Dentists, Teeth, & Sore Jaws

This post, like my books, has a HEA (Happily Ever After), but sometimes it won’t look like it. Emphasis on the “look.” You know I like to write on timely subjects. Well, Wednesday morning I spent two hours in my dentist’s chair with his hands & all kinds of instruments in my mouth.

IMG_3219.JPG Actually the assistant’s hands here.

When I went in last month for my semi-annual tooth cleaning, we discovered I had a cracked tooth. I could feel the extra ridge in the back right molar unlike any of my other molars. One choice was to leave it and hope it held together. Well, if it cracked the rest of the way through, the pain would be excruciating, and I’d lose the whole tooth. It seemed the better decision to fix it before that happened.

I had the San Diego trip with Bob and didn’t want to go there with just the temporary cap in. Last weekend I had the big to-do at the Haltom City Public Library and my friend Jane Sisolak’s book club. (You can read about those and see pictures on the Sisters of Suspense Blog )

So I decided to wait until I had those events out of the way. Yesterday was the first step in a two-part process.

I’ve gone to Terry Drennan sense before either of us had kids. As it turned out, his older son and our younger daughter were boyfriend and girlfriend as 3rd graders. They talked on the phone sooo much, numerous times a day. I talked with Terry at a PTA meeting and we both decided we needed to put some limits on their conversations. Only one time a day. Well, apparently that didn’t work for the kids, because soon thereafter, they broke up.  Perhaps we overreacted. 🙂

Back to the tooth thing. I’d been dreading the procedure because the two shots are really something. They more than sting, but boy do they numb! At one point, after the shots worked, I poked my tongue back there and it felt like I had a giant hole in my mouth–no teeth. Logically I knew that wasn’t the case. But I made them get me a mirror to look. All the teeth were there, with just the one filed down.Weird!

Does your dentist take your blood pressure before you do a procedure? Mine does and my numbers were high. I’m sure it was the anxiety over the shot. We do a lot of waiting in this process. We wait for the shots to take effect.

IMG_3218 Checking FB messages while I wait.

We wait for the god-awful plastic gunk to set up. I hate that stuff in my mouth, even the small amount used for this and even on the side of my mouth. Don’t I look darling?! Yee gods! No open casket for me! Can’t believe I’ve shared this, but I’m proud I thought to take these selfies! IMG_3216 The lavender is nice. 🙂

Have you ever done the tooth-whitening thing where they make you chomp down on a whole mouthful of the goopy stuff? Or in the old days the way they made your retainers when you were getting out of braces. HATE! HATE! HATE that feeling. I still have nightmares about that. I’m pulling huge wads of chewing gum out of my mouth, and it just keeps coming! Yick!

When the procedure was finished, I was glad to discover that I didn’t have any new lines in my cheeks from where my mouth had been pulled around to allow Terry to get to this back molar.

Still, yesterday afternoon, my jaw was sore, but today, I’m hardly aware of it at all.

IMG_3217 Instruments & Gadgets

Now here’s some more HEA. It’s freakin’ amazing that a dentist can save a tooth this way! Back in the day, I’d have lost this tooth and a couple others. (This isn’t my first rodeo, as they say.)

So, this post is really a thank you to Dr.Terry Drennan and his staff (especially Sharon Chester Walters) for taking such good care of us for all these years and for being our friends. At some point, Terry will retire, and I’ll move on to his son who was my daughter’s boyfriend in elementary school.

IMG_3222 Hallway to back right room.

What’s your experience with Dentists? (My mother never took the shots. She used mind-control to keep the pain at bay! Amazing!) Are you afraid to go? Do you go often? To the same person? How many caps (if any) do you have?

Love to hear from you. (I better never plan to run for public office again. The opposition would get hold of these pictures and my cause would be lost! ) LOL

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7 responses to “Dentists, Teeth, & Sore Jaws

    • LOL. Yes, I thought the color helped a bit. So not fun to do, but in the big scheme of things that could be wrong, getting a new tooth built up is small potatoes. Know lots of folks lately battling cancer, so this is unpleasant, but nothing. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Oh, I hate the dentist, Marsha! You were very brave. I grew up in the old NHS days when children were lucky to get their teeth straightened (hence the reputation British people have for terrible teeth – and I include my own crooked set in that!)
    Nowadays our free dental care is superb. My children had their teeth straightened over many procedures, and they’re all sparkling white and healthy and really zing. I wish I’d had that chance.
    Glad you got yours sorted. Always great to know your dentist is a friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Helena. What does NHS stand for? I assume you mean before you had a National Health Care system. Or perhaps you’ve always had a NHC system, but today’s is so much better. I have heard the idea that the British don’t have good teeth. I just thought it was people not being nice. Had no idea it was based on anything even remotely factual.Yes, our girls did braces, too, The older daughter for a very brief time. The younger for 8 years! No dental insurance for any of them. Thanks so much for stopping by. Always good to learn some thing new. 🙂


      • Hi Marsha, yes, NHS stands for National Health Service. Everybody has free dental and medical care in the UK, paid out of our taxes. (Only a few people pay to go private.) Free dental care wasn’t so good when I was a child, but I found for my children it was really excellent. I can’t praise them enough.
        Seems braces are a rite of passage for teenagers everywhere!

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  2. Marsha sorry but I had to laugh as I was reading about your experiences. As a dental assistant for 22 years I heard all that and more. Sometimes to kids were better patients than their parents. I’m glad it all went well for you and the second visit should be much easier. P.S. I did all the ordering for the office and I often bought the lavender napkins. And trust me it is not easy for us to get our fingers all the way in the back of the mouth. Luckily I have long fingers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Gina. Oh my how funny. Glad to hear your perspective on this. Sharon, mentioned in the post above, is our dental assistant, and is just wonderful. While I like the lavender drapes, I really prefer turquoise if you ever get a chance to change. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping and sharing. (Normally, the pics I share are much better.) Hope you’ll come back. 🙂


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