Book Signings/Festivals

I’ve written about these before and I’m sure I will again. They play an important part in an author’s life.  But this will be a shorter blog post than usual. (I see you sitting there thinking, “Sure.”) LOL Truly it will be.

That’s because I want to highlight the book signing I (and a bunch of other Texas Authors) will be attending in McKinney on Saturday, June 3. (And we won’t take time to go into the “How can it possibly be June?” issue.)

I’m a member of Texas Authors, Inc. and they are sponsoring a giant Book Festival in Mc Kinney Square. There will be all kinds of authors and books there. I generally do best when it’s just other romance authors, but this one promises to be really something.

Advertising Flyer 051517

They will video me giving a 1- minute pitch about me and my books. You know how I love to have a microphone to speak into. 😊 But that means doing a bit of rehearsal, because I’m not a “sound-bite” kind of gal.



Authors in my NTRWA chapter attending are: Rebecca Adler, Jerrie Alexander, Linda Bolton, Linda LaRoque, Kimberly Packard, Kym Roberts, Susan Sheehy, CA Szarek, and  of course, me.

The primary reason this is a shorter post than usual, is that I just MUST get ACT OF BETRAYAL finished so I can send it off to my editor. Despite the additions I’m making as I go back through one “last time,” I’m coming to terms with the fact this will be a shorter book than I usually write. 70-90 K is where my books fall. Not sure this one is going to hit the 70-K mark.

If I want to bring it out this fall, and I do, then it really has to go off to the editor pretty soon. Besides publishing book 3 in the Second Chances Series, I’m teaching a 4-week class at TCU in the Silver Frogs Continuing Education program on Indie Publishing. Very excited about this, but again, it takes time to prepare. Juggling several big projects at the same time is not my strong suit. Well, I can, but let’s say, I’m happier when I don’t have to do that.


Okay, so shorter than usual like I promised, but I’d still love to hear from you. If you’re a writer, do you go to book signings and what do you like best about them? If you’re a reader, if you go to book signings at all, do you look for new authors, or are you just after your favorites? Does the length of a book matter to you?  And for all y’all in the DFW Metroplex, please stop by Saturday. I’d love to see you.

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8 responses to “Book Signings/Festivals

  1. Hi Marsha, the book signing looks a great event. I love the idea of the country singer! I’ll be at a similar event in a city near me in August. I’m interested to see how it will go. Whatever happens, it will be fun just meeting up with the other authors.
    I don’t mind how long a book is, just as long as I don’t feel the end was rushed, or that lots of words could be cut. The story is what it is. Good luck with it and getting it to your editor!

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    • Hey, Helena. Excited about your book signing event in August. I really enjoy them. They are a lot of work just loading every thing in before hand. I’ll drive over early Friday afternoon to miss the traffic and try to keep the early morning load in from getting so stressful. 🙂
      Thanks for feedback on book length. Looks like its going to be between 60 and 65 K. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Marsha, have a wonderful time at the book festival and tell us all about it.

    guess it doesn’t matter what the length of a book is as long as it’s exciting. Of course I probably wouldn’t want to read a 100,000 word book.

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    • Hey, Susan. I think you can count on an update after the event takes place. It gives me a chance to process what’s happened. 🙂
      My very first book when I stopped was 145 K! I put everything in it and way, way too many adjectives. LOL But it was a good story. I cut it down to right at 100 K, but that first book isn’t going anywhere. Too bad, a really good story.:) No chance of getting even to 90K which my second book was on ACT OF BETRAYAL. Well, it is what it is. I’m not going to pad it.
      I never noticed the missing “I” until you pointed it out. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Susan.


  3. The Book Signing sounds like a huge, fun event after getting everything unloaded and set up. But only a minute to talk? Wow! You can’t get much more than “Hello ya’all, I’m Marsha West, romantic suspense author. My booth is over there. Come by for a visit. Thanks for coming”.–LOL–Are you hanging around to listen to the country singer? Enjoy. Looking forward to a report on the event! Best wishes!!!

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    • Hey, JQ. LOL YOu’re right. I keep cutting, and cutting. And you can’t say it fast, or you lose all the good inflection. I’ll be working on it tonight and probably right up to they film it. I won’t say about the booth because, they will replay it on their web site, which is really cool. Loved your camp fire post. Thanks for stopping by.


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