Downsizing Continues….

We’ve spent the last couple of months getting rid of stuff. Throwing out. Giving Away. Shredding.

IMG_3264 IMG_3450

IMG_3451 Books to Half-Price Books. Still have way too many.

Our closets look great….well, they did until we began to get ready for PICTURES. We haven’t sold a house in over 20 years. A lot has changed including the addition of HGTV shows telling us how to do it. Kathryn, our realtor daughter, sent me a list of things to do before the photographer arrives to take pictures of the house. Pictures that will be used to entice prospective house hunters to come look.

Here’s the list:


  1. Turn on all lights in the house, including Fireplaces, and under counter lights

  2. Turn off all ceiling fans

  3. Remove all items off all counters and end tables

  4. Remove all throw rugs, including bath mats

  5. Remove all items from the bathroom counters, tubs, and showers


  1. Remove all yard signs including For Sale, Home Security, School, etc. (in our case the company sign for the new roof—almost everyone in our neighborhood has one of these thanks to the violent hail storm a couple of weeks back.)

  2. Put away recycle bins, toys, cleaning supplies and hoses

  3. Arrange patio furniture the way you’d like it photographed

  4. Sweep/remove leaves from patio—this is an ongoing effort.

  5. Clean pool and remove toys—this one doesn’t apply because we don’t have a pool, though there is space for one if someone wanted to put one in.

So we have done all of that. Thankfully, the brush and leave sack guys came by this morning and removed all 25 sacks and the pile of brush. Wasn’t sure they would. Then I swept up the rest of the debris, though they did a really nice job. IMG_3501

Nowhere on this list do you read: Remove all personal pictures, but that’s definitely a big one. We had lots of pictures. I mean lots of pictures! They are now in closets.


Thankfully, one of the things we’d done earlier was clean out all but two of our closets. All of the closets are now full again as we piled the pictures and all the other stuff in their. We still have way too much stuff!

The best thing is the way the study looks. Not just my part, but Bob’s side, too. He did a super job.

FullSizeRender(64)    IMG_3523

IMG_3531We have both resolved to not let things stack up at the Lakehouse like we’ve done here.

What are your experiences with downsizing? With selling a house in this new day of staging? Do you have an entire storage room somewhere?

Love to hear from you.

12 responses to “Downsizing Continues….

  1. I have pack rat tendencies, so the thought of cleaning out the house after that much time gives me the shivers. Good for you, Marsha!

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    • Hey, Fenley. Yes, that’s the way Bob and I are. Not a good quality. I suggest you every so often find a drawer or a couple and start making some of those decisions. I’ve found that sometimes it takes me a couple of times of looking at the same thing to be able to part with it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


    • Oh, don’t say that, Vicki! I really have high hopes for the Lakehouse. Unfortunately, you’re probably right and our poor kids will be left to throw away bunches of “stuff” that we thought was important. LOL Thanks for stopping by.


  2. We did a major purge last spring and are about to go a second round in April. It takes time and resolve to sort through a lifetime of stuff, but as we approach retirement, we are so ready to feel light and free.

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    • Hey, Regina. You are so wises to take it in steps. And I do find it easier the second and third times when I look at something to answer the question, “Do I really need to keep this?” with a resounding, “No.” But goodness the time it takes and the muscle strength! LOL Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


    • Hey, Jerrie. We’ve loved this house which we designed. It’s been perfect for the last twenty years with various family members things and persons sharing the space with us. But I’m ready for the next twenty years to be different. If you don’t get your own smaller house on a lake, you can come visit mine often. 🙂 Think I’ll be able to do some great writing there. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I can relate! but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love the feeling of freedom that comes with the downsizing.
    Six years ago we moved, and had to downsize from 3500 sq ft to 1000.
    Then just a few months ago, we moved again and had to shrink down to 700 sq ft,
    Now I look around and think, hmmm, how did this place that looked so fresh and tidy get cluttered like this! The new me just wants to keep getting rid of stuff… soon I’ll be ready to live in a motorhome!

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    • Hey, Kathryn. I knew you had done this. But wow! At 700 sq ft you’re almost in a Tiny House. I do enjoy watching that HGTV show. The hardest move must’ve been that first one! My gosh! That’s a big jump! Thanks for stopping and sharing. You’re my inspiration. 🙂

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  4. You are making progress. I guess the reason for hiding the family pics in the closet is to let a family look at the house and make it theirs. Kind of hard to do when YOUR family pics are on every wall.!! LOL.Yes, we downsized when we moved into our 32′ fifth wheel camper. Loved it. Talk about freedom! Amen.


  5. Marsha, your home definitely has curb appeal. Thanks for posting the list of things to do before photographing a home going up for sale. It will come in handy. Amazing, the before and after photos of the study. I loved seeing all of your photos. You have done a lot of work.

    We’ve sold a number of homes. All I can remember about that is cleaning the house everyday, washing all of the floors and bathrooms daily. We were incredibly lucky to have always sold our homes in a short amount of time.


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