New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make’em? Most years I do. I went through a time, when I just didn’t bother to. Life was hectic and came at break-neck speed, just keeping my head above water was the best I could hope for.

But back in 2005, I started doing them again. Well, I called them Goals rather than Resolutions.


Resolutions tend to be pie in the sky things while Goals tend to have more substance to them. They usually come with steps to accomplish them and a time line.

Frequently, I’ve broken them into categories:


Work Related



“Lose weight” is under the Personal heading and has always been there regardless of the number on the scale. You might find something like “Get Organized” under Work Related, and “Invite guests for supper every other month.” The last is closer to being a Goal than the first two. Under Spiritual, you might find, “Begin attending church Women’s Circle again.”

Let’s see how we can turn “lose weight” from a pie-in-the-sky” (a somewhat ironic cliché) resolution to an achievable goal.

How many pounds? By when? By what method?

So, this year, I’ve set 20 lbs by the end of May. The Method is one tried and true. Write down everything that goes in my mouth in my Healthy Eating Book. Weigh every day—even if I think I’ve messed up, and the scale will go up. (Because messing up is part of the deal and you have to figure how to deal with it.) Focus on “real foods” rather than all those empty calories we can find in chips for instance. I will plan to eat chips once a week and not every day, which I could easily do. (I began this on Dec. 14 and lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks then the holidays hit, and I stopped eating sensibly. Gained back 5 of those in less than a week.)

This is doable. I know because I’ve done it before. You may remember me writing about NutriSystem about 2 years ago. fullsizerender13 It was very successful, and I lost 28 lbs over about 6 months. But I didn’t think it was healthy to eat that food for the rest of my life. So I went back to “real” food and gained back 10 lbs. That wasn’t too bad. But then we moved and I had the broken ankle enforced inactivity for months. Well, thankfully, I never gained back all 28 lbs, but nearly.

We all try to get healthy beginning with the new year. If you’re doing this too, we can do it together. fullsizerender-1 (This was taken when my feet were still puffy from not walking for two months!) 

Work Related Goals. Several years ago, NTRWA, my North Texas chapter of Romance Writers of America, asked us all to set quarterly goals for our writing. That worked well for me and gave me a feeling of accomplishment to look at them every quarter to see how I was doing and to make adjustments.

So number one for me this year was to get my desk set up where I could really work and keep up with everything without having the work space in a constant state of clutter. I could get by with that in our old house where we had a study with a door I could close. My office is now in our main living area. I also find I can be more creative when I’ve got an uncluttered space in which to work. The turquoise table is now in the store room and both file cabinets match the one on the left under the table. img_4822

So the writing goal is to release ACT OF BETRAYAL Book 3 of the Second Chances Series by December of this year. That sounds a long way off, but that means I need to have the rough draft completed by May or earlier so I can do edits and rewriting before sending it to my editor. And then there’s the cover, getting a new Bitty Booklet put together. And let’s not forget the formatting. All of that takes time. And none can happen until I’ve done my part. I’m at only 13,400 words right now! 😦

So, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (yes,that’s my blog day) have to go back to being writing days. (I’ve considered cutting back on blogging, but I really enjoy it. We’ll see.) Wednesday can handle all the various appointments that come around Monthly. Pilates is just on Fridays and I’m uncertain about how much more therapy I’ll be doing, which has been Monday and Wednesdays.

You see you can’t just say “I’m going to write more.” You have to have a plan for how to accomplish that. Just like with losing weight or anything.

We’ll check back on these goals as the year goes on. How about you? Are you a resolution/goals person? What kind do you set? How successful have you been? What helps you stick with your plan?

Love to hear from you. Happy New Year!

