Goodbye 2016!

Well, almost. I’m writing this the last week of the year, and it will go live with only two days left until 2016 is gone.

How do you spend the waning hours of the year?

I complete all my charity donations which I began in October. Sometimes I do them mostly on line. This year, seems like I had many more checks. Keeping up with all paper work almost defeats me. Even as a teacher passing out papers was not my strong suit. LOL

Then time to make sure I’ve turned in all my info to my PR folks for the January newsletter.

Decorations will come down on Jan 1 because we’re having a small gathering for New Year’s Eve.

Santa brought me a new desk. (love, love, love it!) At least I will when I’ve got everything organized the way it will work best. Here’s the old set up.img_4745

The printer was on a black file cabinet. A long door we’d used as a desk eons ago before we got a nice desk set up at the old house was recycled for the lakehouse. I just couldn’t make this set up work. I always needed more work space.. 

Thanks to my daughter and SIL, Laura West Strawser and Kevin Strawser, for putting it together. img_4770

I swapped out file cabinets moving one into the closet and giving the other to Bob.

I painted the old shelf unit and stacked it on a table in the corner.This is one coat.


I found boxes to serve as file drawers, but Laura didn’t like them.

For Christmas,she gave me a new file drawer and some containers for the top of the desk. So, Monday Bob and I went to Container Store (what a fun store that is!) and picked up another one. Now if I can remember what is in which drawer! And the top is still not set up right. img_4822

I must make time to go through my picture downloads and move some into folders so I don’t take quite so long when I’m searching for a particular picture for a blog or FB post. (I’ve been saying that I really have to do this. I hope to attack it this week. I know it will save me time in the long run.)

And then there are all the pounds I gained after just losing them. I got started again, Dec. 14 writing down everything that went into my mouth. That process really works for me. Well, with the rush of the holiday celebration, I stopped writing down every morsel. Amazing how those morsels can build up when you’re not writing them on paper. So, after losing 6 pounds over about 2 weeks, I totally blew it over Christmas and regained 5 of those pounds. But I know what I did wrong (besides eating whatever I wanted), I didn’t write down what I ate every day for every meal and snack. So I know I can do this again.img_4846

How are you doing? Did the holidays add pounds to your body? What will you do about it? Or can you love yourself just the way you are? What things do you plan to do to finish up this year?

Next week, we’ll talk about how you spent New Year’s Eve and what specific goals you have for 2017

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8 responses to “Goodbye 2016!

  1. Sounds like you are getting organized. Happy New Year, Marsha.

    Unfortunately, I’m ending the year by cancelling plans with friends. I cancelled out on Wednesday, we were supposed to have friends here tomorrow night. I’m cancelling. I don’t know how we will get through a concert on New Year’s Eve. We’ve been sick with colds for the past two weeks, unlike any cold I have ever had.

    I’m starting my diet January 1st. I’m sure I’ve gained weight. I haven’t looked. I’ll also start writing again. I took off most of December to prepare for Christmas and spend time with family and friends.

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    • Hey, Susan. I’m so sorry y’all have been sick. You know my recipe to knock a cold in the head is homemade chicken veggie soup, lots of orange juice and plenty of rest. If you don’t feel like making the soup, pick some up from your favorite grocery store or deli. Will work almost as well. We are having a few people over for New Year’s even, but our kids are all out of town as well as our best friends. It will be lovely, though. These are folks we’ve spent several new years with. I have to weigh every day. When I don’t, more pounds than I could’ve imagine appear. 🙂 I haven’t written since November some time. Can’t wait to get back to it. Monday, Jan 2 will be it for me. Happy New Year, dear friend and hope you’re better very soon.


  2. Love your new desk setup. And getting organized? Oh my. I know you’ll be even more inspired to write in such a comfy, efficient office. You can leave your tree up for New Year’s. Adds magical lighting to your home. I turn my tree on in the morning when I get up, and off when the sun starts shining in the windows. Our new tree has a remote control to turn the lights on and off. So easy to turn the lights on again about 5 pm. This is the first year I haven’t been chomping at the bit to get all the decorations down. Trying to hang on to a lovely Christmas.
    Wishing you a blessed, happy and healthy New Year 2017!!

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    • Hey, JQ, yes we’ll leave the tree and decorations up until Jan. 1. My fence lights will come come then, too, but the lights outside on the lake side are going to stay up. Love it. It’s my gift to those on the other side of the lake. I enjoy theirs so much. At night I keep the shades up and the fire reflects in the windows along with the tree. Quite something.The lights on the boathouse and the fence are on a timer and come on when dusk starts. So nice. Bob figured out how to do that. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and Ted, JQ. I appreciate our friendship.

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  3. I’ve got company arriving today so I’m finishing out the year cleaning house after the Christmas company and preparing for my son’s wedding in January. Love the new desk.

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    • Hey, Regina. Wow! You have a lot on your plate, but it all sounds fun–well not the cleaning, but the events themselves. I love weddings. Hope you will share some pics. The desk is working out. I love all the drawers. You can just scoop stuff into those if someone’s coming. LOL Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you. 🙂


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