Garage Adventure

On Sunday, we had family and friends over for a cookout and another BD celebration for our youngest granddaughter. We asked the kids when they could help us move stuff from the storage room to the garage. Didn’t take long to realize, we needed to do it asap or it would be a month or more before they’d have time to help. IMG_5221

It was a year ago over Labor Day my family helped Bob & me move stuff out of our falling down garage into a storage unit with the anticipation of stuff being there for a couple of months. Did you get that I said a year ago? Yeah, like many remodeling events, it took longer than anticipated.

We ran into problems with getting City Permits. Well, in fact, we’d had trouble with getting our house permits because of the garage. That’s why we separated the garage work from the house work in the first place.

The garage was sad, sad, sad. The roof slanted, so we could only get one car inside. In our part of Texas with tornadoes and hail, having a garage is pretty important.IMG_5255

Nine months after we thought the garage work would begin, it began. Remember I said the building was sad? It was so sad that before the workers could take it down, they had to prop it up so it didn’t fall down on them while they were demolishing the structure.IMG_5228

Finally, it was down, and work on the concrete began. We have enough concrete for a commercial building. Not sure how that happened, but there it is. In the process, the grands liked to dance on it like it was a stage.IMG_5493

Then the garage was built. I love our new garage. We put plywood on the walls because it’s easier to nail stuff when you don’t have to look for the studs. It and the house were painted a lovely sea-blue! IMG_5664

Good thing we were able to move things into the garage when we did. Our master shower and commode got clogged up. We were looking at showering outside & washing hair in the kitchen sink if we hadn’t been able to move things from our second bath shower, where stuff had been stored for a year, into the garage.

We still have to go through boxes—there’s tons of stuff I think we can give away—and we have some cooler weather for the next couple of weeks that makes it easier to go through stuff.

Of course, I’m still working on my TCU course on Indie Publishing, Who Me? and Act of Betrayal releases the 21 of September, but I’ll find time for the garage stuff.

So, what did you do over Labor Day? Grill, travel, hang out with friends or family, or just chill? Love to hear from you.

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6 responses to “Garage Adventure

  1. Yes indeed, a true adventure. Hard to live through remodeling, renovating, rebuilding, but so worth it. Our church has had family camp in the Pentwater area for the past 50 plus years. We didn’t camp, but went with our daughter and family to visit on Fri night and hang out at the campfire. Our second daughter and family camped there for the weekend. The camp is right on Lake Michigan and such a gorgeous, peaceful place. Sat we went to Newaygo for the logging fest and on Mon we hosted our daughter’s family and her in-laws for a cook out. Busy but fun weekend! Glad you got together with family too.

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    • Hey, JQ. Remodeling always takes longer than expected, but this was a really long haul. Fortunately, we weren’t hit by hail all that time, the cars were had no garage to protect them. My goodness, JQ, you had a really busy holliday! But it sounds beautiful and lots of fun. Always great when you can get to spend time with family. Thanks for stopping by.:)


    • Hey, Vicki. They are for sure. We haven’t gotten rid of stuff. That’s in the plans for this fall, when its no so hot out so we can get in there and do a thorough job. We still have some family stuff that will be hard to part with, but our daughters will not want it. I’m excited about the possibility of buying new stuff. I love to shop, but no room for anything yet. LOL Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, Marsha. I love the colour of your garage! So glad it’s finished for you. Our holiday weekend was the weekend previous (end of August). I got together with friends on the Sunday, and then on the Monday I also did a lot of work on the house, tidying the garden, etc. It’s nice to have the chance to catch up. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

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    • Hey, Helena. It’s really nice to stay home on a weekend holiday so you can get caught up. Sometimes, you need those extra times to stay caught up. “Tidying the garden.” What a lovely phrase. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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