New Beginnings

This may seem like an odd title for the middle week of a Thursday in September. Don’t we usually start something new at the beginning of the year or a semester or the fall or a week?


Well, sure yes. Those are traditional times to begin again. But really anytime the motivation hits or the switch clicks is the time to act. It’s like whenever the urge hits to clean out the closets (this is prior to the downsizing and ankle break), I just had to do it then. Who knew when the urge would happen again. LOL

So what am I now beginning again? Several things.

  1. I’ve actually written new words on my 8th book (Book 3 of the Second Chances Series, ACT OF BETRAYAL.) Not lots of new words, but several thousand. It’s a real struggle for me for several reasons. This book takes place in Dallas, a city I’m familiar with, but not one I know like the back of my hand. (Why does that cliché work? Who would recognize the back of their own hand amidst a bunch of pictures of others hands? ) Settings are always important to me. It’s the frame I hang the story on. Yes, I’ve got a map, but it’s not showing restaurants and office buildings. So a day trip to Dallas is in my near future. And there’s some financial stuff that I’m not really solid on. But once words are on the screen, they can be fixed. 🙂Second Act 333x500  act-of-trust-200x300 First 2 books of Series

  1. Wednesday night I attended the first group meeting to help me Disarm The Triggers of Comfort Eating. A good friend, Renée Jones and counselor led the session, renée@packyourown It was over two years ago that I lost just under 30 lbs using Nutrisystem. It really worked. But at some point, you go back to eating “real” food. So over about 6 months I regained about 10 lbs. Not too bad, but not good.

    Then this summer I broke my ankle, tore a ligament, and spent almost  two months sitting in a chair, not moving very darn much. Now you      can imagine the amount of comfort eating I indulged in during my       “confinement” totally dependent on others for pretty much everything. So I put on another 10 pounds. Thank God, I’d lost the weight two years ago. If I’d started 30 pounds heavier and had this time of enforced non-movement…well, that would’ve been dreadful. So I have goals and plans and I’ll share those and results as we go along.


  1. Tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 16 I return to Pilates for the first time since the middle of May when we were trying to finish up the packing and moving to the lake thing. I remember how sore I was after my first session almost 5 years ago. Not looking forward to Saturday, but so looking forward to how strong and powerful I feel after a session. That may not happen Friday. LOL I expect it will whip my butt. I’ve only exercised for about 10 minutes for about 6 times recently. I’ll keep you posted on this progress, too. Picture below is my daughter’s studio. Fort Worth Classical Pilates.


Updates: Not new beginnings, but I wanted to share. Eagerly waiting for my editor to return THE THEATRE, so I can “fix” whatever. Then I can send it to the formatter. Need to get my Bitty Booklets set up and once the formatter is finished I can get my Cover Artist, Charlotte Volnek, to do the back so I can make print books.  Hoping for October 24 release date. Book Signing in November. Will do a Cover Reveal soon. 🙂

9/11 I didn’t write about the 15th Anniversary here on my blog, but you can find a post I wrote on the Sisterhood of Suspense Blog. Here’s the link. You might have scroll down to the Sunday, September 11 post, but maybe not since I included the comments section. There were some really good things people added, so I hope you’ll stop by.

What have you begun or begun again? What caused you to stop or fall off so you had to begin again? Love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Congratulations on making a start on your next book, Marsha. I’m looking forward to reading The Theatre.
    I find Google Maps is great for research if you use the satellite images. You can put yourself on the street and imagine you’re there without having to leave the house. Useful if there’s something you’ve forgotten or want to double-check.
    You’re doing great with your recovery. Best of luck with your Pilates!

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    • Hey, Helena. Glad you made it back safely from your wonderful trip across the world. Know it was wonderful being with your daughter. Google Maps is a good idea. I’d forgotten that. It’s really amazing. Scary even. LOL But great for romantic suspense. I’m eager to get back to Pilates, but I know it’s going to be really, really hard. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. New beginnings…congratulations on your upcoming book. Hopefully my new novel A Manhattan Murder Mystery is released the end of this month.

    I read your wonderful blog on Sisters of Suspense about 9/11. During that time I also finished and enjoyed ACT OF TRUST.

    Your daughter has a beautiful Pilates studio. Best wishes with your new food program. My doctor said I should lose 20 pounds. I really need to lose 30.

    Gosh, so many new beginnings, Marsha. All my best to you.

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    • Hey, Susan. So glad you enjoyed ACT OF TRUST. Must’ve been a little unsettling reading it on the 15th Anniversary. Start with little goals on the weight loss. Be happy your doctor said something. Mine never did, and I was glad at the time, but she also didn’t rave on about what a good job I’d done losing. I was a bit disappointed. Can’t have it both ways I guess. 🙂 We can keep each other on track. Though I think you have a harder situation with Bill doing all the baking he does. I’ve always thought that was so cool. Perhaps now, not so much. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey, Regina. Thanks. It’s been quite a trek. Still have to rest frequently. Just got up from a nap and my ankle acted like it didn’t want to do it’s job. LOL Better now. I’m eager to get more done on Book 3 of the series, but now my big computer is acting up. Definitely time to replace. Sometimes I feel like technology is out to get me. 🙂 Then I hang in there and whatever is making me nuts straightens out. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


  3. The wonderful encouragement you offer to go ahead and make a new beginning anytime you want to is a gift. You shouldn’t wait on a season change or holiday. Just do it! And you certainly are doing it, Marsha. I was on restrictions after my eye surgery for four weeks, but sitting in a chair for 2 months boggles my mind. Of course you have to do it when you want to heal properly. Be a patient patient. Sending you good wishes for all your new endeavors. You can do it all! Hey, it’s Friday. Hope you can still move after Pilates!!

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    • Hey, Janet. Yea! I can move after Pilates! LOL It was definitely a challenge, but gosh I felt good after–the muscles will come back. It’s always hard, but I’m so lucky to get to do this program.
      My edits on The Theatre just came in so that’s what I’ll be doing all weekend. Hope you enjoy your weekend. I’ll post on FB a reminder about our Writing Tips Book, too. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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