The Dog Days of Summer

I may have used this title before, but it’s so fitting for this almost middle of July. In Fort Worth, Texas, we are having something of a typical summer–weather-wise. Highs are in the mid to upper 90s. Lows drop into the upper 70s and low 80s. The odd thing is the amount of rain we’ve had. Oh, nothing like the first year we bought the Lakehouse and the floods came,

IMG_3636still enough so we don’t have to water the yard much. Plants, yeah! They scream out their need if they don’t get water every couple of days. You can tell, when I’ve left it too long. The leaves wilt and turn brown.

Oh, you didn’t know I was such a great gardener? LOL

Work continues on remodeling the Lakehouse. Last year it was inside, and now it’s outside: the garage, the concrete, extra retaining wall, gutters, (they are working on them Tuesday as I write this—fairly loud), and paint which I dearly love, love, love. IMG_5664

I will do several posts after the work is finished so you can see the transformation.


I’ve begun writing the 4th book in the Second Chances Series. Actually, writing. A bit odd for me. I’ve done nowhere near enough back work. I don’t have names for the hero or know exactly what he does. But boy do I have a great bad guy!

A small problem erupted yesterday. It’s a series, as you know. I’ve got some hints in Book 3 (already at my editor—thank you Joy Clintsman with Big Sister Edits) of what’s to come in Book 4. I may have screwed up the timing. AAckh!

So what did I do about that? I played on FB Tuesday morning and worked on the Thursday blog post. I do tend to work in the quadrant of urgent rather than whatever else the other 3 of Covey’s 4 areas are.  Besides, I can finish the blog post. I have a short deadline. I like to finish tasks and cross them off my todo list. There is no deadline on Book 4. Well, sometime in 2018, but that’s still a ways off. You see, not urgent. Fixing the time problem is going to take really hard brainwork and perhaps resulting in changes to Book 3. Agghh!


And next week is the big celebration of the first release of VERMONT ESCAPE. Both VERMONT ESCAPE & TRUTH BE TOLD will be on sale for 99 cents. Never done that before, but this seems like a milestone worth celebrating. TRUTH BE TOLD kind of got short shrift in the PR field when it came out. I was caught up in the next book or life or something, and it just never got the push it deserved.

marsha july sale (1) From my Y & R PR company.

In fact, next Thursday’s blog will come out on Tuesday to highlight the sale, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I hope you’ll share the info with all your friends and acquaintances. 😊

So, how is your summer going? Have you been on holiday (as my British friends say)? We go in August. How is your summer different from the rest of the year? (Mine used to be a whole bunch different. Now is just a slower pace.) Love to hear from you.

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6 responses to “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. I loved Vermont Escape and I think it was my favorite book of yours.

    As you know, I turned in my fifth mystery this week. I’m taking the rest of the summer off, although I’ve already started to take notes and have done a little research for my next book…lol. But this week has been great already. I had some friends over, went out for my usual coffee, getting ready to mark up a chair to paint a sun motif on. We have babysitting. I plan to have a nice, relaxing, do-whatever-I-want summer. Visiting family. Taking photographs. This weekend is the town festival where I live. Going to listen to music, to the fireworks. This is my summer!!!

    Marsha, I hope you enjoy your summer. Best wishes on your writing. You are one motivated person. (The high here is supposed to be 68 today, but then will get increasingly warmer.)

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    • Hey, Susan. Thanks for your kind words. I love how you seem so able to do real life. Of course all that “real life” finds it’s way into your works. And then you must write really fast when you’re in writing mode. Sounds like the perfect weekend with perfect weather. We will drive to Red River in August to find highs in the mid-70s, nights in the 40s. Will be delightful. Can’t wait to read your next book. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hi Marsha, what a beautiful place you live in! I love the look of your new garage.
    It’s exciting starting out on a new book. I like to mull over the problems involved in timings, etc. I hope you have a brainwave and all gets resolved.
    That’s a great idea to celebrate the anniversary of your books with a promo. I’ll try and share as much as I can – although I can’t do as much as I’d like, as I’ll be “on holiday” 🙂 Best of luck with your writing dilemma. Looking forward to your new release!

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