Radio Show!

New Link to Recording:


Have you ever been on the radio? I haven’t, but that’s about to change tonight, Thursday, March 23 at 7 pm CDLST.  I’ll be interviewed live by Denise of Texas Authors, Inc. on their DEAR Texas Radio program on Talk Blog Radio.


Hope you’ll be able to call in. Here’s the link.

 I’ve done some TV. One of my classes at TCU while getting my Master of Arts in Teaching was Radio/TV/Film. We recorded a few programs. That was several lifetimes ago.  During my school board days (only a lifetime or two ago) those meetings were videoed. (I was always surprised by how many people watched. People would walk up to me while I was shopping, recognizing me, and comment about the meeting. Even when I didn’t know them.)

Back then I had TV reporters put their mikes in front of my face for a sound bite. Was never very good at that. When you know a lot about a topic, it’s hard to boil it down. Kind of like writing a tag line for a book. LOL

But I’ve never been on radio.

Any suggestions you can give would really be appreciated.

Callers-in will be eligible to win one of my books, and your name will go in a monthly drawing for a $100 amazon gift card.


Please pass this info to your friends. The interview will be recorded and made available later on.

 I hope you’ll share your experiences with media either TV or radio. Love to hear from you.

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16 responses to “Radio Show!

  1. Hey, Marsha – Break a leg! I did some radio back in the political days. You’ll be great. I won’t be able to listen because I’ll be on a plane but I’ll catch the recording.

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  2. Hi Marsha,
    I know you will ace it. I love the comparison you made between a sound bite and a tag line. I’d be like, “Umm, let me go write it down.” And would reappear hours later. But you’re good, no great, on your feet.
    Wishing you all the best,
    I’ll be out a local production of Pride and Prejudice, but I want to hear about it.

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    • Hey, Jo-Ann, thanks for the kind words. Oooh, a local production of Pride and Prejudice. What fun! It seems lots of folks have other things tonight. So I’m glad it I’ll have a link for the recorded piece later on. At least I hope I’ll be glad. I’ve got printed out all the tag lines for my books. You’d think I could remember them, but no that’s not the case. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing. Have fun at the play. 🙂

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  3. That’s exciting, Marsha! I wish I could listen to it live. I hope I can access it later via your link. If you come across as natural and engaging as you do here on your blog, you’ll be brilliant! Good luck!

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    • Hey, Helena. Aren’t you sweet. Guess we’ll see. LOL I’ll for sure save the link for the interview for folks to listen to later. Thanks for your support and for stopping by.


    • Hey, Nancy. It would be great if you can listen. I always wonder if radio folks wonder if there is anyone out there. LOL Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I think more people will catch the show on the recording. 🙂


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