Book Signing & Thanksgiving Update

I’m beginning with my Book Signing on Sunday, December 4 3-5 pm at Salon 70 5730 Locke Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76107 in case you’re busy and can’t read all of this blog. Please tell your friends who are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’ll have wine, too. I’ve only had 2 book signings. The first one for my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE and the second signing for TRUTH BE TOLD. But I’ve got 5 books out now! So please come and help celebrate. Great way to pick up gifts for those hard to buy for. I’ll have copies of all 5. img_4719 Big thanks to my friend and the person who keeps me looking beautiful, Judi Perrotti. 

So how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was super. The first in our new lakehouse. The weather. The food. The family. The Grandkids.All perfect!

Everything was just perfect. Well except for eating too much. Here’s a picture of my plate.img_4699  No Seconds for sure.

Now I took small servings, but we had a lot of options. My daughters always bring the things that are favorites of theirs: green bean casserole GF & organic, sweet potato casserole with brown sugar & pecans, corn casserole. I cook what I really want: the turkey (well, technically Bob cooks that—you might have read something about that in my November Newsletter.), the dressing—Gluten Free this year & not bad, cranberries, cole slaw, and pumpkin pie. The last three are items my mother used to make and bring.


img_4697 img_4698

Both daughters brought sausage balls that our Aunt Virginia used to bring. One is GF and the other is GF and veggie. Our older daughter Kathryn also makes the “Christmas Munch,” another contribution from Auntie. My husband would not have a happy holiday if either the sausage balls or the Munch was missing.

But you get the idea. We had a lot of food. And this year Laura made Bob’s dad and my mother’s pecan pie. And Kathryn made an incredibly yummy Chocolate fudge, similar to what Bob’s dad always brought.

I sent home goody bags, but not with near enough food.

The grands played outside for a long time because our weather was so mild.


None of the MsIL were able to be with us as they were with their other families, but we have space for everyone now.

Of course, some members watched football, also a Thanksgiving tradition.

The whole family declared this an awesome Thanksgiving. We are having discussions now about how to teach the next generation how to make the turkey in case at some point Bob doesn’t want to do it any more. You do have to be prepared.

As we walked back into the house after walking Charley for his early morning walk and smelling the yummy turkey smell, I wondered why in the world we don’t cook it more often.

I’ve often said this is my favorite holiday. It really is. Family, Friends, Food, and an opportunity to give thanks for all our blessings.

I had 99 Cent book sales for SECOND ACT & THE THEATRE over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. SECOND ACT will be available for 99 Cents on Dec. 7,8, & 9 as I take part in the Seasoned Romance Facebook Groups special sale.  More about that later.

Okay, it’s your turn. How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Love to hear from you.

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5 responses to “Book Signing & Thanksgiving Update

  1. Best wishes, Marsha at your book signing.

    I’m so glad you had an awesome first Thanksgiving at your lake home. The photos that you took are beautiful.

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving also. I had the same amount of food on your plate and then some, unfortunately. We watched a Christmas movie and played games. Went for a Thanksgiving Day walk. My youngest son and his wife watched a lot of football afterwards. We had our grandson until Sunday. We went to a holiday parade, feed the ducks and geese twice. He walked around in a magical holiday tree store with hundreds of trees lite up. And now he’s hooked on the show Frosty the Snowman. We sent it home with him, along with ornaments he picked out for his tree.

    So much for both of us to be thankful for. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. Oh my, you really had an awesome weekend. Not sure I mentioned that the whole family went for a walk, too. We were glad to let them see where we walk with Charley every day. You are so right. We do have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Have fun with your book signing. Hope lots of people stop by.
    We had a great Thanksgiving with our older daughter and her family. They came to our house so the kids could use the hot tub and play with our dustmop dog. Molly got thoroughly spoiled and worn out. Great time for everyone.

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  3. Congrats on the upcoming book signing and having FIVE books to sell. WTG, writer Marsha! Your table is beautiful. I remember when you were looking for just the right one for your place. And I think you found it! This year we went to our community’s Social Club Thanksgiving Dinner at the Community Center. The food is dee-licious and fun to share it with 250 people!! No cooking or clean-up for me. Before we left for FL in Oct, our family got together for a “Thanksmas” dinner. Yes, we had turkey and ham and all the trimmings. Took family pictures and we gave everyone their Christmas gifts so we could watch them open them. Really fun to watch, so we’ll probably do it again next year. It was a bittersweet time knowing we wouldn’t be there for the holidays. But we made wonderful memories.


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