Olympics, Gymnastics, & Family

For various reasons both daughters and three grands spent Tuesday night with us in our small lakehouse. We were FULL.

Our second bathroom is off the second bedroom, which is where the grands sleep. This could’ve a problem except we all stayed up late watching the Olympics.


Three grands, 7, 5 and almost 5, are also loud. LOL It was good that Bob worked late. We just don’t have enough rugs so there’s an echo. Of course, I’m glad we don’t have lots of rugs. It’s made it easier for me to get around in the wheel chair.

Wednesday morning, the grands played under a quilt tent  IMG_4122

and went into the lake with their mom/aunt


Our daughters got interested in Gymnastics when the World Championships were held in Fort Worth. Our older daughter was 6 at the time, and she and I went down to see them. Pretty amazing. Then we watched an Olympics, and she was hooked. So the gymnastics classes began. Her younger sister followed in her cartwheels. IMG_4124 Charley needs a time out. 🙂

Younger daughter went on to competitive gymnastics, but gave it up after several years when she realized her favorite part was the floor exercises and that was because of the dance involved. She became a dancer.

But because of the Olympics and Gymnastics especially, both girls were athletes, with that sport, dance, soccer, and cheerleading. I’m proud that they’re both so strong.


So every 4 years, we watch the Olympics and marvel at the amount of determination, grit, money, sacrifice, and parent support it takes for these young people to compete at this level.


I’ve especially loved the Dick’s Sporting Goods adds that talk about the gold in a human’s heart. Watch for them if you haven’t seen them. They’ll make you feels good.

I also like how they have a place you can go online for info if you think you want to try  for the Olympics. Smart.


So are you a fan of the Olympics? Do you prefer winter over summer? What’s your favorite event? If you’ve ever attended, share your experience. Or gosh, have you ever competed? Love to hear from you. Go, USA!

Remember you can see me and other authors in person in Dallas Saturday, Aug. 13 at the Half-Price Book Store. We’ll have books and chocolate!

half price books big signing

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9 responses to “Olympics, Gymnastics, & Family

  1. Bill has been watching the Olympics. I can’t say that I really have been. I may come into the room where he’s watching and sit a bit. I like winter Olympics more with ice skating, skiing, etc. but that isn’t causing me not to watch these Olympics. I guess I must not be that interested. I did watch the news about the Olympics prior to and now regarding the Zika Virus, the polluted water, etc.

    I remember one summer Olympics when I had company for days with ten people watching the Olympics for most of the time when it was on. I don’t think I watched it all that much then either. I was probably cooking. 🙂

    Best wishes, Marsha on Saturday at the book signing. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. All the negative publicity about Rio the water especially, put me off of these Olympics. Once they got started, I didn’t see anymore about those stories and I got caught up in the people. The athletes are amazing. Gosh, I can’t imagine having 10 people staying for the Olympics! I’m sure you were busy cooking!!! LOL I’m looking forward to the book signing. It’s the first one since Second Act came out. I’ve never had one for ACT OF TRUST. Not as many real book sales either! Hmmm. I wonder if there’s a connection. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      • Marsha, I plan on reading Act of Trust soon. It’s the only one of your four novels that I haven’t read and I enjoy your writing. You are talented. I was too caught up writing Manhattan reading about NYC and doing promotion for Murder by Fireworks, my summer mystery. I have your book on my list and look forward to reading it. I know I’ll love it. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely place for a family gathering, Marsha. And what talented daughters you have. I love watching the gymnastics and I can see why it’s a small step from the sport to dancing. One of our gymnasts – Louis Smith – won our equivalent of Dancing with the Stars.
    Wishing you all the best with your book signing. Sounds like a fun day!

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    • Hey, Helena. We were pleased to see it all worked out pretty well. Would’ve been nicer if I’d been able to do more, bit I’m getting better every day. Love DWTS. We get a lot of our great shows from you guys in GB. Will report on the book signing. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  3. That sounds like a wonderful family weekend. I used to be glued to the skating during the Winter Olympics but not so much the summer. My son did a lot of tennis and karate growing up but the interest was always in the doing, not the watching.

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    • Hey, Pat. I like the dance skating during the winter Olympics because of course it’s dancing. LOL We played at tennis when we were wayyyyyy lots younger. We kept taking our rackets on vacation, then realized we never used them. So now the family joke is “Should we take our rackets with us?” 🙂 Our grandson has just begun Karate. We know nothing about it, so this will be a learning opportunity for us. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  4. My favorite events are the equestrian ones, particularly dressage. Unfortunately, none are being shown prime time and only jumping on NBC, in the afternoon. Since we don’t watch much TV, we only have minimal channels, not USA or MSNBC, where the rest are (also during the day). So I need to stream via computer, which I haven’t tried to do yet.

    We’ve really been enjoying the gymnastics. Simone is fantastic. My older two were into gymnastics for a while but were too tall to do anything with it.
    Have fun.

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    • Hey, Kate, I feel your frustration about not being able to see what you want when you want to watch. I haven’t tried to do the live streaming either. Several people suggested that to me when I ranted on FB. But that may be more high tech than I can manage. LOL I saw a bit of the dressage events. The riders and horses are so regal. I don’t think there’s another word for their appearance and actions. I recorded the Gymnastics all around, so I can watch that today. Not quite as cool when you already know the results. Yee gods! There are a ton of swimming events. I feel my skin prunning. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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