I hinted last week what the topic for today might be: The color Turquoise.

Any of you who’ve followed me for anytime, know this is my favorite color in all it’s manifestations: aqua, blue-green, teal, turquoise, light turquoise, and green-blue.

And I’ve been so grateful as we decorated our new (maybe I can’t say “new” anymore since we’ve been her for over a year. 😊 ) lakehouse for all the options.

I found rugs & I found chairs.


I found a clock.


I found a paddle. (Actually, one of my daughters bought this for me.)


And for fun a small turquoise tree. 🙂


So understand me when I say I love turquoise. I mean I even use it on my toes. (I never would’ve, but my grands gave me the color one Mother’s Day. Since trying it, I use it all the time.)

I’ve loved this color since I was in elementary school. The blue/green crayon was my favorite.  And my blog has a turquoise theme. I’m clearly living in my time. 😊

Look at all these things I found in one of my walks around Walmart. (You know, I frequently walk there to get in my 10,000 steps.)

IMG_5729  IMG_5730

IMG_5733  IMG_5732 (I confess to really liking these knives.)

IMG_5743    IMG_5741

 IMG_5737 A kid fishing pole!

I remember a time when you rarely saw this color, and I’d hate to go back to that time. But what do you think? Have we gone too far?  Love to hear from you. 😊

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8 responses to “Turquoise

    • Hey, Vicki. I used to be all black and beige and white. I needed more self-confidence to claim my color. I love the peach color shirt in your pictures. So you’re not all black and white. That is however a power combination. The heroine in my next book dresses in black and white. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. 🙂


    • Hey Helena. I am passionate about the color. I can remember a time of wearing beige and black and not being very happy. Now I have lots of options to wear in the turquoise family, and I’m happier. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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