#thankfulthursdays, December 17

Lest you think I take my family for granted, I figure I’d better focus on them  before I finish with this thankfulness theme. Truth be told, I probably do take them for granted.

I’m starting with our older daughter Kathryn who works as a real estate agent, and an excellent one, for Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s. With a minister husband and two kids, Kathryn juggles a lot. She is probably the most efficient of all the family and can plan and organize anything.

Examples: her sister’s wedding. Laura flew in from performing for a short Christmas vacation before returning to work. All she had to do was make selections from items Kathryn had picked for her.

Example: Kathryn’s own out of town wedding

F1020007 which was lovely and easy for us. All Bob had to do was write the checks. 🙂

Example: Finding me a new car so she could buy my old one. I wanted a rectangular, boxy car in a blue/green color with great cup-holders. In less than a week, she found me one. When parked next to my old car we all have trouble telling them apart. In the picture below, the car on the L is my old Highlander and the car behind is my new to me Ford Escape. Hers is clean and mine is dirty. 🙂


The family knows we don’t mention to Kathryn we’re thinking of doing or getting something until we’re sure we’re ready because within days, she’ll have found some good options for us. While we tease her, we’re grateful for her take charge attitude and know we can count on her to get the job done.

A woman of faith, she’s a very good friend, kind and caring and keeps up with folks she’s known since elementary school and camp days.

When my mother fell ill, Kathryn again proved her incredible value. I’d have never convinced my Mom to move from her duplex without Kathryn’s assistance. She and my mom had a special bond. Kathryn was also wonderful with Bob’s Dad when he was ill. Comforting to know she’ll be around when her father and I are old. 🙂

She and her sweet husband have given us two delightful grandkidsIMG_1004(1) Nelson who is 6 and Lilly (named for my mother) who will turn 5 the end of this month. Kathryn is a wonderful mother, giving her kids choices and then letting them live with those decisions. She doesn’t hover, but let’s them know by her actions that she believes them to be capable. Truly a gift.

Did I mention that she found our lakehouse? It was uncanny the way she knew almost before Bob and I had decided that we had to have a water view. I’ll have to share the post I wrote about how that all happened. (It’s one of the lost posts from the other website, but I can redo the pics, so sometime in January I’ll do that. )FullSizeRender(26)

Kathryn and I don’t always agree. Well, how could we? We’re mother and daughter. LOL But I admire, respect, and love her for oh so many reasons. She’s at home with kings and paupers, and everyone in between. Another gift.

Are you some of the blessed who have good relations with your grown kids? Do they live near? Love to hear from you.

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7 responses to “#thankfulthursdays, December 17

  1. Marsha, what a wonderful blog about your daughter. She is a blessing to you and Bob. Of course, you taught her to be kind.

    Our sons are also kind, loving individuals who have looked out for those who have less their entire lives. I am extremely proud of our sons. We also have a good relationship with both as adults.

    Merry Christmas Marsha and to your wonderful family!

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    • Hey, Susan. I like to think Kathryn succeeded in spite of us. We were well-intentioned, but not very flexible. All the more reason she’s such a blessing.
      I think your sons live somewhat nearby, right? I mean you have to travel a bit, but not a long ways. Not having grown up near my grandparents, I appreciated that my kids did and now Bob and I are near.
      Merry Christmas to you, too. Thanks for stopping and commenting.


  2. It’s lovely to meet your beautiful daughter, Marsha. I’m sure your daughters learned a lot from you and your husband as they were growing up on how to be a good person.
    One of my daughters lives in London and the oldest all the way in New Zealand. It’s funny because when I was a child we moved around a lot, and I was determined my children wouldn’t have to do that. We lived in the same house for 25 years. And now both girls just love to travel! I do miss them a lot when they are away but it’s lovely to see them have the confidence to explore the world.
    Thanks for a lovely post!


  3. Hey, Helena. They definitely picked up to always be busy. Not so sure that’s good or not. LOL I think of you often because of your daughter in New Zealand. If you have to be that far away, this is a good time with technology like Skype, but still very hard. Glad your other daughter is so much closer.
    Your girls got that confidence to explore the world from you, Helena. Having daughters is very special and we’re blessed. Thanks for stopping and commenting.


  4. What a loving testament to the bond between mother and daughter. Of course, you disagree at times. That’s a healthy relationship. We have two daughters also–all grown up. They blessed us with four grandsons and one granddaughter. When we’re home in MI, we live close. But when we are in Florida, they are 22 hours away from us. Being away from them at Thanksgiving and Christmas is very difficult, even after all these years, but we make up for it in the summer with camping trips and cook-outs. Family is also at the top of my Thankful list.


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