Thanksgiving Gratitiudes!

Periodically on this blog, I offer a list of things I’m grateful for and ask you to share your “gratitudes,” too. What better time than now a week before the US Thanksgiving Holiday. I won’t have a post next week, because I will be eating turkey, dressing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and playing with my kids and grands. So, let’s get started.

**Living on Lake Worth: I’m so lucky, blessed, and thrilled to have a small cottage on this lake 15 minutes from town and our kids, and I love sharing pictures of the beauty, like the precious deer we see so often.

 IMG_6338 IMG_6307

**Wonderful family support: Super husband, daughters, SsIL, grands who seem to like hanging out with us.

 FullSizeRender (1)

**Grateful I worked in education for so many years and grateful that now I don’t. 😊

**Charley: who makes us walk in the morning and evening whether it’s hot or cold or beautiful like it’s been lately. I’m sure he’s increasing our life expectancy.


**For my church family: having a leadership role there as well as an opportunity to learn & serve.IMG_6237

**For Writing: All the cool things I’ve learned and continue to learn. Like doing my newsletter on my own. (Think I need help figuring out how to embed a place to sign up for the newsletter on my website. Some of instructions are Greek. And for people who enjoy my books. IMG_6171

**For Friends: both in person and on-line. You enrich my life.IMG_4739

**And, of course, for Fall, my favorite photo(10)

So now it’s your turn. What and Who are you grateful for? Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Love to hear from you. Blog  @Marsharwest


6 responses to “Thanksgiving Gratitiudes!

  1. I’m grateful Handsome is healing. I’m grateful for my sons and daughter and nephew who held down the fort. I’m grateful to everyone who checked on me. I’m grateful to the adora-poos because life is funnier thanks to them. And grateful to writing friends.

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    • Hey, Vicki. Yes. We’re all thankful Handsome is healing. You’ve really had a hard road, so happy for you things are looking up. “Adora-poos”! Love the term. Our poochies are definitely a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by and that we’re friends. 🙂


  2. Just working on a Thanksgiving post today. So much to be thankful for too. Or should I say for which to be thankful? We ARE writers! LOL..Have a very happy Thanksgiving!! “Don’t gobble till you wobble.”!!!

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    • Hey, JQ. Yes, we’ve been richly blessed. And I agree. Technically, it should be :for which we are thankful. But, we’re not scholarly writers. At least I’m not. LOL I had to work at writing shorter sentences with less “fancy” words and not use my “educationalease.” This is like knowing what the rule is and knowing when to break it, I think. 🙂


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