women had to cross over the garden wall into the Woman’s Club. I don’t know if that’s still the same age women cross over, but by the time I was 40, other aspects of my life took precedence—I ran for the school board the first time when I was 40. Not winning builds character but is really the pits! But that’s for another post.

Is there an organization like Woman’s Club or Jr. Woman’s Club you’ve been active in? Tell me about times when you’ve been aware of the Threads Entwining.

This post was scheduled for Sept. 24, but we’ve had problems moving blogs from my former website to this new one. Thanks to Cheryl Letsch of Y & R PR for managing the transition for me and for some fun posts on FB and Twitter, especially appreciated while I attended #RomCon15 in Denver Sept 24-27. Look for that post Oct 8. Don’t you love the spruced up look of the site? Crisp and clear. My emails are also improved and I don’t have all those awful spam posts that took forever to delete. 🙂

As always I love to hear from you.

Book Update: ACT OF TRUST went off to three Beta Readers,

Jane Sisolak, Kim Highland, and Paula Whitmore. I’ve heard from two and am waiting for the 3rd one but have made some changes already based on the good comments from the first two. Thanks so much, ladies.

Weight Update: About the same. I’ve got these same extra 4 pounds from my lowest weight. I’m not making myself stick with the Nutrisystem plan. I really have to get a handle on eating real food. I can’t stay on Nutrisytem the rest of my life. LOL

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    • Hey, Helena. Thanks for stoppihg by. LOL, I’m not sure where to respond to you. Still learning the tricks of the new site. Even though it’s a WordPress, like my old one, things are just enough different.

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  1. Hi Marsha
    Sorry I’m late visiting. I always love reading your blog. The new format is really cool by the way. And I can’t wait to read your latest book. Three beta readers–so professional.
    Thanks for sharing about your Mom and the ladies club.
    my best


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