Book Sale Marsha R. West on Tuesday Author Chats

This is a bit strange, I know. Here I am on my Tuesday Author Chats where I normally host guest authors. However, I’m excited and want to ask you to help me celebrate the 4th Birthday of the publication of my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE. Those of you who regularly follow me may remember the story of my first sale.

In December 2012, after years of searching for agents & publishers, I sent queries to ten e-publishers as a last-ditch effort to find a home for my book. From those queries, in early February, I received two offers to publish VE, and thus began in earnest my journey to being a published author. Opening and reading the e-mail with the offer was the coolest thing. I jumped up and down and then called my good friend & writing buddy, Jerrie Alexander to tell her, and then I called Bob.  I checked with other authors about MuseItUp Publishing before signing with them.

From that experience, I made very good friends. While I’m no longer with MIU, I’ll always appreciate that Lea Schizas believed in me and my writing. I met my wonderful Cover Artist through them. Thanks, Charlotte (Charlie) Volnek for all my wonderful covers.

Vermont Escape 300dpi (1)

This book probably wouldn’t have made it to publication without the guidance of talented writing teacher Margie Lawson. Thanks, Margie.

In retrospect, VERMONT ESCAPE came out very fast. It was released on July 19, 2013. That date happens to be the birthday of one of my sons-in-law. So Happy Birthday to Kevin Strawser on Wednesday. My family will spend the evening at the Championship swim meet for our granddaughter Sarah, (Kevin & Laura’s daughter) who turns 6 in September. Pretty sure it will be blistering hot. ☹ But that’s what you do for family. 😊

Here’s the timeline for publication of my books:


2014 TRUTH BE TOLD (Both by MuseItUp Publishing to begin with, later in print under the MRW Press LLC handle. Later still as an e-book under the MRW Press LLC bran.)Truth Be Told 200x300

The following are all originally under the MRW Press LLC brand in print & e-format.

2015 SECOND ACT, Book 1 Second Chances Series


2016 ACT OF TRUST Book 2 Second Chances Series

2017 ACT OF SURVIVAL Book 3 Second Chances Series (September/October ish)

All the e-books are on Amazon, B & N, and KOBO and in print from Amazon.

To celebrate, I’m offering both



FOR 99 CENTS on Amazon for three days Tuesday, July 18, Wednesday, July 19, and Thursday, July 20.

Please share the info with your friends and on all your social media platforms. This will be a great opportunity for them to check out a new to them author with minimum investment.

Here are graphics you may use to help spread the word. Please add the links, if you post. Makes it so easy to buy. marsha july sale (1)


Thank you so very much. Your support means everything to me. 😊

Please sign up for my Newsletter , contact me at , and follow me on my social media sites. for my Blog!/marsha.r.west  @marsha.r.west  @Marsharwest

Do you buy books from sales only or more from recommendations? Love to hear from you.

13 responses to “Book Sale Marsha R. West on Tuesday Author Chats

    • Hey, Susan, Thank you. I’m so glad you loved VE. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite because it was written better than the others or because it was my first o be recognized by others as worthy of being published. 🙂 Appreciate you good wishes and support. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey, Jerrie. Well what success I have is in part because of your careful reading of those earliest endeavors. I do appreciate your patience. How many times did you and Jeannie ask me, “Where’s the emotion?” LOL Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. Love ya.


    • Hey, Sharon. I have enjoyed the ride, maybe more so because of the bumps along the way. I’m very privileged to be a writer with 5 published books out there and a 6th coming in September. I appreciate you taking time to stop by and for sharing. 🙂


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