ABA Goes to San Diego

           Last week I left a list of the various blogs I was touring and just said I was “out of pocket” working on the next book. (My British author friend Helena Fairfax tells me that phrase over there means “out of money,” which makes more sense than the way we use it.) I didn’t want to tell you I was out of town. Some people do that and post FB pics when they are in wonderful places, but I’m hesitant to. Most security folks suggest you shouldn’t.

          I’ve written that Bob is the President Elect of the Tarrant County Bar Association and as such he has a variety of conferences to attend. After many years of him accompanying me on school board conferences, it seems only fair that I now go with him. And it was San Diego and I’d never been. All I knew about it was garnered from HGTV which features lots of houses from there. 🙂

          We flew and didn’t rent a car because everything was held at the Marriott Marquis Downtown, which was right on the harbor, and we could walk anywhere we wanted. Even downtown, which we did one night for supper.

IMG_3106 View from our hotel window

IMG_3117 Walkway looking toward our hotel center of pic  Great trip for me. I only attended one dinner and two receptions  meeting some interesting people. I spent the time walking, shopping, eating, writing on next book in series, people watching, and enjoying the beautiful scenery, and silky smooth air. I was hitting 15 and 17 K steps for two of the three days we were gone. (my feet really hurt, too!)

          My favorite area was The Seaport Village District that I walked to from our hotel. Great little shops and adorable eating places. Really cool people watching.

IMG_3120  IMG_3125

My eating companion. 🙂

They had a merry-go-round that I think may have a dead body riding one of the horses in some future book. 🙂 The creepy idea just popped into my head when I looked at it. You can see from the picture, that it’s a very nice merry-go-round. Don’t know why I went there. IMG_3114

Saturday afternoon we rode their train to Old Town, the site of the beginning of San Diego. Lots of old buildings, wonderful shops, restaurants, and lovely plants that didn’t need much water, but still produced a lush green picture. It reminded me of La Vallita in San Antonio.IMG_3142 While we were only gone just over three full days, I felt like we’d been gone over a week. Weird how that is, right? Bob’s brain was on overload from all the sessions.

          Our older daughter and her daughter took in Charley for us. They sent sweet pictures so we wouldn’t worry about him. IMG_3129

          Weather was lovely—actually about what ours was in Fort Worth. We’ve been having a very mild February.

IMG_3131 Don’t know what these trees are, but I found them beautiful.

IMG_3135 Heaters at outside reception. Interesting pic.

IMG_3109 In the midst of all this beauty, homeless people slept in this park.

          Have you been to California? San Diego? What do you do on conferences when you don’t have to attend sessions?

          Hope your following my newsletter and if you haven’t made it to those blogs, you can still do so. Of course, if you’ve read my latest, ACT OF TRUST, I’d really appreciate a review on Amazon or B & N or Goodreads. Love to hear form you.

9 responses to “ABA Goes to San Diego

  1. Interesting post, Marsha. I love the photos and it sounds like you had a great time.

    We used to live in California, San Francisco. We have been to San Diego.

    Usually Bill went to conferences alone, I stayed home with the kids, but once we all went with him. Stayed at a fabulous hotel and went swimming every day. It was an Omni Hotel in a Galleria, so we also went shopping during the day. I ate out with the kids there. In the evening we’d go out with Bill for dinner. It was a fun time.

    I remember my kids were into Calvin and Hobbes books and the Far Side. During that conference, I started reading the books and got into them. 🙂

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  2. It sounds like a wonderful break I’ve been to California before but it was a trip to visit Disneyland and Universal. I’d love to spend more time exploring San Diego and San Francisco so maybe I’ll get a chance to at some point.

    I don’t know about in Texas but up here in Canada making the pilgrimage to Disney is something pretty well every family does at some point.

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    • Hey, Pat. We make that pilgrimage, too, but it’s usually to Disney World in Florida. It was a fantastic trip when the kids were going into 4th and 2nd grades. Wanted to return as soon as we were leaving, but we never have. I live vicariously on others photos now. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. What a lovely set of photos, Marsha. I’ve never had the chance to visit California, but I have lots of English friends who have and they always rave about the weather (of course!) and the sheer variety in the landscape, and the wonderful wildlife. How exciting to get the opportunity to go there. I hope it didn’t leave you “out of pocket” 😀
    Thanks for posting the wonderful pix. Good to see a place that isn’t drowing in rain for a change!

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    • Hey, Helena. LOL I hope you don’t mind my explaining your use of the phrase. As I said, it does make so much more sense and not we’re not much out of pocket at all. I curbed my shopping tendencies to mostly shopping and not buying. I think anytime you can get a water view, you’re ahead of the game. 🙂 Hope your rains slow down. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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