I Preached!

On Mother’s Day, I preached at both services at Ridglea Presbyterian Church. I told you about how this opportunity came about in this post . https://authormarsharwest.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/i-may-have-done-something-stupid/

How in the world do ministers come up with a sermon every Sunday? Of course, maybe having that kind of deadline, makes you work faster. I made tweaks even Saturday afternoon the day before. Bob said I thought you finished that a week ago. I had, but I kept tinkering.  It was not a traditional “Mother’s Day” sermon. Our church highlights the gifts of all women on this day.

At one point, the sermon when read/delivered was 22 ½  minutes long. I was afraid if I went off in an adlib, (which you know I could do 😊) that would really be bad, so I cut it. And then I cut it again. And then I cut it again. As my husband said, no one ever complained because a sermon was too short. Probably ended up being 15 minutes. I confess to a certain pride at being able to write a twenty-minute sermon, like a “real” preacher does. LOL


The first service was in our chapel and we had our regular attendance of about 35 people. This is the service I usually attend. Smaller space, closer to the attendees, easier to see their reactions. And they gave great feedback. It was so fun. The second service was in our main sanctuary. Much harder to get that visual feedback. One man down front had one hand up to his ear, but no one else gave any indication they had trouble hearing me. We do have a good mike system.

The pulpit in the sanctuary isn’t as comfortable as the one in the chapel. Even standing on a box, I couldn’t see the people on the front row. And then the box had only a tiny space behind before you hit the first step. Made a misstep easy. I was very cautious. LOL Been there done that, don’tcha know.

Feedback after both services was gratifying. That I had spoken words that had touched them where they live. Even the president of the PWR (Presbyterian Women of Ridlgea and the group that put on this service) said she thought the second one was better than the first. (And I didn’t.) I’ll be able to live on those good words for quite a while. 😊


We had 4 women participating in the Gifts of Women service at 8:30 and 8 in the 11:00 service. PWR awarded two life-time memberships to two worthy women of our church. Listening to all their accomplishments, went a long way to keeping me from getting a big head about the sermon.  I mean this was my second one in 26 years. Hardly worth mentioning.

Several people suggested I had at least one more sermon in me. But gosh, if so, it needs to be sooner than the time between the first two, because I will really be up in years, if we wait 26 more years. LOL

What about you? Have you ever preached a sermon? Given a longish speech? How are you about making presentations to groups? We all have different gifts. This may not be yours. What do you consider to be your special gifts? Come on now. None of this “false humility.” Let your light shine. Love to hear from you.

Truth Be Told 200x300  Vermont Escape 300dpi (1)

Book Updates: My first two books, VERMONT ESCAPE & TRUTH BE TOLD are both back up on Amazon. VE is on all the venues. Haven’t gotten TBT anywhere by Amazon. Will soon. Now the sermon is behind me, I’ll refocus on finishing ACT OF BETRAYAL.

McKinney Square Book Festival, June 3, 2017. More about this next week. For now, mark your calendar.

McKinney Bookfest

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4 responses to “I Preached!

  1. Good for you! And TWO sermons. I would have been wrung out after the first. Your hubby is right. Nobody complains about a short message!! Yes, I was a lay speaker at our church and “preached” several times. The one thing that worried me was “who am I to be telling people about the Good News?” I certainly am no saint. But, if my words can make a difference for someone, then I think I must have listened to God’s calling to be there at the right time and place for someone. I bet you were too. I enjoy speaking, teaching, but the most difficult part is choosing the topic and paring it down to the main idea. I want to stay focused and make it interesting and informative to my listeners. I hope to do some library visits this year and next. I’m sure you’ll be called back to “preach” again sooner!!!

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    • Hey, JQ. Apologies for lateness of response. We were on a short vacation and I didn’t have good internet. Based on listening to your oral blogs, I bet you did a great job speaking at your church. Maybe more people than I suspected have had this experience. Trimming was definitely a problem, but then I tend to be wordy. LOL Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. 🙂


  2. Good for you for standing up to speak, Marsha. It’s funny but I would be far more nervous speaking in front of a small crowd (especially if they all know me) than in front of a big crowd of strangers. The big crowd seems more impersonal. It was good of people to give you feedback, and I bet you gave a great sermon. I’m sure they’ll ask you again way before 26 years is up!

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    • Hey, Helena. I hope you read my response to JQ. Was out of town for several days. I get what you’re saying about the smaller crowd, but their smiles and interested expressions and chuckles were wonderful. In the second larger service, I got one chuckle and people were so far away, it was difficult to read their expressions. I decided not to ask them to move forward, but you know I really wanted to do that. LOL That would’ve assured me of not being asked back again. Thanks for stopping and sharing. Loved your newsletter BTW. 🙂


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