On the Market!

Our home of twenty years is officially on the market. I’ve seen the print out. We had  our first showing Wednesday afternoon and another one early evening. (I’m writing this on Wednesday, so haven’t heard any feedback.)IMG_3611

Our wonderful daughter Kathryn Cashion is our realtor. She’s great to work with. She’s made sure the house is showing ready. We had a realtors open house on Tuesday. She was disappointed no one came. But it was a rainy day and sometimes their meetings run long.

I look at it like a campaign party. You send out invitations to lots of people. Maybe only a couple show up. (I’ve had them when no one but the hosts were there.) But the deal is you’ve put the idea (whether it’s a candidate or a house) out there in the universe. I believe at the right time the right people will show up.

My neighbors are hoping for dog lovers and someone to join the evening dog walking group. I’ve promised to bring Charley back at least once a month to walk with his buds.

Interesting phenomenon of the house being so perfect. I don’t want to do anything to mess it up. There is stuff I should be working on—taxes or my next book—but I don’t want to bring out any papers! IMG_3612 When the house is show, Charley & has bed disappear.

Our bathroom counter is still clean. I may leave out the toothbrush and paste, but it will probably go away too. Our counters and all surfaces are pristine! It’s an unusual thing for us.

I had a meltdown last Saturday while walking Charley. At that point, we were planning on moving in two weeks. The amount of work we have yet to do overwhelmed me. The loss of our wonderful neighbors (All of whom love Charley.) made me depressed.  One of those neighbors shared her worry about one of her sons finding his niche. It helped put my concerns in prospective, and I finished the walk with a lighter mood.


Last Sunday we decided that in fact we weren’t being realistic about the move date. The worst part of staying is that we have to keep the house spotless for visits. Most people have to deal with that situation. We had hoped to be able to skip that. Move out to the Lakehouse and then put our home on the market. Completing the Lakehouse has taken a bit longer than anticipated, and it’s spring, the perfect time to sell a house. May 20 is the new move-in date.

And the rains have come, flooding the inside of the Lakehouse! Not like coming up from the lake–the water didn’t get over the retaining wall. IMG_3604 The darker is the water.

But we have a real drainage problem and the rain crept in under a place where a door used to be. It was weird to see it puddled inside the house the way it was with no marks on the ceiling like it had leaked in.IMG_3605 It was under the range, too.

So happy we hadn’t moved in yet, and that we don’t have real hard wood floors. They would’ve been ruined!

Of course, we’re really fortunate. Bless those poor folks in Houston and west of us in Parker County. Goodness they’ve really had floods!

Have you had to deal with flood waters or burst water heaters inside your house? Love to hear from you.

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14 responses to “On the Market!

  1. Your home (both of them) are beautiful! What a blessing to have neighbors who care about you like that. I can see this move is a big transition, and the flooding doesn’t help. Do what feels right in your heart, it never fails us. {{hugs}}

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  2. Hi Marsha, moving is such a big upheaval. We moved five years ago. I still get really sad when I pass my old house, but then I remember how silly it is to dwell in the past. My ex-neighbour (who bought my old house for his son) is a Muslim and he is always very philosophical about things. He told me “Life is change”. He is so right. If we didn’t embrace change we’d be forever stuck in a time warp. Wishing you all the best with your sale and your move to your lovely new house.

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    • Hey, Helena. I get being sad when you pass your old house. Lots of memories tied up with it. How nice you know the family that moved in. I think that would be comforting. Your neighbor has a better outlook on change than I do. Did you ever read the book Who Moved My Cheese? Well, I’m the mouse who didn’t adjust to change well at all. LOL Actually, I’m better than I used to be. Thanks for your good wishes and stopping by. 🙂


  3. Good you had a meltdown and faced reality. You are not superwoman, but don’t we always think we are??? LOL..Oh yes, keeping the house spotless is a chore, but sounds like there is a lot of interest in your beautiful place. You may sell it sooner and not have to keep it perfect till you move out!! Wonderful to have your daughter as the agent. I don’t recall any burst water heaters and no floods here, but our dishwasher leaked a bit. And this house had carpet in the kitchen at the time. Take it easy. Don’t beat yourself up if things are not perfect. Soon you’ll be splashing around in your lake and boating and fishing…ah..lots of fun ahead for you.

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    • Hey, JQ You’re right we do tend to think of ourselves as Superwoman. And lots of times we pull that off, but keeping the perfect house, just may not be one of them. It helps having gotten rid of so much–and yet there is more to go. Wow Carpet in the kitchen. We’ve been lucky to never have a dishwasher leak, but in another house we had an AC leak–really bad! On carpet! What a mess! But we survived that and we’ll get through this, too. And we’ll enjoy our beautiful lakehouse even more because of it. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  4. Congratulations, Marsha on having your home on the market. It’s beautiful. I’m sure it won’t be on there long.

    The only time we had any water problems was when we lived in Houston, Texas. It got really cold one winter. The water pipes were in the attic. They froze and burst. Water was running through our kitchen ceiling. All of my cookbooks were ruined.

    Best wishes to you on your upcoming move. I am slowly starting to reduce what is in our home, for a hopeful move next year. 🙂 Although I’m still having a hard time with that because of worrying we’ll see our kids less at holidays.

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    • Hey, Susan. Hope you’re right about a quick sale. Wow, the Houston experience had to be awful and really unusual for it to get so cold there your pipes froze! Poor Houston is flooded now from our giant rains the state is experiencing. How sad about your cookbooks.
      You do have a trickier situation for your decision making on a move. We’re just 15 minutes from the grands. Couldn’t be luckier! You’ll get it figured out. Keep imagining different scenarios–kind of like for your books. That should help you settle one way or the other. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Regina. Yes that’s what keeps us going. I spent about 45 minutes sitting out by the lake this afternoon while the house was being shown. It’s just so relaxing, even with the water over the retaining wall from all the recent rains. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  5. Hope it all comes together for you. Love the old and the new house. Living right against the water will be great I love the picture that has Charlie in it and he is the first thing I noticed, I had 1 bad experience with water. I live at the top of a hill so usually flooding is not a problem. But the first year I lived in the house we had remnants of a hurricane come through which dumped 11 inches of rain in 2 days. All of the sudden I had water pouring in my basement which is semi-finshed. At the time I was living by myself so I called my brother who fortunately lived only 5 minutes away. He rushed over and found the rainspout was pulling away from the house. He went up on the ladder and secured it and the water stopped coming in. Drying the house out and cleaning up took a few days but it could have been a lot worse. I hope everything get settled for you soon.

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  6. Hey, Gina. Glad you love the pic of Charley. He gets scooped up with his bed and toys every time we have a showing.
    Lucky for you your brother lived so near and knew what to do. We visited with some folks in Connecticut after Hurricane Sandy went through the east coast. Their basement flooded, too. Just too much water. Thanks for your good wishes and for stopping by. 🙂


  7. Yes, I’ve had water heaters leak and leave mold on the walls. Not fun. Your lake house looks lovely. Hope you won’t be lonesome out there. Carolyn Rae Author – Facebook, Royal Wedding Cake

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    • Hey, Carolyn. Ugh, mold! Bless your heart. That’s the pits. I won’t be lonesome. We’re only 15 minutes from our kids and grands. Last summer, they spent almost every weekend out there with us. 🙂 Looking forward to more of the same after we’re moved in. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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