The Table

You know we’re moving to the Lakehouse.  FullSizeRender(26)It’s less than a month off now. I’m beginning to freak a bit at what all needs to happen before we load up. To make matters worse, I’ve been obsessing about the dining room table.

It’s more of a dining area since we have such an open concept now.IMG_3632

I’ve had in mind for over a year what I wanted in the space.

  1. A pedestal table. You can get so many more people around one.

  2. An expandable pedestal, going up to 90 or more inches, preferably with two leaves, but being 72 or less when leaves are out.

  3. It needs to not be any wider than 44” wide. Less is preferable.

  4. Something light colored—distressed antique white/gray

  5. Price plays a part.

Sometimes what we want just doesn’t exist, and we have to compromise. I was convinced I could get exactly what I wanted. That’s why I’ve been looking for a year. In stores. On line. I can’t tell you how many online sites I’ve visited.

I even tried going to one of the expensive stores where they make it to your specifications. Not happening. I got close, but the price…well, let’s just say I can get a lot of new concrete for my retaining wall for the price of that table. And it wasn’t perfect even at that.

So like anything else in life we have to make priorities. What was most important for me?

That is the pedestal. Then the size. The price. The color.

So I don’t have my light colored table that looks lakey and beachy. 🙂


But it’s a pretty table—a lighter colored cherry with some varieties in the shades. Lovely pedestal, with feet that aren’t swirly or busy and with two leaves. It’s less than 44” wide, expanding to 100″and was a super price! It’s so cheap that if sometime later I want to have it painted, I can afford to do that.

Now to find light colored chairs. (Not these heavy ones in the pictures.) So many chairs are made for tall people. I want to be comfortable sitting around the table chatting after a family meal. I like shopping. It’s fun. And like to believe I’ve gotten the best possible deal. Think that’s what happened this time.

Thanks to my daughter Kathryn for dropping everything to help me look yesterday. Second set of eyes are always welcome, especially hers. 🙂

We’ve only bought two new things for the Lakehouse—a sleeper sofa and now this table. Not bad I’d say.

Yesterday the propane went in, so my gas stove is now working. WhooHoo! And the water is down a bit. Hard to tell in this pic, but it was over that top step Yesterday. Thank God the storms weren’t as bad as predicted.


Are you a shopper? Do you make quick decisions or do you have to look at EVERYTHING, the way some people I know do. (Moi) LOL Definitley not good to be a perfectionist when shopping. Makes it take way longer than needed. I keep thinking I’ll find it on the next site or in the next store. Ever the optimist!

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19 responses to “The Table

    • Hey, Helena. We are grateful for many things. Top is this last storm didn’t do it’s worst. Glad the weathermen warned us, but so glad it didn’t turn out they way they expected. I have a small desk area in the family room where I anticipate doing most of the writing.We’ll just have to see how it all works out. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  1. I think I’m a quicker shopper than you, Marsha! Lol!

    Actually, it takes me a long time to decide on something even after it’s in my home. We need a new sofa. I know that will take a long time to find one that I’m happy with. A dining room table is important.

    You are going to have one beautiful lake home. Looking forward to the photos when everything is place. I am excited!!! You really must be. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. We looked a long time for the sofa, too. I had a certain look in mind and wanted to find it at my price! And I did. 🙂 Had given up on it when I saw an add in the paper and thought, “Oh, my gosh! There it is.” Took Kathryn and Laura, too, to look and we bought on the spot. Because I’d been looking for so long, I knew it right off. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I get it. It took two years to find the couch for our family room, because the room’s layout is odd and the space limited and I didn’t want a pillow-back couch. Newer couches are LARGE and most have removable pillows at the back. Finally found one when I wasn’t really looking. And it only took two years. 😉

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    • Hey, Fenley. Yes. A two year person! When we know what we want, we aren’t willing to compromise. Hope you didn’t have to. I did on the table, but I’m okay with it. 🙂 My sofa is perfect. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Sometimes, it takes forever to find the perfect piece. I love when shopping and voila, there it is. And I can see it in the spot I want. I needed a sideboard for my kitchen and Handsome kept saying the one I wanted wasn’t big enough. It was. LOL

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  4. I used to look forever. I needed everything to be just right. But since the kids grew up and moved out, my husband and I have changed priorities. I still want things nice, but I’m more relaxed about the details now so I’m not willing to shop for as long if I can get most of what I want in an item.

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  5. I used to love to shop, but not so much anymore. For one thing, I don’t need as much, and as your friend Regina said in the previous response, my priorities have changed since we’re retired. I’m basically happy with my current furnishings, even though they are not the latest style. I would not tolerate worn furniture that looked bad, but current styles are too overstuffed and large for my house. I’ve had a couple of chairs re-upholstered three times over the years. I hit Chico’s for their sales and look at their online site. In that respect, life is simpler. I’m glad you found a table that is suitable for your new dining area; it looks quite nice. Good luck on the chairs!

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    • Hey, Jane. We wouldn’t be making any changes if we weren’t downsizing, Because our lakehouse is so much smaller, some of our things (the dining room set) doesn’t fit in the new place. You know anyone who needs a lovely cherry set? I’ve got to make it to an antique store to see if they won’t carry it. I wouldn’t mind giving it away to someone who could appreciate it. It was Bob’s aunt’s, so we all hate to part with it, but it doesn’t fit any place because of style. Looking forward to a simpler life after we get this move doe. 🙂 So glad you could stop by,


  6. I know you hate to part with the dining room table that belonged to Bob’s aunt. Neither of the girls can use it? I’ll try to think about someone who might like it. Mary Beth has my mother’s dining room table and chairs, which she has refinished. I was glad we could keep it in the family because it wouldn’t fit in my dining room.
    I’ll to remember when it is Thursday.

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  7. I’m not fond of shopping, really don’t enjoy it. But if I get an idea in my head, I tend to be stubborn about finding it. Not always successful, of course.
    The table looks nice and your house is wonderful. Hope yo have lots of fun there.

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    • Hey, Kate, yes, I definitely have the stubborn gene. LOL Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not. I don’t always know when to stop and say, it’s good enough. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  8. What a special time for you and your daughter to experience shopping for your new home. Love the table and super long to make the whole family comfortable. Lots of elbow room. I am not a shopper. I don’t like to have a mission to find a certain item when I go shopping. I like to discover something in a serendipitous moment. Enjoy!

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    • Hey, JQ. Yes, shopping with my daughters is a fun thing for me. I remember right after I retired. One of them was looking for something for their house at Lowe’s and I met them there. I thought, “How cool this is. If I were still working, I couldn’t do this.” I used to see mothers and their daughters (in my mind daughters) shopping and envying them that experience. I seldom buy something on the spur of the moment. I’m always searching for the “perfect” whatever. My older daughter suggested I might need to examine this need of mine to be perfect. She’s very wise. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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