I have a friend who does a daily gratitude post on Facebook. Reading them always makes me feel good. I hope this will do the same for you and you’ll share some of the things that make you grateful.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you know it was over three months ago that I fell and broke the back bone in my right ankle and tore a ligament requiring surgery and more than 6 weeks in a boot. I was grateful when I got out of the boot.


Then began the hard stuff. Therapy. I’m very grateful to the therapists who’ve made such a difference in my life. I’m not running yet, but no wheel chair, no walker, no cane (or only occasionally like first thing in the morning.) Walking on my own. And of course, most important I’ve been driving for almost three weeks!!!


Not only am I grateful for that, but so are my daughters and husband, who hauled me around all summer in a very heavy wheel chair. Boy am I grateful for them.

Now you may remember that I fell right after we moved into our new lakehouse. I have perpetual gratitude for this place. FullSizeRender(26)It’s such a blessing to live here. I’m also grateful that we are finally going to be able to fix out garage. It was made funny, and we could only get one car in because the roof was so low.

I’m grateful for my family for cleaning out the garage and moving stuff to storage and into the house (which is now way too crowded). LOL It wouldn’t have gotten done without them. They even succeeded in moving a spare refrigerator out to the boathouse. Be nice on a hot day not to have to walk back to the house for a drink. The workers can get started the second week of September.

Have I mentioned the ducks and birds before? I’m really grateful for them. IMG_4193They always make me smile. They are just amazing.

IMG_4196 Visiting Heron

Charley likes to bark and chase after all the critters, so I guess he’s grateful for them, too. 🙂

We even see deer. Not my house or yard, but just down the street. 🙂


I’m also grateful it is September 1 because that means fall is on its way. My favorite time of the year. More critters: humingbirds and May flies in August.

IMG_4180  IMG_4185

I’m grateful I got THE THEATRE sent off to the editor. Hopefully, I’ll get it back without a TON of things to do so I can ship it to the formatter so it can be released the end of October. I’m working with a new formatter on this book, someone my PR folks are recommending. I’m grateful to Cheryl and JoAnna with Y & R PR. Because of them, I have a monthly newsletter and my FB Author page always has cool things posted on it.

So what kinds of things bring out your gratitude? Always love to hear from you. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Holiday.

Next week we’ll have Books & Authors, Part 2

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15 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Grateful for excellent doctors and nurses who found my breast cancer, removed it and are helping me heal my slow healing wounds. Grateful that the hurricane is bypassing my area of Florida, leaving only some rain and mild winds. Grateful for loving friends near and far who check on me and share their love.

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  2. It’s always wonderful, Marsha to think about the things we are grateful for and you express what you are grateful for often. A truly wonderful quality.

    I’m grateful for my husband of almost 38 years. He’s been a wonderful and loving friend and we have so many of the same interests, yet are so very different. I’m grateful for my two sons who are most kind and thoughtful and decent individuals I know. I’m grateful for having hardworking and loving parents who I think of everyday. They had a moral compass and never passed judgement on another human being. I am grateful for my adorable grandson and I hope he has a happy and healthful life.

    I’m grateful that I can do anything I really want to do. I have freedom. I can write, travel, socialize, etc. I’m grateful for a lot of things, the arts. I’m grateful to God, Mary.

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  3. Thank you for this gratitude post, Marsha. What a reminder to us to just stop and realize how blessed we are with family, friends, health, and home. Each night I say a prayer which includes a lot of thank yous. So many times I take too many blessings for granted. So happy to hear you are walking well now and only need a cane some mornings. Kudos to your medical staff and you get some credit too for working so hard on getting back up on your feet. Enjoy the fall weather. Loved your pictures. Looking forward to reading The Theatre. (Interesting spelling instead of theater–is that a clue to something? Hmmm)

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    • Hey, JQ. I agree. It’s really important to tell folks (and God) thanks. Easy to take some of our blessings for granted. I spell “theatre” this way because its how I learned to do it in college. It helps differentiate between a picture show “theater” and a live performance “theatre.” My computer doesn’t get the distinction and always highlights the word in red. LOL I could write it the other way and most folks wouldn’t think anything about the spelling. I changed to put only one space between sentences, but can’t give up on my spelling of “theatre.” Thanks so much for stopping by. Always enjoy your comments.


  4. A lovely post Marsha! Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us.
    This morning, as I shake myself awake on the west coast, I am grateful the rain has stopped and my morning beach walk will be much dryer than it was yesterday.

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    • Hey, Kathryn. You are, of course, the friend I mentioned at the beginning of the post. 🙂 Glad your rain has stopped. We’ve had an unusually wet August. Bad for mosquitoes, but has really kept the temps down for which I’m very grateful. Thanks for stopping and for sharing.


  5. Hi Marsha, great post! I’m glad you’re getting better and that The Theatre is coming along nicely 🙂
    I’m grateful to live on a beautiful island surrounded by friends and family. I’m grateful my grandson is learning to cope with diabetes, and I’m grateful my daughter is as strong-willed as she is so that she can cope with the stress of a full university load and learning how to care for him.
    I’m grateful for my loving husband of 32 years, and for my mom who lives next door and encourages me to write that damn book!
    I’m also thankful to live in a country where violence and war are not the norm. Where we don’t have to be scared to step outside our doors or hide our faces. Life is good

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    • Hey, Jacquie. Boy this was wonderful. Ditto on strong-willed daughters. Tough when she was a teenager, but super as a mom herself and she’s been an oak taking care of me this summer. (Well, both daughters and husband as mentioned above. 🙂 ) So happy your grandson is learning to manage the diabetes. How lovely that your mom lives so near. Thanks so much for stopping and sharing such wonderful gratitude. Uplifting to be sure. 🙂

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