Rain, Storms, and GPS, Oh My!

Last week I told you I’d be hosting my book club on Friday. Thursday night the storms arrived. We had record setting rain for much of three days.

FullSizeRenderI bought the chicken to bake. I bought the wine and the Candy Corn. I decorated the dining room table. All the while wondering if we’d have to cancel.

Friday cleared up a bit. Still gray and cloudy but without the torrents falling from the skies. So we proceeded with the meeting.

The first people arrived a bit after 7. The rains and flooded streets slowed them down.

The next group arrived about 7:20. They’d gotten lost because they couldn’t see the street signs through the veils of rain.

About 7:30 we decided to go ahead and eat supper though we were missing one person. Then we got the call.

FullSizeRender(52)My friend Barbara, who’d invited me to the book club in the first place, was lost. She couldn’t even tell me where she was. It’s tough to read street signs when the rain is coming down so hard and when you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood. To make it harder, she kept driving. We finally got her to stop and I figured out where I thought she was.

Off Vickery Blvd, we have several small, gated communities. We told her to stay there and Sandra, whose car was parked out front, said she’d drive, and we took out to find Barbara.

FullSizeRender(51)I did not grab a raincoat nor take time to change from my sandals to rain boots. A big mistake.

First attempt, I led us astray. We got to where I thought Barbara should be and there was no car. Then it dawned on me I’d heard the name wrong for the small community. We headed back and found her. Sandra and I had decided that I’d offer to drive Barbara’s car because we were afraid she’d lose us if she just followed in her car. Not to mention that her trembling voice suggested she was pretty shaken up.

Not much scarier than being lost in a part of town you don’t know in a blinding downpour!

I hopped out of Sandra’s car and Barbara got out and into the passenger seat while I climbed into her driver’s seat. All the while the rain is gushing down and we scurried through rivers of water!

As I drove off, I realized that not only should I have taken time to put on a raincoat and rain boots, I should’ve grabbed my driver’s license! Yikes! Not a time to get pulled over.

Fortunately, we made it home quickly and safely, and by the time we pulled into our driveway, the rain had slackened. Still we were all wet puppies. What an adventure! (Thought I doubted my sandals could recover, they did. 🙂 )

The meal wasn’t as hot as I’d have liked, but we were just glad we were all safely there.  The discussion of SECOND ACT was informative. Again, I was blown away by how in depth these women read. Second Act 333x500

Here’s the deal. The book club members live a long way from where I live. Had the meeting been at one of their house with the storms we were having, I’m not sure I’d have been gutsy enough to head out. So kudos to the members of my book club. I’m hoping that next month the weather is much better.

Oh, and the original problem happened when Barbara’s GPS told her to “merge onto 183.” She didn’t need to do that. She was right at the turn off to my neighborhood. So close and yet so far!

So what’s the scariest weather experience you’ve had in the car?

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8 responses to “Rain, Storms, and GPS, Oh My!

  1. What a committed group to come out in a storm! And what a tale to tell. I’m happy your book club was a success regardless of the weather. It was a wonderful book to discuss.

    I drove through a white-out (snow) last winter to get to my son’s to take care of my sick grandson, through sand storms in Colorado where we couldn’t see in front of us, and through a blizzard driving around Chicago. Also I drove through a rainstorm around Chicago and I wasn’t even sure where I was going. Talk about tension and I had my two young sons in the back seat.

    There was a blizzard on the evening we were married and had to drive an hour away to Milwaukee. Some guest went off the road. No one was hurt.

    None of my posts have shown up on your blogs since you started the new website. I hope this one does.


    • Hey, Susan. Success, You’re here. I don’t know what the issue has been, but fortunately it’s worked out now. I’ve missed seeing you here, though you’ve kindly emailed me.
      Yes, the book club is made up of strong women! Not sure they’re so fond of the book. LOL But it’s a niche book and for that group of folks, they seem to like my writing and kindly tell me so. 🙂
      Good grief, woman, you’ve had more than your fair share of horrifying experiences. And even on your wedding! Wow!
      The absolute worst drive for me was coming back from Weatherford, TX–a small town west of Fort Worth after a rehearsal one spring. We had one of those awful storms with hail, tornadoes, lightening, and incredible amounts of rain. I frankly think it was a miracle I didn’t go off the road, which was practically invisible. It was a trick to stay close enough to see lights of the car in front of me, but not so close the spray from his tires blinded me. There are a couple others dicey ones, but I was alone on this trip. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Hi Marsha, great post! To me it says a lot about the kind of person you are that these ladies were willing to drive for a distance through a crazy storm to be with you 🙂
    Glad nothing bad happened other than some sodden clothes! An adventure indeed.


    • Hey, Jacquie. What a sweet thing to say and I never thought about it like that at all. I’m a new member to this group, so it was especially nice for them to make the effort. I suspect the adventure will end up in a book sometime. 🙂 Maybe with some bad guys after the heroine. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Marsha
    Oh my goodness, what a story. And what wonderful friends. You’ll never be able to forget that Book Club meeting.
    My weather tales all involve islands and power outages. Up on the Haida Gwaii a remote and pristine archipelago of islands just below Alaska, we had lots of outages. Neighbours would gather around wood stoves, eat soup and granola bars and most of the time it was fun. Except the time we had the tail of a hurricane come through and I was taking the place of the school principal, because she was off-island. We sent the kids home through the front door, which I didn’t have to hold open because the wind took it. Great memories.
    I hope you’ve dried out.
    my best
    who by the way, no longer gets messages in her email when you post on your blog. Should I sign up again?


    • Hey,Jo-Ann, yes, please do sign up again. I’ve switched to a different PR company, which I like and really cleaned up my emails, but I’ve lost all my original blog posts! So sad. 😦 3 years of my life there. I have the original word docs, but without the pics and none of the cool comments from folks. Over time, I’ll re-post those.
      Oh, my those times in the school with bad weather are really something. Once in San Antonio, which has always and still does flood terribly, we had to keep the kids–middle school ones because a creek wasn’t far and it flooded big time. It was interesting to me how many parents became irate that we didn’t let the kids leave! We could probably join forces and write a book about all our harrowing times in schools. We could bring it out right around Halloween. LOL Thanks so much for stopping and sharing and please do sign up. 🙂


  4. You certainly have dedicated book club friends!
    One of my worst weather-related driving experiences was a few years ago (before our drought started). In CA we get most of our rain in the winter and it can settle in for long periods of time. One Sunday, Hubs and I decided to see if we could find a Buddhist monastery that was up in the low mountains near us. We made the mistake of following the route our GPS showed and came up to a dirt road. We assumed that it was just a short stretch between paved sections, thinking GPS wouldn’t send us wrong. Big mistake! We found ourselves on a muddy, slippery narrow path headed up the mountain with no way to turn around. We didn’t dare stop and had to drive slowly so we wouldn’t spin out. As we got further up I realized we were on a Park road I had ridden with my horse. Eventually we did make it all the way up and onto pavement again. Thank goodness for Hub’s skill and his car’s sturdy transmission. (Don’t think it was ever the same again.) Never did find the monastery that day.


    • Oh, Kate, what a story! You described it so well, of course you would, but I saw it like in a movie. Gosh a trail you hadn’t even been on on your horse!!
      Yes, one must use GPS with caution. I was looking for a writing retreat location in a small town recently. The GPS kept telling us we were there. We most certainly were not! LOL So we kept driving and by guess and by golly got there. There was a river between us and the site when the GPS was telling us we were there. Every car needs to come with a compass and now most of our phones do. Thank goodness. Thanks so much for stopping and sharing


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