Fort Davis, TX

You can find me two places today. One is as a guest on my author friend JQ Rose’s blog. Hope you’ll stop by.

And of course, here.

Last weekend Thursday through Monday we traveled with our friends on our Spring Break trip To Fort Davis, Texas. Yes, I know it was in May and not March, the more traditional time for a spring break trip. The couple that picked the location had researched and found this was the best time to visit the MacDonald Observatory.

So that’s when we made the trip.

IMG_3698 Massive Windmill Farms


Sun Dial outside the Observatory. Even though it was cloudy for our Star Party, this was still an outstanding part of the trip. 

From Fort Worth in north central Texas to Fort Davis in far southwest Texas is approximately an 8 hour trip. That’s a long time to ride. My hip joints really complained. We rode with one of the couples, and we stopped three times, but still…. When we climbed out of the car at our destination, can you say walking-like-an-old-woman?

IMG_3701 Wonderful porch, open on the front, enclosed on the sides.

Our destination was the Limpia Hotel on the main street of Fort Davis, which really has an old fort. The National Parks Service has done a wonderful job restoring the complex and providing info about how and when it was used.

 IMG_3716 Unique mountains behind officers’ quarters.

One day we drove to Marfa—farther west—home of the Marfa Lights to take in a very unusual outdoor modern art museum.IMG_3704 Marfa desert

Though we were prepared with water bottles, close-toed shoes, hats, and sun screen, this was a very hot exercise. Some people are not bothered by heat, but I’m not one of those. I don’t think anyone else in our group was particularly uncomfortable, but I was dying. I found a shady spot where the breeze could cool the sweat pouring off my body and watched a bird glide on the wind.

IMG_3705 Marfa reminds me of Texas in the 50s.

I think I’ve said this here before, but I’m not a very nice person when I get overly hot and can’t cool off. I admit to being a witch with the letter b in front. (I don’t ever use the b-word.) My hat is off to my comrades who put up with me. Thanks for being my friends. 🙂

IMG_3757So when the group planned to drive Sunday to Big Bend (2 ½ hours there and 2/12 hours back, plus several hours there and walking around in the hot desert), I opted out. One of the great things about our group is we do allow each other to pick and choose of the various activities on our trips. We had another 8 hours in the car facing us on Monday. I chose not to spend two days in the car. I got the benefit of their pics without all the effort. 🙂 Rio Grande. Mexico on the left. US on the right. Looks like we already have a wall. 🙂  IMG_3758

Besides, I finally had enough time to make my laptop and the Internet work, so I could catch up on emails, which I hadn’t looked at in days, and FB, and my blog from last Thursday.

IMG_3755 Wanted to work here, but had no connection on the porch. Had to work inside. Still a lovely place.

IMG_3723 Rock shop where I bought a 1 lb piece of turquoise for moi. 🙂

I walked the town four times (kind of like walking Charley) to make sure I got in all my steps. Shopped for thank you gifts for people at home and read some besides working on the computer. And I began a new book, just “pantsing” it. Odd for me but I got down 4 1/2 pages of a witness protection story. I guess I was inspired by the location. All in all, a very nice day.

The move begins tomorrow. Supposed to be clear after a somewhat rainy week. Fingers crossed.

Have you ever been to the Big Bend area of Texas? Or other wilderness parts of our country? What’s your experience? Love to hear from you.

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17 responses to “Fort Davis, TX

  1. Looks like a great time, Marsha. I’m the same, nasty when I get hot (DH would tell you nasty all the time, but he’s male, lol) and I hate the ‘B’ word also! Hope your move goes smooth.
    Take care,

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hey, Kenneth. Don’t go in the summer. But spring or fall is okay. Maybe no time is okay in the desert of Marfa, unless you’re okay with the heat. I remember now, you and Ann are hikers. You’d probably be just fine.:)
      Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if y’all ever plan a visit to Texas. Be fun to get to see you in person. Thanks for stopping by today.


  2. I love the photo of the Rio Grande, Marsha. What an amazing place. I’d love to visit Mexico some time, although I’m not sure how I’d cope with the heat. My Irish skin would be beetroot red in no time. I’d have to just go out after dark, like a vampire 🙂 Glad you had a good time with your friends. Wishing you all the best with your move!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey, Helena. Yes the pic of the Rio Grande is something for sure. You would have to be careful of the sun here in Texas. It’s really harsh for light skinned folks. I used to burn all the time. Now I slather on tons of sun screen and try not to be exposed much. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll resurface after the move. Hope I can find the Hot Spot which gives me internet connection at the lake. LOL


  3. What interesting places. Loved your photos. I am not a heat person either. Rather anxious about our summer trip to the South West. Hope our rental car’s AC works. Relieved to know you are moving tomorrow. The weather map looks really wet for TX today. Thanks for being my guest this week on the JQ Rose blog and for offering your book, Second Act, for the prize in the drawing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, JQ. You’ll have to be careful in the heat this summer. But you know tons of sun screen. I’ve found rental cars are pretty new so I don’t think you should have trouble with the AC. I’m dashing over to your blog in just a bit. Thanks so much for having me and for stopping here. 🙂


    • Hey, Diana. Thanks for the good wishes. It’s a gigantic task when you’ve lived in the same place for 20 years.Despite having given away, thrown out, recycled, and sold, still we’re going to end up at the lakehouse with tooooo much stuff. Guess we’ll get rid of more then. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.


    • Hey, Jo-Ann. Great porch to be sure! Wish the wifi had extended to there. I figure it will take several weeks to get things sorted out once the move is complete and our house closes. Then it’s on to get the next book ready to go. I’ve got your latest and look forward to reading after the dust settles. Thanks for stopping by.


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