Tuesday, forty or more years after teaching a Voice & Diction class at TCU while completing my Master of Arts in Teaching with a Speech emphasis, I returned.  (I’ve taught since then, of course, but not in a college setting.) We had the first session of the TCU Silver Frogs extended education program, a 4-part course, “Indie Publishing! Who? Me?” I didn’t have too much trouble with the Power Point.  I borrowed one slide from my friend Jo-Ann Carson, who’d made a 3 hours presentation on this subject.Snoopy

The class was smaller than I’d have liked, with only 4 enrolled and two of those missing, but I understand the others will be joining us next week. And what we get with this arrangement is a very specialized class hopefully meeting everyone’s needs.

With any class you don’t know what each student brings with him which makes tailoring the class for their specific needs difficult.  I worried a lot about this and finally set up the course assuming most would’ve have written some part of or maybe a whole book or two. Well, that’s not exactly the case. One student has ideas only and hasn’t begun to write, but boy does he have good ideas.


My goal for him is to get him to actually write the book. The other student has a whole 145,000-word biography about a scientist she’s been trying to get published. My goal for her is that she has the skills when we’ve finished the class to get her book out there.

Vast differences between just these two. I hope the other two people will show up next week, but with these small numbers I can more easily tailor the class to what they need. Generally, these classes don’t have homework, but I suggested a couple of things the students could bring back next week we could look over. I was quick to tell them that while I know a lot about Indie Publishing (I now have 6 books out there.), still I won’t have the answers to all their questions. (I learned when I was campaigning for school board and serving 8 years that if you don’t know the answer the best thing to do is say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”)


Feeling very upbeat after the class I, wanted to celebrate. Ice cream seemed the ideal choice. Except I’m trying a healthier eating plan (again!). Was very proud of myself for not stopping at Braum’s and instead I walked at Walmart and came home to eat an apple as a snack. Good choices.

I’ve also gotten back into book 4 in my series, ACT OF SURVIVAL. Hadn’t worked on it since June as I focused on putting together the TCU Silver Frogs course. So, time to buckle down on this next book if I want to release it by next fall.

What’s your experience with teaching a class like this on anything? How did you prepare? Thanks so much for stopping by. Love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “TEACHING AGAIN!

  1. Marsha – As I think I mentioned, I tried to sign up for your class using the online forms but was informed that it was full. Maybe it had something to do with the Silver Frogs aspect – I tried through the regular continuing education portal. In any event, best of luck! Your students are lucky to have the benefit of your experience and insight. Best – Dan Barrett

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    • Hey, Dan. I remember you telling me that, so I was surprised at how small the class has turned out. I think what is full is Silver Frogs. They have a waiting list and can’t take more in until someone drops out or TCU gives them more classroom space. Anytime you want to talk about writing or publishing, I’m available. Let me know. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  2. I bet you are feeling more comfortable now that you’ve actually had one class meeting. Yes, I’ve taught classes on writing life stories and on creative writing at the adult ed in the county public school system and at various places (like campgrounds). I really get a “high” from meeting the people who are so dedicated to their writing. It’s contagious and invigorating. It’s better to have a small class especially when sharing the writing. I had amazing, talented people who wrote from their heart and didn’t worry about being “correct” for an editor. Loved the experiences I had with the students. Best wishes. You will be inspired by your students..

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    • Hey, JQ. You’re right. I feel way better about the whole thing after getting that one class done. You’ve had some neat experiences and I agree. The person who learns the most is always the teacher. 🙂 And I really believe, “once a teacher, always a teacher.” Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey, Vicki. It really helped I was actually publishing my 6th book as I prepared for the course. It helped solidify stuff. I put up about one book a year, and each time there are subtle differences. And I forget. LOL Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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