Christmas Eve, 2015

FullSizeRender(28) (Smallest tree ever!)

Today, many of you are spending time with your families, cooking, and doing last minute shopping.

IMG_2806 (Laura served my mother’s Champagne punch for a party.)

I wish you safe travels and a time of joy spent with family and friends. I pray for God’s peace for those of you experiencing the pain from recently losing a loved one.


(The family will be eating Christmas brunch at Kathryn’s.)

Tune in next Thursday, December 31, for the next installment on the #thankfulthursdays theme which will be about my younger daughter, Laura. Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating and Happy Holidays.

6 responses to “Christmas Eve, 2015

    • Hey, Ken. I’ve really enjoyed you pictures of the holidays in NYC. Someday, we’ll have to go there then. One of my daughters has experienced it and she said it was something special. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday.


    • Hey, Susan. I’ve been absent, too. At first I felt guilty, but I felt really bad, so saved my energy for the family. Now, I’m pretty spoiled by not doing anything. Lying around watching HGTV and drinking orange juice is a pretty good gig. LOL I’ll get it together and hit it hard next week. New book is keeping me awake at night. That’s really odd for me. Love the pics of your family. Know you had a super time. Congrats on how well your cozy mystery series is doing. Well deserved. Thanks for stopping in.


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