Spring Break 2016

Bob and I have a group of friends who’ve traveled together at spring break for about 12 years or so. Each couple takes a turn picking a place. We go around Texas and the surrounding states. The farthest we’ve gone so far is to Branson, MO.

The couple in charge last year chose to take our group to Louisiana for the Gumbo Festival in October. That’s when we always go to New England. We planned to make the sacrifice, but I wasn’t happy. As it turned out, Bob’s 50th high school reunion fell that weekend. So it was good we didn’t have reservations for some gorgeous place in Maine, because we couldn’t have skipped his 50th!

I have it on good report that they had a super time even though we weren’t along.

The pictures are of some of the places we’ve been.

Jefferson, TX (This was before we had cell phones that took pictures and the albums are packed. 🙂 )

Natchitoches, LA (Pronounced Nacotosh) B & B overlooking river


 B & B in Hot Springs, Arkansas



 Great House in Rockport, TX right on a canal.



Mostly we’ve gone with a core group of five couples. On occasion, families have conflicts and other people will be invited. Sometimes we’ve just gone with two or three couples.

Our friends’s home in Angel Fire, NM 4 flights of stairs!


We don’t always go at the traditional spring break time. We’ve gone in August to New Mexico. As I mentioned our trip last year was in October. This year we’re going in May and all the way to Fort Davis in far southwest Texas. I confess I’m not entirely sure where this is. El Paso, in far, far west Texas I know.  I’ve lived there. Fort Davis, not so sure.

View from deck of friend’s house in Angel Fire, NM

RGW Camera Oct 2013 004.JPG

Our instructions are to bring hats, sunscreen, closed toe shoes, bug spray, and closed water bottles. Not sure there will be much shopping or hot tubbing. But we’ll be together and have fun catching up with the folks we don’t see so often. I’ll share pictures next week, which will be the day before the movers arrive!

So what about you? What kind of Spring Break experiences do you have? Pleasant? Not? Your best memories? Farthest you ever went? Do you have a group of friends you’ve had a long time?

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10 responses to “Spring Break 2016

  1. Marsha, it’s great that you travel with a group of friends every year. I think that would be great fun.

    When we go out of the country we usually try and travel in the spring or fall. When our kids were at home, we would take our vacations in the summer. I’ve always enjoyed our vacations. I love travelling. We’ve travelled every year of our married life.

    If money wasn’t an object, I’d almost always be gone. 🙂

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  2. What lovely memories you’ve built up over the years, Marsha. It sounds like a great group of friends. I like May because in the UK we have two Bank Holidays (national holidays) – on the first Monday in the month and the last. I don’t often travel on those days because the roads are so busy, but it’s great to have a day off. A friend of mine is coming up from London to stay next Bank Holiday, so we’ll go off and do some walking on the moors – and catch up on all our news 🙂 Hope you have a great time on your spring break!

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    • Hey, Helena. I’m out of town and my laptop hasn’t been cooperating. So glad to be able to finally post here. I like the term “bank holidays.” Only two is not very many. I understand not trying to travel then. Your friend’s visit sounds like it will be delightful. Walking across the moores–so romantic. Enjoy. And as always, Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Love the interesting places you’ve been. I’m always on the fence regarding school reunions. I went to two and didn’t enjoy them much. How’s the unpacking?

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    • Hey, Vicki. I’ve always enjoy’ed Bob’s reunions. Now I see them as a hance to meet new folks and as a marketing possibility. I’ve only been to one of my own. Wasn’t in the school long enough to form lasting attachments. Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing. 🙂


  4. Squee- your movers are coming next week? Wow–and you’re going on a trip? Probably need some down time from packing. Glad to hear you and your friends take time to get together. Love the photos and look forward to seeing and reading all about your travels. We usually take time at the end of June to take-off simply because the garden is growing and not producing that many veggies. So our “vacations” are all timed around the garden. Going South West this summer. Have a great trip!

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    • Hey, JQ. Do you have someone to look after the garden when you’re gone? That would seem to be a big responsibility. Glad you enjoyed the photos. We’ve been fortunate to go to many cool places. You will not find “cool” in the southwest this summer. Take small portable fans! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      • Yes Marsha. We have friends and family who check the garden for us. Gardener Ted makes it easy to water with his system. Just turn on the faucet and the water goes thru out the garden via his irrigation system of pipes and spaghetti tubes. Plus they can pick any veggies that are ready. A bonus.


  5. Hey, Susan. I finally got this thing working. Didn’t have much hope when I posted the brief response in line below your comment. It was my 4th time to try. We’ve known the folks we travel with for upwards to 30 years. We know all our individual quirks. LOL
    You’ve been fortunate to take many trips. Have you ever thought of collecting the pics and writing a short travelogue? Or do you use them in your books? Thanks for stopping by and hanging in here with me. 🙂


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