Last Day For Sale

I wasn’t going to post anything today since I did on Tuesday, but changed my mind.

It will be short. No really, this will be short. I know I’m never short. But today, I’ll be short.

Just asking you to please tell all your peeps about my sale. Here’s a little thing you can pass on.

99 Cent Book Sale 3 days, June 18, 19, 20



Feel free to use the graphic & use the above info.


Tweet and FB the info. Appreciate your support.

See I told you I’d be short.

Part of that is because I’m working hard on Book 4 the Second Chances Series. Almost 10 K words. Whoohoo! And Wednesday, I got to spend the whole day with my youngest grandchild and then she had the championship swim meet in the early evening. It was blistering hot!!! You know how I enjoy the temps getting much above 85. 😦

Have a good weekend. Always love to hear from you. 🙂 Please sign up for my Newsletter , contact me at , and follow me on my social media sites. for my Blog!/marsha.r.west  @marsha.r.west  @Marsharwest

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