Last Thursday I had a short blog post. I know how surprised you were, but I can on occasion be brief. Well, in reality, not often, but–maybe you should sit down before reading further.

I’m going to be brief again this week. Partly because I posted Tuesday about my friend Helena Fairfax’s latest book, FELICITY AT THE CROSS HOTEL. And tomorrow I’ll be on JQ Rose’s blog Summer Readers Choice. She always does special emphasis on her blog during the summer, and I’m excited to be a part of this. I hope you’ll stop by.

Double Summer Readers Circle stencil letters sm book

When I wrote the post for her blog I realized I needed to show the book cover for my latest book, ACT OF BETRAYAL, Book 3 The Second Chances Series releasing in September.

But I hadn’t done a Cover Reveal yet. I didn’t want the cover reveal to be on someone else’s blog, as much as I love JQ’s blog and hope you’ll make a point of stopping by. I wanted to do the cover reveal on mine.

And here it is:

Act of Betrayal

I think Charlie Volnek did a super job capturing the Dallas skyline where this book takes place and the lipstick with blood on it is perfect. The heroine runs her own cosmetics firm. The blood drops are reminiscent of my other covers in this series. And my heroine wears black and white almost habitually. Don’t you love the red hair?

And so that’s all I’m going to say. You can read the blurb on JQ’s blog tomorrow. Just type in JQ Rose and you’ll get there. I hope you’ll stop by. And if you didn’t read Tuesday’s post about Helena Fairfax’s book, FELICITY AT THE CROSS HOTEL, please check that out now.

How many blogs do you read a week? I used to read more than I do now. At one point, I read at least 5 blogs a week. I know people who write a blog daily or three times a week. I’m more comfortable with posting once a week. This week I’ve asked a lot of y’all to follow me on three different days. But you guys are awesome and I hope you keep up. Next week we’ll be back to our regular schedule. Love to hear from you.


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6 responses to “Cover Reveal ACT OF BETRAYAL

  1. Yes, I’m hosting you this week and excited to know I’m the second cover reveal blog. And what an eye-catching cover it is! And the blurb certainly stirs up y curiosity about the story. Thanks so much for participating in the Summer Readers Circle on the J Q Rose blog. Here’s the link so your readers can come and visit and enter the drawing to win one of your books.


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