Ankle Update:

I’ve got good news and so-so news. I didn’t have any pain in my ankle when the PA was pushing around on it, which of course is good news, but I’ll be in this boot for at least three more weeks. It is apparently a walking boot.


I’ll start PT next Wednesday which will be also good (because that will move me closer to being able to walk on my own again) and bad (sounds like it’s gonna hurt like the dickens.) Think I’ll take some Ibuprophen before going. Will probably still need to keep the foot elevated and to ice it when it puffs up.

This also means I won’t be driving yet. 😦  So sorry, Kathryn. My daughter has been the primary person carting me to appointments. Maybe 3 more weeks when if I’m doing my exercises between going to PT twice a week, I’ll get some soft something to wear, which I can easily remove. Mainly, I’ve got to get where I can cock my ankle backwards enough to drive.

So, it’s progress, just not as fast as I’d hoped.

This past Tuesday was the 3rd Anniversary of the release of my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE. I’m going to be doing a sale on it very soon in honor of the event, so please watch for details about that. I hope you’ll share the info with your friends, because I’m sure most of you reading my blog have already read this book. 🙂 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]

As to the next book coming out, THE THEATRE, I’ve been Margieizing it. Using techniques I’ve learned from Margie Lawson, but at a much slower rate than expected. I have sent info to my Cover Artist, Charlotte Volnek  so she won’t be rushed to get a cover like I did her last time. Can you believe I just forgot!? The reality is it will be fall before I can get THE THEATRE out. Not what I wanted, but oh, well. Life happens.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a post on the Sisterhood of Suspense Blog I hope you’ll stop. While there, you can take a moment to enter our contest to win a slew of books. I’ll put links on Facebook.

How do you feel about authors’ contests? Have you ever entered them or never? Love to hear from you.

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12 responses to “Ankle Update:

    • Hey, Pat. I know I have more pain ahead, but it’s the price to pay to be able to walk around. I’m a rule follower, so whatever the PT tells me to do, you can bet I’ll do. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my journey.


  1. Good to hear you’re on the mend, Marsha. I can’t believe it’s 3 years since release of your first novel. You’ve done so much since then. Congratulations on The Theatre. I’m looking forward to reading it already!
    Best of luck with your physio

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    • Hey, Helena. In a way, it seems longer. Of course, that was the 4th book I’d written and already had the 5th one completed when VE sold. One of the many things I’m thankful about MIU buying it is the friendships I’ve developed with others of you from there. I finally read the Palace of Deception (think I posted a review). I really enjoyed it. Of course I liked the theatre connections. 🙂 I appreciate your friendship. Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Hey, JQ. Yeah. I had a bit of a squinched up face in anticipation, but then nothing. Very grateful. NOt sure how long PT will last. Twice a week, plus me doing “homework.” Optimistic. Just want to be good to go when we head to Maine in mid October. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary to Vermont Escape…where it all started! So exciting! Congratulations, Marsha!

    Hope you will be up and about sooner than you even expect. Best wishes with P.T. I know you’ll do well.

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    • Hey, Susan. You’ve cranked out books pretty fast. 3 in about the same time. Very nice and I’m glad they’re doing so well. As I said to Helena. I’m grateful to MIU and the friendships it brought me. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Hi Marsha, Hang in there. You’ll soon be walking Charlie in the heat again. 🙂 Congratulations on the third anniversary of Vermont Escape and on all the other books you have written since. What an accomplishment.

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    • Hey, Ken. We’ve both been lucky that Bob has picked up Charley’s walks and Charley has adjusted to not getting one in the middle of the day and right after supper. You are so right. It’s been way too hot to do those anyway. Thanks for your good words. MIU has blessed me with many good friends besides buying my first two books. Thanks for stopping by.


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