Sadness Across Our Nation

Dreadful and inexcusable actions by a small number of our police officers have sent our country into turmoil. It appears to me that before the Black Lives Mater movement focused white America’s attention on the toll racist police actions were taking on their community, white America chose for the most part to ignore. To think, not in my part of the world.

But we’re one America. We can’t afford to ignore pain for our brothers and sisters.

  IMG_3922 Flag at Half-Staff

Last Thursday during a peaceful march of the Black Lives Matter (one of our Constitutional rights) planned with and supported by the Dallas PD, one man murdered  five Dallas Police officers an injured others plus one civilian. Police Officers put themselves between the protesters and the shooter. His actions may have inadvertently started bringing together our country. Certainly the opposite of what he must’ve intended.

Watching a group of black and white men who were marching in protests on the opposite sides of a Dallas street come together with hugs was a chill bump moment.  Before the deaths of the five police officers, I’ve never seen something like that. And let’s not forget Dallas Police Chief Brown. He’s been the right person in the right place for this situation.

I hate that one man felt he had the right to take the lives of those officers, but they did not die in vain if we can look at the face of racism in our country and take steps to change.

FullSizeRender(1) Courthouse in Marfa, TX

My minister Ryan Baer on Sunday used the story of the Good Samaritan to remind us we all can make a difference. Walking on the other side of the road isn’t an option. We need to ask not what will happen to me if I take a stand, but what will happen to the other person if I don’t. A definite challenge for an author who tries to not offend anyone.

Tuesday while the Memorial Service took place in Dallas with the attendance of President Obama and former President Bush, my husband was installed by Judge Louis Sturns as the president of the Tarrant County Bar Association. We were all conscious of what was taking place 30 minutes to our east.

IMG_4046 Judge Sturns at podium. Bob closest to him.

At various times during the luncheon, participants laughed, but for the most part, it was a somber gathering. One of the items my husband wants to help facilitate is for the Bar Association to take an active part in finding ways to build bridges between factions of our community. You may think that’s odd since lawyers are adversarial, but in truth, they work to find the truth. They are frequently mediators between parties. They are all about the law.

What we’ve been seeing is a breakdown of law and order. We can’t allow that to happen. Injured parties have to be heard. We must seek justice.

For those of a certain age, recent pictures on our TV screens are a grim reminder of the late 60s and early 70s. Not a good time for our country. But we came through that and we’ll come through this as we claim for ourselves and our communities that Black Lives Matter. That White Lives Matter. Brown, yellow, orange, and pink. ALL LIVES MATTER.  We must take steps to insure that is true for our communities and country.

INMHO this begins with RESPECT, which isn’t a feeling, but an action. We must show respect to all, regardless of how different they may be in their beliefs from us. Because bottom line, we’re all human beings.

What are your thoughts on what we’ve been seeing across the country? Love to hear from you.


Back on the laptop. 😦  Big computer can’t access the internet!

Appointment next Wednesday with orthopedic surgeon. Praying X-rays show healing continuing, and I get a walking boot. Surely, I’ll expend more calories that way than in this wheelchair.

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11 responses to “Sadness Across Our Nation

  1. Well said. I applaud your courage in speaking up on your blog. I too was reminded of those protest days in the 60’s, We need leaders with skills to bring the people together,. Every group needs to have someone they can respect and trust to bring peace and security.

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    • Hey, JQ. I’ve pretty much put aside my political side since becoming a writer. Occasionally clicking “Like” on FB, but otherwise staying in the shadows,afraid I’ll offend someone who might buy one of my books. It’s what we’re told do, but then we become part of the problem by being quiet. My minister’s words really convicted me. But this is my blog and for the most part only people who know me in some fashion visit. Thanks so much for your support. Allways appreciated. 🙂

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      • Hello again, Marsha. At first I also watched what I said regarding politics because of being an author. I don’t care anymore. There’s too much going on in the world not to comment. I’m hoping someone reads what I have to say and thinks before they vote in November. I’ve noticed EXCELLENT comments/posts by you on FB regarding political/world matters.

        Have a great weekend, Marsha and Janet! 🙂

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  2. I”ve noticed your bravery that way, Susan. Of course, you don’t live in Texas, It’s also not bothered your sales which seem to be going great. Happy for you,, sweetie. Love our conversations.


  3. I attended a Citizens Police Academy a couple of years ago and learned some unexpected things. Unlike the often unrealistic images on TV or in books, those officers were quite concerned with protecting themselves and their colleagues from harm. They wanted to serve, but they also had families to feed and love, and they intended to come home to them. In a situation like Dallas, I’m sure they would have stepped up and sacrificed themselves. But in others where innocence lives weren’t in danger, they would do what was necessary to come out alive.
    Unfortunately, when you combine lack of respect with that attitude, there is potential for real problems. And now with the police being targeted, they’re going to be even more on edge and defensive.
    I wish there was a simple solution. Body cameras and cell phone videoing may help expose bad eggs, and also validate just actions. Being able to show what actually did happen may help, at least for those with open minds.
    Good post.

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    • Hey, Kate. Yes, I think cameras help, but we know that it’s only one perspective on what’s going on. Just like witnesses don’t always tell the same story though they were there seeing the “same” thing. I hope lots of folks watched the Town Hall meeting tonight on ABC with President Obama and folks who’d lost loved ones and families of police officers. More times of talking to each other is needed. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  4. Kudos to you for a courageous and thought provoking post Marsha. There have been some terrible abuses of power by the police but that didn’t give one lone man the right to become both judge and executioner. I think you are right. Everyone needs to get involved and say ALL LIVES MATTER. Congratulations to your husband. He’s stepping into a hot seat and, for better or worse, will be scrutinized and judged much more closely than would have been previously the case.

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    • Hey, Pat. Thanks for your comments. You’re right, “Everyone needs to get involved.” Bob’s very good at hearing all sides. He’s a good person to be in a leadership position at this time. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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