Labor Day & Books (2)

Hope y’all had a wonderful Labor Day. We did. So much so I didn’t even get on line Sunday or Monday. As a result, I found a lot of emails to plug through Tuesday morning. Whew! LOL  Friends and family gathered at our lakehouse for a cookout with great food,img_4223 (Every time we get together we think we should skip the burgers and just go with the snacks, but we don’t). good talk, and exciting lake adventures.

 (The giant Geiko floaty escaped and was a challenge to return. Not that I was involved in that activity. ) img_4218 They were a long way out!

But I promised to tell you about a few more of the authors and their books I read during this “summer of my confinement.” 🙂

Kendra Elliot is one of the authors I want to tell you about. I wish I knew how I discovered her, but I don’t remember. Her first book that I read is called SPIRALLED.  img_4236 She favors one-word titles. For instance, BRIDGED and VANISHED. TARGETED is the first in this series about Detective Michael Callahan and FBI Special Agent Ava McLane who originally appeared in her Bone Series (HIDDEN, CHILLED, BURRIED, ALONE, KNOWN, & VEILED, a novella.) I didn’t read them all in order and it didn’t matter. Kendra lives in the Northwest and has won several awards. Frankly, I inhaled her books. Great mystery, good police procedurals (but not to excess), and wonderful characters I cared about.

Here’s her web site so you can find out more.

Kendra also has the Rogue River Series she’s written with Melinda Leigh, which leads me to the second author: Melinda Leigh.

Again, I wish I knew how I discovered her. Perhaps Amazon popping her name and a book up after I finished one of Kendra Elliott’s. I read her Scarlett Falls Series: HOUR OF NEED, MINUTES TO KILL, SECONDS TO LIVE. She also has a Midnight Series. I’ve only read MIDNIGHT BETRAYAL.  img_4235Here’s her website

High suspense, romance, and happily ever afters. My cup of tea for sure. Hope you’ll check out these award winning authors, who really don’t need me to toot their horn, but I enjoyed their books.

In the old days, I went to the library and pulled out books that were in the romance or mystery section and read the back cover blurbs. I may still read back cover blurbs, but it’s all on line. I feel guilty, but I love reading on my Kindle or Nook. So much easier.

How do you find books and authors? How did you spend Labor Day. Always love to hear from you.

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4 responses to “Labor Day & Books (2)

    • Hey, Susan. So glad you’re enjoying ACT OF TRUST. Always appreciate a review. Thought about putting it on a special sell or free for 9/11, but decided that was just too crass. 15 years! I can’t believe it. Terrible, terrible time for so many people. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. 🙂


    • Hey, Lyn. I think you’ll really like these books. And they have so many out! Nothing better that lots of books from a good author. Word of mouth is always our best marketing. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think of their books. 🙂


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