Writing Updates & Lewisville Book Signing

So last week I wrote that I’d hit a wall on the 3rd book in the series. Was just flat stuck. I wrote the blog, and I wrote most of my presentation for Monday at the Creative Writing Department of the Fort Worth Woman’s Club. Both were necessary, but they weren’t the book.

Strangest thing happened after I confessed to the road block. When I pulled up the doc on the computer, the words just tumbled out. From just over 4000, I’m up to over 11,000. Celebrate! Celebrate!

But then we must keep things in perspective. If the book will be approximately 80 thousand words, I’m about 1/10 of the way there. LOL But that’s okay, I’m writing again. 🙂 #amwriting

Monday, I drove to Lewisville for a book signing at the Public Library. In the past that’s taken about 1 ½ hours from my house with ghastly traffic. Since I attended last year, an Express Lane has opened on 820. Wow what a difference that makes. I got to the Best Western Hotel in one hour and didn’t have to cross any ungodly high bridges.img_4662 5 Books!

Last year Bob went with me, but he had a conflict on Monday, and I just didn’t want to do that drive back at night by myself. The traffic flies and I don’t read the signs well at night. So I stayed the night and returned on Monday. Not as early as I wanted, but more about that later.

img_4663 Carolyn Rae

 img_4666 Linda LaRoche

It was fun to see a few writer friends, some other friends, and to meet new folks. The authors who attend write everything. (I bought 3 children’s books for the grands!) But because of that, potential buyers are diluted as opposed to a book signing with only romance readers. I have more success at that kind of book signing.


Kim  Roberts & CA Szareg   

img_4661  Draped my banner. No space to stand it.

Or at one just for me. And that opportunity is coming up on Sunday, December 4 from 3-5 at Salon 70. My wonderful beautician Judi Perrotti, hosted the last one, and it was a giant success. I expect this one to be, too. It’s only my 3rd book signing and I’ve got 5 books out now. Obviously, I’ve dropped the ball with the last three books. 🙂  Been busy times with selling the big house, moving to the smaller lakehouse, and breaking my ankle. So perhaps I can be excused.

Back to trip. Tuesday morning, I got up showered, dressed, went down to grab breakfast and came back to the room to finish packing. Opened the laptop to check emails before leaving. Should have only taken 10 minutes or so.

No. It did not! The laptop went into a massive update. I’d think I’d be getting close to finished and it would start over. img_4668 I was nuts. Checked with FB friends and got mixed advice about shutting the device down during the update. A few folks had done so with no negative results. Others said, Oh, no. Don’t.

I went with the Don’t group, and it took over 2 hours to complete. So instead of leaving at 9, I didn’t leave until after 10:30. Got back to the lakehouse right at 11:30. Charley was happy to see me.

Have you ever shut down your machine during an update? What do you like to see at a book signing? Do you read a variety of books or stick to one or two genres?

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I will be spending the day with family. I hope you do, too.  I’ll share pics after. You can be thinking of what you’re thankful for. If you’re like me, you have many blessings. Let’s plan to count them when we get together on December 1.

2 responses to “Writing Updates & Lewisville Book Signing

  1. Yes, I ‘ve shut down the laptop when it started an update. I don’t recall having a problem later. But probably safer to allow it to update. My latest book is a paperback, so I may try book signings again. I’ve done four I think, and having only online ebooks means no sales. I love talking to the readers though. I try to read other genres, but I just can’t get into fantasy. Sorry Harry Potter. Some day I may try a wizard book. I know my grandsons love them.
    Keep those words rolling!

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    • Hey, JQ. Yes, definitely better safe than sorry applies here. 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t have any negative results from shutting down. I found “Bitty Booklets” from http://www.ninthmoon really helped when I didn’t have print books. Laron Glover does them. I still use her even though I have print books because the readers seem to really enjoy them. No longer do book marks, though people still read print. I get so much more info to the reader with the Bitty Booklets. I’m not a fantasy fan either. Decades ago I read shape shifters. Must’ve ODed on them because now I’m just not interested. Like a touch of paranormal. May need to try my hand with that when I finish the series. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love your new cover.


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