Book Signing and Christmas Decorations

I wanted to share some pics from the book signing at Judi Perrotti’s Salon 70, two Sunday’s ago. (Couldn’t give an update last week because I was participating in the Seasoned Romance FB group special 3-day $.99 sale, which was lots of fun.) Let’s start with the book signing and then hit decorations.

img_4741 Table

You know having a book signing is a little like throwing a campaign party. You invite people. You prepare food and drinks. And then you wait, not knowing if anyone will come. The positive thing is whether anyone comes or not you’ve put the word out. A big thanks to Judi Perrotti for hosting.

img_4734 Judi fluffing my hair

Well, I was lucky, we had a nice turn out. I’m sure providing wine helps. LOL Lots of laughing and visiting, and we sold some books.

img_4739 Selfie with many attenders. Think I need to work on my selfie skills. LOL

This is our first Christmas in the new lakehouse and lots of stuff in still in storage. I thought I’d marked the holiday stuff really well, but apparently not. I found the Christmas tree ornaments, but almost none of the other things I use to decorate—many candles, wreaths and snowmen. I think I must’ve gotten over zealous in the throwing out/giving away. I did find the collection of deer and moose and a two of our favorite candles.

The fact is, stuff we used at the Allen Place house just don’t work here, and we don’t’ need as much because it’s a smaller house.

So I made wreaths for the fence and draped lights.img_4718

I made a new wreath for the front door.img_4757

I bought a 4 ½ foot tree we decorated with our traditional ornaments & balls and turquoise bows of different sizes.img_4703

The two signs that used to sit by our front porch are now out by the walkway to the Boathouse


Bob got the lights up outback. We’ll probably always leave them up. Still need some on the rail for the dock, but maybe this weekend.img_4755

Not happy about the dining room table center piece so I’m not showing it to you. 🙂 Will do something different next year.

So are your decorations all up? I know some of you are beautifully decorated. I’ve seen your pics on FB. Did you add anything new this year? Is decorating something you enjoy or just a chore to do at this time of year? Do you have neighbors who go nuts with decorating?  How many people are involved in the decorating, just you or other family members?Love to hear from you.

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9 responses to “Book Signing and Christmas Decorations

    • Hey, Jo-Ann. It’s been fun doing things for the lakehouse. It’s not perfect, but more of a work in process. Once we get our garage rebuilt, then we can really whip this place into shape. LOL We are so blessed. No only by our wonderful place on the lake,but by our many friends, including you. 🙂 I’ll post next Thursday to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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    • Hey, Renee. Being gone really cuts into decorating time and then you can fall in to the trap of thinking, well may I won’t do anything this year. Missed seeing you at book signing. Looking forward to visiting after Christmas. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Marsha, such an enjoyable post! Your book signing sounded like fun and I like the idea of wine at one and your vegetable platter looked great.

    I love that your front door is your favorite color. My best friend here painted her front door her favorite color this summer. It’s a teal color.

    Your decorations are beautiful. I love the lights outside. Your new home is situated on such a beautiful site.

    I wanted lots of decorations up this year. I didn’t even care if it was gaudy! Lol! We put up all of our decorations other than my Dept. 56 Dickens’ Village in fear that Corbin would think the people were play toys, and added lights around the windows in our living room, dining room, and upper family room. This gave our home an extra holiday look and satisfied me. We have lights outside on our yew tree and a large bush that are now covered in snow.

    Merry Christmas!!!

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    • Hey, Susan. You are really living in a “Winter Wonderland.” Hope your heat keeps working. We’re getting a touch of those low temps Sat. night and Sunday. 6 Degrees! Yikes! Charley may not get his full walk. Your lights sound wonderful. Have you posted FB pics? I think you were smart to not put out your village. It would’ve made everyone nervous. Thanks for stopping by. Always glad to hear from you. 🙂


    • Hey, Julie. I thought the pics turned out well. And yes, I had a great time. Glad you like the wreath. I was pleased with how it turned out. Thanks so much for stopping by. (How did you get symbols. Did you do this on your phone?

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  2. Glad you had fun at your book signing.
    We moved 13 months ago and still can’t find a lot of stuff. 🙂 Did decorate last year, so most of the Christmas stuff is available. The big job this year is figuring out what to do in the new place. Significantly smaller so some things will have to go. After dealing with allergies to Christmas trees all my life (some worse than others), we finally got an artificial one two years ago, which makes life so much nicer! (and easier) Though we both miss going to cut down our tree.
    Have a great Christmas!


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