Book Clubs

I heard on NPR that more women than men belong to book clubs. The interviewer asked the author why she thought that was, but the author didn’t really have an answer.

The interviewer thought it was because we like to see ourselves in the books we read. The author laughed and then said, “But I read vampire books sometimes. I don’t think I look for myself there.”

The book club I belong to is coming to my house Friday night.



Most of the women have a connection to education. A former school psychologist of mine asked me to be a guest last year and the group read my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE. I posted about the event on the blog, but it’s one of those lost posts that I will try to resurrect after I get this 4th book birthed. 🙂

This is the group where when the woman asked me the name of the series I was writing I had no answer for her because I hadn’t given it any thought. Not sure why. I’ve read series and was aware some of them had names. So I’m very grateful to this group.

Last month, they tore apart the book they’d read. They were emotionally hooked into why the heroine wore her hair the way she did. These women are READERS! Love that. When authors spend as much time as we do getting the right words on the page at the right place and ultimately printed on in e-book format, it’s rewarding to find readers who are so invested in our work. Some author once said protect me from luke-warm readers. I want them to either hate my work or love it.

FullSizeRender(15)Friday night, we’re discussing the first in the series, SECOND ACT. I’ve promised next year, I’ll introduce them to a new author. I have several in mind. 🙂

Two of these women volunteered to be Beta Readers for my 4th book, ACT OF TRUST. They were very helpful. Authors are so close to our story, we sometimes miss important issues.

I can’t wait to show you the cover for this one. Charlie Volnek did her usual super job. It’s not quite ready for display, but will be soon.

So today (Thursday), I’ll do the dreaded picking up thing. Fortunately, the house cleaner who comes every other Friday is coming this Friday, so the house will be clean. The study door will have to remain closed. With the editing work, neither Bob nor I have time to deal with the mess in there. 🙂

We’re eating baked chicken (I make really good baked chicken).

FullSizeRender(50)I’ll provide wine, and iced tea, coffee, and bread. Others are bringing a casserole, desert, salad, and a veggie tray. Should be some good eating and fun visiting. Next week, I’ll share pictures.

Do you belong to a book club? Do you read a variety of genre? What’s your favorite and why? Do you see yourself in the books you read? (I confess I do.) If you’re in the DFW Metroplex, I’m available for your club or group for presentations.

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Love to hear from you.

I’m heading back to the editing cave now, but I’ll check in here periodically.

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  1. Hi Marsha, We’ve been away and unable to comment. But we will continue to receive your blog posts and now your newsletter.


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