I may have done something stupid!

Have you ever done that? Your mouth opened and words tumbled out before you’d given it a great deal of thought? Well, I did on Tuesday while attending my church women’s circle meeting. The moderator was talking about the church service on Mother’s Day which focuses on The Gifts of Women. She mentioned several women ministers they’d checked with to preach. They all wanted to but already had other obligations.


Church in Camden, Maine

I opened my mouth and said, “Well, I can do that.” How this happened is I was about to volunteer to read scripture, easy-peasy for me. I’ve participated as an elder in the lectern many times. Then the request morphed into someone to preach the sermon. And there I was with my mouth half-way open and volunteering words jumping out.

Truth Be Told, assuming they don’t find a “real” preacher, and I lead the service that day, it won’t be my first time. Only last time, over twenty years ago, I was on staff as the temporary something or other. I really don’t remember my title. The Director of Christian Education and I led the service while our minister was out of town.  At the time, I believed everyone had at least one sermon in them. Now I get to find out if everyone has two sermons in them. LOL For the sake of the congregation, I hope and pray that’s true.  Now where did I file that first sermon?


Church in small New Hampshire town. 

So, have you ever done something like this? Made a “speech” about something important or something you felt passionately about? If you were going to, what would be the topic?

Shorter post than usual. Need to spend time with ACT OF BETRAYAL. You know I finished it last week—well, the story is finished. I’m reading back through to see if I can fill in all the XXXXs I put in a manuscript when I don’t know something and don’t want to take time to look it up. Interrupts the creative flow, you know. Hopefully, I’m also adding details that I skipped over in the first rush of words to the screen. I’m right at 58 thousand words. Would like this to end up over 70 thousand. Obviously, I have my work cut out for me.

Love to hear from you.

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14 responses to “I may have done something stupid!

    • Hey, Susan. Yes, you know, I do like speaking into a mike. LOL Good for you for having a writing day. I’m torn between having a writing day where I really stay in the chair the whole time (except for potty breaks) and getting my steps in. ACT OF BETRAYAL is coming a long, but suddenly, I have lots of other things vying for my attention. Going to make a list as soon as I get off here. 🙂


  1. Oh definitely–and something “stupid” often morphs into something inspired. Listen for and follow the Spirit’s leading, and your words will bless others. If it’s not your place on this day, at the very least you demonstrate a willing heart. It’s all good.

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    • Hey, Renee. Yes, plan to spend some time in prayer about the direction this needs to go. Not to worried about the delivery, but I do pray I say something that helps others or at least one other person. My younger daughter and her husband will be out of town and that’s a sadness for me, but it is what it is. Opportunities to stretch are good for us. I could’ve sat there and kept my mouth shut, but when it’s something you can do, and other than the time involved, there’s no good reason to say no. “Here am I Lord, send me.” We will pray that he does. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Uh, this does not qualify as something stupid! What you’ve offered to do is a beautiful thing! Especially as it would seem you’re very equipped for the job. Congratulations for having the guts to volunteer. 😀

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    • Hey, Kathryn. I really believe that to those whom God has given, much is expected. And I can speak to large groups. It’s the time commitment that makes me question it, but it will be a great growth opportunity. Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment. :).

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  3. I know you will be an inspiration to the congregation on Mother’s Day. So proud of you for taking on the responsibility. Yes, I’ve done a few “sermons” at our church. I was a lay speaker many years ago. I am proud to say my daughter Sara will receive her certification after many hours of classes online and in a classroom as a “lay servant” (new terminology I guess) in April in the UMC and will be able to speak not only in her home church but in any UMC. Wishing you all the best and I’ll keep you in prayers on Mother’s Day for sure!!!


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