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Before my post begins, I’d like to take a minute to ask you to contribute to  the Red Cross to help Texans impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Here’s the link:

You can find pictures and a post about Harvey and South Texas on my Sisterhood of Suspense blog post from Wednesday. Here’s the link:

Hopefully, the storm will show mercy on Louisiana.

You remember I got accepted to teach a class on Indie Publishing for the TCU Silver Frogs Life-Long Learners fall courses. Well, my course is in October so last week, I got started working on the preparation. To get accepted I had to show an outline/syllabus for the course, and I’ve worked off that.  I’m doing a power point presentation, and it’s been many, many years since doing one of those!


The first day of slides is done except for a few links, and I’d really like to be able to add some cute pics. I’m sure I have more info than I need for the first day. I’ve included some introduction time to time to hear about what the participants want to know.

The second day is about half done. I expect I’ll have to be flexible and make course corrections between the first day’s class and the others, depending on what students need/want  to know.

While the course is titled, SELF-PUBLIHSING! WHO ME? I felt it was necessary to provide general info on writing a good book. Not a lot, but still, what’s the point of self-pubbing a bad book?

Snoopy Jo-Ann Carson used this. It’s so old, but perfect.

My good friend Jo-Ann Carson has shared the power point she used for a 3-hour class she recently taught, and I appreciate her input.

So, if you had a book written or partially written, what would you like to know about self-pubbing? Love to hear from you.

Act of Betrayal

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6 responses to “TCU Silver Frogs

    • Oh, Wow, Dan. I heard Tuesday at a meeting they take as many as 30 in a class. I remember thinking, hope I get at least 15! Thanks for telling me. I think if you get on a waiting list, if someone notifies them they can’t take it, they’d call you. Oh my, I think I just got really nervous! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  1. What a great topic for the Silver Frogs. Where do you begin? So much info. How many sessions will you do for the topic? Do you know you can narrate that power point and use it as a video and put it up on You tube? That’s next! If you need more images for your slides, Sandra Beckwith has 6 different places to get FREE ones.
    If I were just beginning to self-publish, I would like to know how to format the ebooks and what distributors to use. Writing is the easy part! hee hee Enjoy!
    JQ Rose

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    • Hye, JQ. Thanks for suggestions for more slides. I’ll check it out. I won’t be telling them how to format, since that’s not something I do, but I will give them links to folks who do that work. I love the idea of putting it on Youtube, JQ, but that may be out of my technology skill level. We’ll have to see. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the workshop! I always push the editing factor when I teach self-pub. That and the value of putting the project away for a few months between the writing, and the editing 😉 … nothing quite like fresh eyes!

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    • Hey, Kathryn. I’m so relieved to hear you say that. I’ve been worrying that what they may be looking for is more of the nittygritty of actually getting the book up on Amazon. That’s really pretty self-explanatory. I mean, I was able to figure it out. LOL I’ll remember the putting it away part. I always do that. Makes such a difference. Sometimes I go, Wow in a good way and sometimes it’s Wow what the heck was I thinking? Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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