Repost of Dream Come True

It’s almost been a year and it’s getting close to moving time—very busy—not enough hours to do it all. So I thought I’d repeat this post from May 27, 2015 about how we got the Lakehouse.

A dream has been growing over the last several years that my husband & I weren’t even aware had the least chance of happening. But some miraculous way, it has. Let me tell you the story.

A regular reader of this blog knows that we love New England and especially Maine. I’ve posted pics of our various trips there with gorgeous ocean and lake views.

 photo(8) (Near Boothbay Harbor)

One of the criteria I had for looking for a place to stay was that it had a water view. (The exception has been when we’ve stayed in Woodstock, VT.)

The pics are the background for our phones and our computers. We have them hanging in our home. Love, love, love the water views. I’d begun to pine for a place to stay on the water in Maine for at least a month or two during the summer. (Have had much fun looking.) My husband finally told me as long as he was practicing law (and you know lawyers never really retire), he couldn’t go and stay on the coast of Maine (or any coast) for that long. I wasn’t willing to leave him.

photo(11) (Also near Boothbay Harbor)

I sighed and faced reality, letting the dream slip farther away.

Then one day we were out looking at new homes that one of my husband’s clients build. Really nice homes, golf course views, the latest and greatest in kitchens and baths. We decided we’d have to bite the bullet and get his client to find us a place with a water view and build us something.

That was on a Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday an email from our real estate daughter showed up on my computer with this subject line: Waterview??? A piece of property in Fort Worth on a smaller lake had popped up when the price lowered. She told us later she doesn’t even check that listing often. I looked at the pictures and sighed. Went away. Came back to the computer, looked again, and sighed some more. So after the third time I figured I had to show it to Bob. We had to actually look at it.

Long story short (which you know is not my strong suit), we bought a lake house! 15 minutes from our current home. It’s small and a bit run down. We can’t even get both our cars in the garage. And the kitchen is bare bones. FullSizeRender(49)

None of that matters because of this.


Stunning huh? We can’t believe how fortunate we are to have this fall into our laps. (Not without some haggling. LOL) The plan is to fix it up and move out there full time. I know many folks with two homes, but it seems a bit much for us and with a view like this, we want to be there all the time.

So you may have noticed I’ve been mostly absent from social media for the last couple of weeks. This is why. We’ve been caught up in making this happen and to get ready to host the family for Memorial Day cookout.

Right now we’re on a delay as a storm barrels toward us with 60 mph winds and small hail. Seemed best to postpone than have 5 cars sitting out in the hail. And when you’re only 15 minutes away….

Storm passed us buy and our family and friends met at “Waters Edge West” for what will hopefully be an annual Memorial Day (and every other holiday) cookout.


We all have life jackets, even Charley. He’s very interested in the water. I expect he’ll take the plunge one of these days. I keep him on the leash most of the time.

W don’t have U-Verse or anything close to internet services and are getting a Hot Spot. Do you know what that is? I don’t, but it should arrive next week and hopefully one of the kids can help get it hooked up.

Speaking of our kids—they’ve been awesome with helping with moving, providing furniture, mowing the yard, providing a boat, setting up the gas grill and cooking, arranging for a boat dock person to look at the dock, setting up all the inspection type appointments, shopping for furniture and kayaks and the paddle boat.  Red River Vacation , July 2015 412

Yeah, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened without the support of our awesome kids.

Of course, they and their kids will get to enjoy Waters Edge West long after we’re gone. A good legacy, don’t you think?

So what’s your experience with lakes? I have practically none. Did your family go some place every summer? What was it like? (Waters Edge West was what we were calling the Lakehouse last year. Do you like this name? Do you have any other ideas?)

Love to hear from you.


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6 responses to “Repost of Dream Come True

    • Hey, Regina. It’s pretty remarkable. Been filling boxes all day. Still have too much. Suspect we’ll get out there and realize we still need to get rid of more belongings. Will keep everyone posted. Plan to have a writing retreat one weekend for anyone who’s interested. Being this blessed we have to share. Thanks for stoppinb by.


  1. We moved to our lake home about 6 years ago. Each morning we drink our coffee on the deck and watch the sun come up. It has been such a blessing to us. Now is the time of year that all of the geese bring their goslings to graze on the shore of our cove and we love watching the little ones grow. How awesome that all the pieces fell into place for you to have your dream come true.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Olivia. Your view sounds so peaceful. Love that. I wish we’d known this was our dream earlier, but then I believe things work out for the best. Just thrilled this is happening to us. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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