Fall Today, Summer Tomorrow

Texas Weather is nuts! Trust me when I say this. Let me give you an example. Last Friday afternoon, we had sleet that was totally unexpected and un-forcast by the weather people.  

Tuesday night we hit a low of 45 and with the wind blowing that morning when we walked Charley, it was really brisk to say the least. (We also saw three deer right across from our house. Such a heart swelling event.) It stayed in the upper 50s on Tuesday. Then Wednesday, we hit 80. Not great but okay.

However, today Thursday we’re looking at 93 and possibly beating the high temp record.  Then it stays in the high 80s like 88 and 87 for the next five days before dropping to 64. Up and down. Up and down. See. Just nuts. And 93 in November is super nuts!!!IMG_6297 When it turns chilly, Charley claims his spot in front of the fireplace. 

So even though we don’t have a real fall working yet, I decided to celebrate fall and decorating. I was inspired by how nice my cousin’s house was decorated when I went to my aunt’s memorial service in Georgia. Don’t these pics just make you smile? Sure made me realize I need to add a bit more before my circle meets at our house on November 14.

 What I have: coffee table.


Dining room Table


Karen Clay’s Beautiful decorations: The fireplace was especially stunning and my pic doesn’t do it justice.

So what about you? Do you get into decorating for fall and Christmas/Hanukkah? What about Valentines, St Patrick’s Day, and July 4th? I read about someone who left up their Christmas tree and just changed out the decorations monthly.

And what about Halloween decorations? I don’t remember this being common in the past, but they’ve been everywhere this year. What’s your experience with decorations? Love to hear from you.

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12 responses to “Fall Today, Summer Tomorrow

  1. I know! My feet were so cold, I put on Uggs and then, yesterday came. I do wreaths for most season and holidays. But for Christmas, I have boxes of things I love to put out.

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    • Hey, Vicki. We’ve always had crazy weather, but it seems more so this year. I make my own wreaths and find it a fun way to be creative. I only just found the box with some of the turkeys we put out for fall. Good timing. I was about to go out and buy something else. We’ve downsized our Christmas stuff because of the smaller house. Used to have garlands that ran down the stairway. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. I’ve always decorated for autumn and winter. When my kids were young, I went all out, but not so far as some of my friends whose decorations could have been in Country Living magazine. This year I put the artwork up on the windows that my kids and I drew/made 25+ years ago: jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, bats, the moon, a giant spider web made with what used to be white paper. It was fun and our grandson came and looked at all of it. He was most interested in a white gourd that was the shape of a pumpkin.

    Nice photos, Marsha!

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    • Hey, Susan. I’m not surprised that you went all out. Just surprised that you don’t so much anymore. I am surprised you still have the art work from 25 years ago. That is cool. Glad you like the pics. Charley is a bit blurry. He was barking. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Lovely photos, Marsha! Charley looks really cute by the fireplace.
    I love the idea of decorating for autumn (fall). I only decorate – or “trim up” as we say in Yorkshire! – for Christmas. I love to get the Christmas decorations down from the attic.
    I saw a lot of houses in my area decorated for Hallowe’en this week. No one did this when I was a child, but it’s getting very common here now.

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    • Hey, Helena. Charley says, “thank you.” I love the term “trim up.” Absolutely perfect. Americans have gone a bit nuts in the “trimming up.” area. You can see stuff up for everything. Valentines Day to St. Patrick’s Day. I think the extra Halloween decorating has grown in the last several years. I don’t remember it from when our kids your young either–a few pumpkins out, but no lights or big blown-up thingies. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. When the kids were growing up, I decorated pretty extensively for all the holidays. I had boxes in the storage barn color-coded for each month of the year. Steve and the kids loved the house being festive for each of the different holiday months. But when the kids went to college, I took a breather. And instead I just sent them holiday cards with cash to create their own holiday vision. it wasn’t long before everyone started complaining. “Yeah, why isn’t the house all decked out for whatever holiday? I really miss that.” So I’m starting to get back into it, bit by bit, but I have a slightly different slant this time around. Less detail stuff, more easy up and down. Sort of a less is more, but make the less more impactful. Love your decorations! Thanks for sharing them.

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    • Hey, Regina. You were one of those moms who made me feel slightly inadequate. I remember having to have the white tree in the dining room window as well as the family tree in the den. Totally keeping up with the Jones thing. LOL Fun that your kids missed all your decorations. You’ve hit on the right balance, it seems to me. Less is more. We’ve been forced to do that because of having less space. I’m also envious of your storage plan. Color coded boxes. Perfect. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  5. Mother Nature must have been having a tantrum in TX! Wow–big temperature swings. Weather is wacky this fall. FL broke records for high temps in October. The last 2 years we’ve hosted at Thanksmas dinner at our house before we leave the kids for the winter. Now decorating mixing up Thanksgiving turkey and fall leaves with Christmas candles, stockings, placemats, etc. (Noone wanted to sing Christmas carols with me though.LOL) It’s fun, but difficult to get into the spirit when the weather is so warm in September and no colored fall leaves on the trees. But still satisfying to be able to watch the kids open their gifts. And throwing the wrappings all around the room. Times change and we have to be able to change with them. Loved your photos.

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    • Hey, JQ. Wow, I”m impressed everyone wanted to go along with this mashup of the holidays. From the years I lived in Puerto Rico, I’ve always wanted cool to cold weather for the fall and yes, I want colorful leaves. Sorry you had to go early this year, but glad you found out your place survived the hurricanes. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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