The Dog Days of Summer

Not sure where this term came from, but it sort of speaks to where we are now.

July-Mid Summer.

IMG_1799 Grandad taking grands out in Charley, The Boat.

Hot weather.






Rental house in Rockport, TX 

Water Relief.

IMG_3880 Sundance Square in Fort Worth

Not so scheduled.

Down times.

For those of us who come from the education setting, it’s a time to catch up on all the things we don’t get done during the year:

Doctor & Dentist appointments.

Reading several books–gulping them whole as opposed to piecemeal.

Cleaning out a closet or two.

Maybe taking a class or two—baking, pottery-something not a part of our normal existence.

And always planning for the new year. Educators seldom really shut down.

Fortunately, we hadn’t planned any vacations for this summer. As President of the Tarrant County Bar Association Bob has several lawyer conferences to attend, so we cut out our August trip to Red River with the family. Good thing. With my broken ankle getting around the mountains or riding for 12 hours wouldn’t be much fun! Red River Vacation , July 2015 558.JPG Last summer in Red River

We continue settling in to the Lakehouse. Waiting for shades for the main room and hanging all the pictures. We celebrated July 4th with a fun cookout with family and friends. We’ll have several more of those ending with the Labor Day bash.

Bob had successful cataract surgery on both eyes—surely a miracle! Thank you, family for getting us through all the doctor trips.

And we look forward to October and a return trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. This location was the inspiration for my 4th book, ACT OF TRUST, Book 2 of the Second Chances Series.

Big News: Book signing in Dallas at the main Half-Price Book store location Aug. 13. Y & R PR set this up for me and others. I’ll share more info as we get closer.

IMG_2091 East Texas Bookfest Last August in Tyler.

Do you know where the term “dog days of summer” comes from? How did you spend the 4th? What’s your favorite thing about summer? Love to hear from you.

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7 responses to “The Dog Days of Summer

    • Hey, Pat. Yes, I’m blessed. Despite the ankle. It’s sort of nice to be “forced” to read books. Easiest thing I can do and keep my foot elevated. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos, Marsha. Congrats on the book signing in Dallas later this summer. A trip to Maine in Fall sounds lovely. My son and his wife were in Vermont in June for a week. I’ve never been. Bill and I talked about a possible road trip there and to Maine this Fall, but I don’t think it is going to happen. Too many other things going on.

    I love the term “the dog days of summer.” Seems like being an author, I haven’t experience those this summer. Lately it seems when I have free time I am writing. I need to “smell the roses.” You should see the weeds in my garden.

    We had a relatively low key Fourth after being gone just days prior to Lake Superior. We enjoyed the trip very much.

    Wonderful post, as usual. Always look forward to them. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. You’re doing what I should be doing. My next book is crying out for editing so I can send it to the real editor. LOL Physically hard hard to do with my ankle in the up position. (It’s down right now, but soon I’ll be in my chair with my foot over my heart.) Love the trip to Lake Superior. Must’ve been glorious. Hope you can make it to Maine. It is also glorious. Thanks for stopping by. Always good to hear from you. 🙂


  2. Hi Marsha, As I understand it, the term “Dog Days of summer” comes from the fact that the Dog Star Sirius is in the sky during the day in August, the real dog days. The Dog star is seen near the foot of Orion, another constellation better seen in winter.
    I hope your ankle is healing and you will be enjoying the Dog Days very soon.

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    • Hey, Ken. I hoped someone would know the origins. August, Huh? Well, I’m off a month. Here in Texas, summer lasts clean into late September and sometimes even October! So it’s probably okay I missed a bit on this end. The ankle is healing, but slowly, but then I’m not very patient. This experience has certainly brought home how fragile our lives really are. Just a small slip on a small step and I’m out of commission for the whole summer. Boy do I have more empathy for those who live in a wheel chair. Can hardly wait to be able to drive again, but that may be awhile. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing the info on the phrase. 🙂

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  3. Sounds like you’re having a great summer and keeping a good attitude with that crazy ankle. I like to edit/proofread my ms by sending it to my Kindle. You’d be amazed how much you find when you use a different format. I just highlight the word, sentence, paragraph!! and put it in the notes. Then when I’m at my desk, I pull up the kindle and check the notes to find the errors to correct. And sometimes I put it on text to speech and listen, but I usually fall asleep after having been thru the book so many times. I already know what’s going to nappen! hee hee
    I’ve been to New England, but have always wanted to go during the fall season to see those hills and quaint churches surrounded by the fall colors. Continue healing and keeping that upbeat attitude.


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