Trash Rant

This is not about “trash” talking, though that’s not helpful IMHO 😊 This is about all the trash along our streets and byways. May years ago someone in Texas state government decided we needed to do something about all that trash. A campaign was developed called “Don’t Mess With Texas” with all kinds of celebrities singing about the subject backed up with great pics of Texas scenery. (While I hate our hot weather, and have major issues with many in our State government, you can find some amazing scenery in Texas.)

 getstuff-decal From their Website. 

I know you’re wondering, “Where is she going with this topic?”

Let me tell you.

You know we have Charley, our sweet and deaf rescue who adopted us about 3 years ago. We walk him in the morning and at night. Bob and I go together in the mornings. I usually do the early evening on my own. We do weekends together.


My husband is a really good guy. Most Saturdays when we walk Charley, he takes along a sack and picks up the garbage left along our mile and ¾ walk (when we do the longer of the long walks.) That’s when we go east. The short walk is when we go west.

Getting to my point. And there is one. If he’s picked up on Saturday morning, by Saturday evening we might still be okay, but by Sunday evening, the trash has returned.

What do I men by trash? Beer cans. Broken beer bottles (a real hazard to Charley’s paws and very hard to pick up). Fast Food Sacks. Styrofoam Cups. Soft drink cans.


Here’s what I’m wondering? Why do folks throw that stuff out of their cars & trucks? Did their mothers not teach them to properly get rid of their junk? Are they just too lazy to find a trash can? Can they not remember to clean out their vehicle if they leave it in there?

I just don’t get it. Long before the “Don’t Mess With Texas” campaign, my mother wouldn’t let me toss stuff from our car windows. What in the world is going on with our country, that folks think others should pick up their trash? That they have a right to dump their junk where Bob, Charley and I walk?


I told you this was a “rant!” in the title. Bob will continue to pick up our roadway. He’s not the complainer here; I am. But really!!

So, do you have a similar problem? What do you think is going on in people’s minds for them to dump their trash? Am I just being an old curmudgeon? Love to hear from you.

Brief Updates

Cataract: My goodness can I see better! I have no memory of white lights or needing to be still. The joy juice was awesome. Don’t fear this surgery, y’all. 😊

Sermon: Scheduled for May 14, I have a first very rough draft of The Gifts of Women.

TRUTH BE TOLD: Have begun reading through so I can get it back up online. Links for VERMONT ESCAPE are on my website.  ACT OF BETRAYAL has taken a back seat to all this other stuff. I’ll get back to it after the sermon.

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12 responses to “Trash Rant

  1. Great news about your eyes, Marsha! I’m happy all worked out well.

    People litter because they are losers! There is no other explanation.

    When my kids were in school, they belonged to the ecology club and worked on highways, roads picking up litter. Bill picks up litter when walking. He is extremely anti-liter.

    Have a great weekend! My son and his wife flew in from Seattle yesterday evening where they vacationed. Good to see them for a few days.

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    • Hey, Susan. You may be right. Glad to know Bill is out there picking up, too. Everybody doing a little means a lot less garbage lying around. Excited you get to see you son & his wife. Know that will make a great weekend for you. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Glad your eye surgery is a success! People who intentionally throw their trash down are jerks. The fines for this sort of behavior should be high and the punishment should include being assigned to a week of roadside cleanup.

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    • Hey, Regina. I’m so lucky to be able to see so much better! I like your idea about upping the fines and punishment. Maybe if they had to get out and pick it up they’d stop tossing in the first place. One of the signs on the “Dont’ Mess With Texas” website said, Report Litterers. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. I can’t believe how piggish people are sometimes. I think they are lazy and just don’t care. Thanks to you and your husband for doing your part to clean things up.

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    • Hey, Gina. I confess my car is a wreck, but I don’t toss the stuff outside. Periodically, I get a sack and go through the car separating trash from recycle stuff. Might be better if I carried it out every time I got out of the car, but I’m usually carrying things already. This works and it keeps the grounds clean. I’ll pass on your kind words. He enjoys it. You know you get a sense of accomplishment from this kind of activity. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  4. Hi, Marsha! I’ve given people I’ve seen *the look* and I thought they would come after me. I don’t understand why the attitude that trash is someone else’s problem. It isn’t kind nor is it good for our world.

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    • Hey, Vicki. Yes, the Look! But now-a-days, someone could haul off and punch you for a look, much less saying something. And while, it makes sense to report them, you’d have to take a picture to document. Unless you’re holding your phone ready to snap at all times, hard to catch’em in the act. Your last statement is right on! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  5. Michigan has a dime deposit on cans so I don’t see pop and beer cans around. We have a 7-11 Quickstop a block from us and we find the bags and wrappers in our yard. Grrrr. Glad your vision is improved. I know it helped my night driving. Headlights are not so painful to see now.

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    • Hey, JQ. What a great idea. Our legislators are too penny pinching for that, I’m afraid. And you shouldn’t have to be paid for something you ought to do just because. Right at first I had a major rainbow halo at night, but it’s gone and I see way better than before. Thanks for stopping by.


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