Fourth of July

Growing up this was a special holiday. Partly because my father was career Air Force. That tends to make you patriotic.


I have great memories of sparklers and bottle rockets in the back yard followed in later years by attending large displays on bases or in towns.

Who doesn’t get a lump in his/her throat at the Star Spangled Banner played by a band while fireworks explode? Pretty awesome.


I’m patriotic, but not blindly so. Blind patriotism leads to demagoguery. (IMHO) Our country isn’t perfect. In fact, it could be a whole lot better, but only if people are willing to work together and stop hating those who are different. Remember, this country was built by those who are different.

Blind patriotism is part of what led Great Britain to vote to leave the EU. An act that will have far reaching consequences, not just for those in Europe and GB, but here, too. Many of us have already lost money in our retirement accounts.

Over and above the money is the fact we’re already one world and have been for a long time. When Hemingway wrote, “No man is an island,” it was true then but so much more so today.

IMG_1799 Bob & grands getting in Charley the Boat last 4th. Monday, the kids, spouses, grands & friends will show up at our Lakehouse and my SIL Kevin will grill hamburgers. Everyone will bring something to share. We’ll have too much food, but that’s part of the holiday.


It’s supposed to hit 100 on Sunday, so I expect Monday will also be a scorcher. Last year, I nearly passed out from the heat, trying to be a good hostess and stay outside with the guests. Because of my ankle, I have a great excuse to stay inside and enjoy our friends, family, and great view. IMG_1818 My favorite spot in the yard with my friend Julie Miers.

How do you celebrate this holiday (or for my friends in Canada and Great Britain something similar)? What’s your favorite food to grill out?

Author Update: Tuesday, I actually pulled out the next book, THE THEATRE, and continued the arduous task of Margieizing it. I began this work last March when Margie Lawson came to our NTRWA Writing Conference.

 IMG_3997 But you know then, life happened: get the house ready to sell, throwing out, selling, giving away stuff,  open houses, finishing the remodeling of the lakehouse (with all of a thousand details), selling the house, moving, breaking my ankle, surgery, Bob’s cataract surgery….(which was hugely successful!) So, I hadn’t looked at the book since last March. My goal of releasing it this summer is pretty much off the table. 🙂 But all is good.

Hope you can stay cool over the weekend. Love to hear from you.


16 responses to “Fourth of July

  1. Hi Marsha,
    Your new home looks beautiful. I agree with your thoughts, we are all human beings with loves and fears. I hate that the governments feed off that for their own agendas.
    We plan to sit at the beach and watch the fireworks on the 1st. Here in Canada it’s our 149 birthday!
    Wherever you are, be safe and have fun!

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  2. Hi Marsha, I absolutely love your happy photos. The lake seems a great place to be in the heat. Can you swim in it? I really love to swim and that seems a wonderful place to jump in and cool off.
    I agree with you about the difference between nationalistic and patriotic. Although I’m British, I was born in Uganda, have Irish parents, and have worked in France, Germany, and Austria. Each of those countries has something great about it that the rest of us could learn from. The reasons for people voting leave are complicated. I think there’s a divide here between have and have-not, and there are people whose voices are never heard by the ones in power. Rightly or wrongly, they have chosen this way to speak out. There are others who genuinely think this country will be better off. The 48% who voted remain can only wait and see now whether they are right or not.
    I’m sorry to hear about your retirement fund. I do think the crisis will pass and the money markets will stabilise again. Let’s hope so, for all our sakes.

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    • Hey, Helena. My kids and grands swim in the lake, and jump in the lake, and paddle board on the lake. I’m more of an observe at a distance person. (Especially now with the foot in a boot!) Can’t say I won’t ever get in. We’ve got a string of 100 + degrees staring us in the face. Only way to handle that is to stay inside with the AC or get in the water.
      Thanks for your concern. My personal retirement fund was probably not hit too hard. I always take the long view with that sort of thing. I do think you’ve hit on part of the problem. Those who have don’t do a good job of listening to those who don’t have. I pray things will settle out for you and others in the UK. It must be very unsettling for you. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hello Marsha. I’m writing from a resort on Lake Superior. I was missing Lake Michigan and LS is so much closer. Of course, Lake Michigan is the best! We are going to venture out after it stops raining.

    Growing up, the Fourth of July was big in our family. Even after I married and had kids we went to the two day celebration filled with activities. I describe almost exactly what the tradition was in my third mystery Murder by Fireworks, only Kay Driscoll and her family experience it. 🙂 Venetian night, the parade, cardboard boat regatta, a cookout, bonfires on the beach watching the fireworks, swimming in Lake Michigan. We did this also last summer.

    Take care, Marsha. Happy Fourth of July!

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    • Hey, Susan. I’ve not seen either of those lakes, but hear that Lake Michigan is something. Of course, all of your lakes up that way, make Texas lakes look puny and cloudy (which they are!). LOL None of that clear water I see on Lake Front Bargain Hunt on HGTV. Well, I certainly do know what your 4th of July celebrations are like. Great description in your fun book, Murder by Fireworks! Enjoy your holiday and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  4. Hubs has always loved July 4th–parades, bbqs and fireworks. Used to love riding his horse in our local parade. We’re going to check out what’s available in our new setting. Several parade and fireworks options. And the weather is supposed to be mild, not too hot.
    Enjoy your relaxing 4th.

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    • Hey, Kate. Oh, how fun to ride in the parade. I’ve done that a couple of times (never on a horse, which would be super cool!) Yes, I’ll be envying you you’re cooler weather. We’ll be hitting 100 +. Glad I’ll be indoors. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories.


  5. What a grand tradition for your family. Cook-outs are the best at home with family. We usually celebrate the fourth on the third. For some reason our small town always sets off the fireworks that night every year over Fremont Lake. We’re always invited by my daughters’ in-laws to view from the back yard of their home on the lake. We have amazing shows beginning about 10:30 pm since it doesn’t get dark in MI until then. But this year, we’ll be flying home on the 4th of July and I hope I don’t see any fireworks in the plane!! Have a wonderful holiday!

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    • Hey, JQ. Wow, it sounds like you’ve had the perfect set up. So glad you & the in-laws get along. Our fireworks start around 9:15 and we’re pushed to stay awake for that. We probably wouldn’t be able to stay up for the fireworks on your in-laws’ lake. LOL In the area here, there are fireworks all weekend. I’m sure we’ll get to see some. Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing about this trip. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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