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10 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Happy New Year Marsha,
    Wishing you the best of luck with your goals. They sound solid and well thought out.
    I have to be careful with mine. When I make big ones I doom myself to failure, mostly through self-sabotage. I’m really good at that.
    What works best for me is short term goals, like getting my pirate novella up for pre-order in the next two weeks, while remembering to brush my teeth every day hug my husband and not eat sugar.
    I’m guessing I’ll be successful at the first three and the last one will be a struggle. lol
    Thanks for your thought provoking post.
    all the best

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    • Hey, Jo-Ann. I get the self-sabotage. And I like the short term goals. I just list those out leading to the bigger things. And I do list them so I can check them off. That’s the best feeling! The sugar goal is the pits! LOL What’s that about addiction? Wishing you a happy and successful new year. Thanks for your friendship. 🙂

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  2. I love your idea of having categories of goals. Best wishes with those.

    I’m a task writer. I used to always write down what I wanted to accomplish that day, every day. I still do that for holidays or when friends are coming over, what needs to be done and then I cross the task out when accomplished.

    Perhaps I should do that for my writing, although I have increased my writing days to three a week in the winter. Believe me I don’t want to leave the house to do anything else. The windchill was -25 yesterday and temp -8.

    I started a diet January 1st. I lost two pounds the 1st day, two the 2nd, then the 3rd I gained two pounds and the 4th day I still haven’t lost those two pounds, I’m sure because I ate a small measured-out portion of pasta. It’s a WW diet and I didn’t even eat as much as I was allowed. Go figure!!!!

    As always, I enjoyed your post. Have a great week, Marsha.

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    • Hey, Susan. I’m a real list maker. If it doesn’t get on some kind of list–even if only on Notes on my phone, it doesn’t get done. I also need a deadline. Work doesn’t get done without one of those. I can just lallygag the time away. Don’t stress over the two lbs. Celebrate the ones you lost. Know that there will be days regardless of what you eat, the weight will not drop. It’s like your body is saying: “Give me time to process this!”
      Good luck with this. You can do it. We’ll keep each other on track. Thanks so much for stopping by. Always enjoy your comments. Happy new year and many words to you. 🙂


    • Hey, Matthew. Yes, once I learned to do that, I find I make more progress. Thanks for stopping by and keep on posting those amazing pics on FB. Love’em. Happy New Year to you, too.


    • Hey, Regina. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier, but I sure wish during those times when I weighed a whole bunch less, I’d appreciated it more. Ah, well. Happy New Year to you, and may we both be successful at the weight loss and writing words. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  3. You have the right idea–to be specific on how you’re going to achieve the goal. Steps from A-Z. And your mindset and attitude are so important. You definitely have both of those to accomplish your goals. I’m trying to cut down on sugar. After the holidays, my body got used to all the candy, cookies, etc and now it’s hard to cut back. I crave that chocolate in the afternoons and that cake when watching TV in the evenings. Trying to sub with fruit, but my body says–huh-uh. SUGAR!!! I’m going to figure out the big goals then write a weekly to-do list for my writing and marketing projects to work toward competing them. Our writers group did that and our “leader” held us accountable to report back on what we accomplished. I found it helpful to at least be aware of what to tackle for the week, not that I actually crossed everything off the list.
    Best wishes on working through to achieve your goals this year!

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    • Hey, JQ. I think the accountability thing is important. I have my book, where I make myself write the scales down every day, and then I have my blog family. Once it’s out there, well, you look stupid if you don’t do some follow through. LOL I so get you about the sugar. For me, right now it’s the chips & queso. The left overs from celebrations really do me in. Every day is a new day and a chance to begin again. I need to write down some more specific steps for my writing. Thanks for commenting on that. To say get the book written just won’t get the book written. But yesterday I got 3000 words and that is very encouraging. I always forget between books how very hard that initial time of getting the story down is. Physically and emotionally exhausting. I seem to be becoming a bit more of a pantser than I was originally. That’s both good and bad. My need for control freaks at that, but my creative side says, Yay! Let’s hang together on these goals, JQ. We’ll get there. Thanks so much for your support and for stopping by. 🙂


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