Maine Vacation, Part 1

For the past thirteen years or so, Bob & I have taken a New England vacation mostly during the fall. Many of those trips have been to Maine. Each location if unique and as before, we’ve come home with memories of wonderful experiences and incredible pictures. (I promise not to share each and every one!) 🙂

Saturday, October 8 we flew from DFW to Philly where we changed planes for Portland, Maine, then we drove the 1 ½ hours to return to Boothbay Harbor and a cottage we’d stayed in three years ago. Why would we go back to the same place? Here’s why.


The views are amazing! It’s peaceful and soothes our spirits. We walk into this cottage and say, “Ahhh.”This location was the inspiration for my 4th book, ACT OF TRUST. The picture on the cover represents the view from our cottage balcony above.  Here’s more of the cottage:

img_4556  img_4560 img_4295

Many things were the same: incredible trees

 img_4334and great shopping in the town of Boothbay Harbor. We loved the East Boothbay General Store with awesome coffee and muffins, wine, cheese. You can order online.


Visiting the amazing Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens deserves a whole post of its own, but here’s a teaser. img_4388

Some things had changed-Bad and Good. “Progress” had taken out the Center Café. A quaint little place where ladies of the town played majong. Don’t know where they moved to.

The Carriage House Restaurant had reopened after being closed for over ten years.  A talented young chef brought us back two nights in a row for his luscious food. If you’re in the vicinity, you must stop by.

img_4516 I had shrimp scampi. Bob had salmon with white grits. For the second night, I had steak and roasted brussell sprouts & Bob repeated the salmon!

Bob and I had made a bargain. We’d stay in one place (which I wanted), but drive out to various locations (which he wanted). One day we drove to Damariscotta to meet my friend and fellow author Susan Vaughn for a wonderful visit.  The town was celebrating National Pumpkin Day. What interesting giant pumpkins!

 img_4403-1 img_4404


We returned to Camden where we’d gone for our 40th wedding anniversary. It’s a beautiful port seen from the top of Mount Batty.  img_4501

We went out on a different schooner than the one we went on for our anniversary, but we got a picture of The Surprise from our boat.


Next time I’ll share more about the Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens and Portland, which we drove back to spend half a day in.

Are there places you loved so much you returned to? Where and what about the place dragged you back there? Love to hear from you. 🙂

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10 responses to “Maine Vacation, Part 1

  1. Thank you for the story and great pics. Made me quite nostalgic for New England. I’ve been in Florida for 40 years and Fall was always my favorite season up there.

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    • Hey, Lyn. I lived in Mass. one year when I was in 6th grade, It really got in my blood. I could move there if the kids and grands weren’t in Fort Worth. We didn’t get to make the trip in 2015 and I really missed it. This was a super year for color. I’ve got more pics, I’ll share on another post.:) Thanks for stopping by.


  2. What wonderful photos. I’d love to visit New England. A place my husband and I often return to is Cornwall. Like Maine it has a beautiful and rugged coastline.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Thanks for the great pics!

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    • Hey, Helena. Cornwall sounds like a place I’d enjoy. I find all the granite to be awe-inspiring. I won’t share all the pics, but I’ll have to share more, It’s just so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.:)

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  3. Marsha, I think it’s wonderful that you and Bob visit Maine each Fall. That’s such an incredible gift to each other. I’m so happy for you.

    When I saw the deck and side of the cottage, this is how I was picturing your lake home to look. 🙂

    Our getaway when we feel the need, is a city two hours away, where we used to live over twenty years ago. (I just photos on FB less than a week ago of the city.) We probably go there 3-4 times each year and pretty much do the exact same thing each time.

    We are planning a trip to Maine, NH, and Vermont in the future. We’ve been to Maine twice and to NH. We’ve never been to Vermont.

    Loved your photos. Looking forward to more…

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    • Hey, Susan. We are lucky to make these trips. I guess we seek out what we don’t have all the time when we vacation. We’re big city people, so going to something more rural is refreshing. You guys live in a small town. It makes sense you’d go back to the big city. Especially when you have good memories from being there before. Our lakehouse is one story, Susan. The Maine Cottage is two stories, though we con’t go up there. The upstairs bedroom has allowed us to have guests who’ve stayed one night with us. Our vistas are similar, but we don’t have the wonderful colors or the cool temps. Actually a cold front blew in last night and the high today will only be 75. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  4. What a lovely romantic adventure with your hubby. The colors are brilliant there. When we left Michigan the colors were just showing up. I hate to leave without my colored foliage fix, but peak will be late this year due to the hot weather conditions this summer. Loved the pictures AND oh those crazy pumpkins. So clever. We were in New England one summer and always said we would return in the fall. So far, we haven’t. Looking forward to Part 2.

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    • Hey, JQ. I’m sorry you left before you got to see the leaves change. I’d have been tempted to stay longer just for that. But I guess if you’ve got the threat of real winter hanging over you, you didn’t have much choice. Glad you enjoyed the pics and I promise more. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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