Fall Vacations & Contest

We weren’t able to take our fall New England trip this year, and it’s left me a bit “yearney.”  This has been compounded by the fact I’ve been researching where we’re going next year. This has been much fun, but makes me realize how much I’ve missed seeing all the trees, mountains, lakes, and oceans.

At first, we (I) couldn’t figure which state to visit, so I looked at places in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. I bounced all over. Bar Harbor to Portland to Belfast to Camden in Maine. From Lincoln, New Hampshire to East Hardwick in Vermont. From Rockport to Plymouth to Gloucester in Massachusetts. From Madison to Ledyard to Weston, in Connecticut.


Near Boothbay Harbor, Maine

One of the places I stumbled on was in Edgecombe, Maine. Really wanted to stay there; we’d driven through the area which is near Wiscassett. I used the town and the development in Book 2 The Second Chances Series, ACT OF TRUST. And you know how I love to watch Tiny Houses on HGTV. This little house was a real Tiny House at 345 sq ft. No loft, so all those square feet were on a ground floor. We were afraid that ultimately, we’d not be happy there. If it had been 600 or 650, I think I’d have gone for it, great views, but no fireplace. Sooo… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Stowe, Vermont

Finally, we narrowed down to New Hampshire. Previously in looking for place to stay, the criteria included a water view. Since we have our own water view now, that wasn’t as important. More important now is fireplace, wifi, and walkability. Then we like space on both sides of the bed, and we want it to be a separate bedroom. Just can’t do a studio. I don’t prefer modern, but I don’t want too rustic/cabiny neither.

Anyway, it looks like we’ll be going to stay in NH and travel to northwestern Vermont. Hope to take in Montpelier, the capital, Burlington which is on Lake Champlain, and Shelbourne, where there is a super museum. We’ve never visited any of these areas. MontPelier was in VERMONT ESCAPE, but I’d never visited.


From a boat in the Camden Harbor, Maine.

You know the old saying, “Getting there is more important than the destination?” (Or something like that.) This applies to us and our vacations, which we start planning about a year out and take our time researching places to stay and things to do while we’re in the area.

While we’re not making the fall New England trip this year, I’m getting a foretaste of the trip, and it’s pretty fun.IMG_4334

Outside of Boothbay Harbor, Maine

So what about you? Do you go to one place all the time on vacation? Do you have favorite places you return to? What do you require to make it be a perfect place?

Love to hear from you.

I hope you’ve noticed Social Media announcements about the Contest I’m participating in. Info will be in my newsletter which should be going out any day now.

You can win 60 e-books by Romantic Suspense Authors, and there are some really good authors here. I’ve got Book 1 The Second Chances Series in the pile. I hope you’ll sign up and please spread the word. Good luck.


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11 responses to “Fall Vacations & Contest

  1. Hmmmm…I suggest West Michigan for next fall. I’d stay longer if I knew you were going to be in the area. How about a summer trip to Mackinac Island? I like to go different places and experience new things on trips. We camp with the grandkids and usually try different campgrounds. But they do have their faves, so we return to their choices….sometimes. We left MI earlier this year so I didn’t get my Fall fix of crunchy apples, cider and donuts, and fall colors. So I understand how you feel. Next year!

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    • Hey, JQ. We have Mackinac Island on our list of places to go. And I’ll definitely check out the West Michigan area for the following year. Would be fun to meet up in person. Is Mackinac best in summer or the fall? I know you were anxious about your Florida place, but to leave before the leaves turned??? What sadness. Glad your place was okay. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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      • Well, knowing how I don’t like freezing cold weather, I’d vote for Mackinac Island in the summer. I have never been there in the fall because it’s pretty cold, but if you dress for it, you’ll be fine. MI is about 4 hours north of us.

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  2. Beautiful colours, Marsha! I can see why you love it so much. I’d love to visit Maine one day. I don’t have a particular favourite place to go on holiday, but I have very fond memories of going to the seaside in Wales as a child, and of taking my own children there. My husband loves Cornwall and needs his “fix” regularly.
    Thanks for the lovely photos!

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    • Hey, Helena. Hope y’all can get to Maine someday. I’ll meet you there if you come. 🙂 I have a good friend who lived in Wales for a couple of years, and she has to return almost yearly to get her fix. She always comes back with a bit of an accent. 🙂 You’re fortunate to have such beautiful locations within relatively close proximity. JQ’s Michigan is a loooong way away. Even on an airplane, it would take most of a day, but of course, Maine is that way from here, too. And well worth it. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Fall colors touch my soul. Which is odd for a turquoise gal. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I enjoyed seeing your photos of New England, Marsha. We have spectacular colors this autumn. We usually go for a walk every day and it is always awe inspiring.

    We go to different places when we make our “big” trips and the same places for little ones.

    Last night I made reservations to a city we used to live in in December. A big thrill of ours back in the day was attending the CBA basketball team games and going out to our favorite pizza restaurant (that has been on the Food Network) before hand. I contacted our sons and the four of us will spend the day together, go to a guitar museum, the restaurant, and a basketball game. It will be a blast from the past! Looking forward to it.

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    • Hey, Susan, and thanks for sharing some of that fall wonderfulness in your books. I agree about it being awe inspiring. You do take “big” trips. Have enjoyed seeing pics on FB of your most recent one. Sounds like you’ve got a great trip planned for the family. Always great when you can get together. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Jacquie. That sounds really impressive. We didn’t vacation when I was growing up–just transfer from one place to another. Not quite the same thing. Hope you get to Newfoundland. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  4. Maker Man has finally retired and bought an RV trailer. This first year we are staying close to home as we learn the RVing ropes, but we are already in the planning stages for a New England trip in 2018. We’re thinking we may take the RV up to Canada for the end of the summer, store it while we go to Europe in September and then pick it up again and head home down the eastern seaboard. But we’re still planning. RV travel is still very new to us, but so far we are enjoying it.

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    • Hey, Regina. I have good friends who do the RV traveling thing and they have friends now all over. You have some good things ahead of you. I’d love to get to Canada. I have friends there. You’ll get the hang of the RVing thing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping.


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