We’re in the Season of Light, now. If you had any doubt you only have to drive around your neighborhood. Some went up before Thanksgiving! Many went up on Thanksgiving weekend. I understood that, but I, as you know, hold out until December.

img_4718 Last year’s lights.

So dutifully, on December 3, I got out our  lights and started the process of putting them up. I’d bought new ones for our fence last year and had marked them “West End,” “Middle,” “East End.” Good planning, right? Should’ve been a snap.

However, the day I needed to work on it was when I caught Bob’s cold. I really couldn’t wait because the temps were dropping the next day. (And boy did they. From a high of 84 to a high of 54, with the winds at 20 to 25 mph!)

The second thing is I had to use the plug on the garage because when we fixed the plumping with a new lift, it had to get plugged into one of the sockets in back of the house. The other outlet has the plugs to our cameras.

Which leads to the third thing. The connector between the garage and the house (maybe you call it a “breezeway”?) is finished, and I wanted to put some lights there, too. (I do love the breezeway. Will be perfect when it’s raining.)

 IMG_6422 The different color of concrete is because new concrete got laid when the garage was built. 

Adding the new area meant I needed more lights. I tried to use some old lights I had left over from previous Christmases. Just string lights. Should have been okay after untangling them. 🙂


However, not all plugs are the same. And not all receptacles are the same. Some of the lights had prongs the same size. Some had one prong larger than the other. You can’t mix those strings! So I bought another string of lights, and was able to use one of the ones from last year.

The entire fence has lights on it.

They are not all the same color.


Most are a cool color. (closest to the left of pic) Others are more yellow. (those farther away.) These are all colored lights. You wouldn’t think that you could see a difference, but I can.

I mentioned the winds and cold temps came blustering in.

So I’m not changing these lights. They are up for this year. I still need to get the wreaths up, which are not up as of this writing, but between the temps, wind, and my cold (which is almost gone), the wreaths will have to wait.

IMG_6421Doesn’t show quite as bad in this pic. 

So, tell me about your adventures with lights. Do you hang them? Do you pay someone else to put them up? Is it something you used to do, but don’t anymore? Love to hear from you. 🙂

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3 responses to “Lights

  1. We put our lights up outside before Thanksgiving, but wait until Thanksgiving evening to turn them on. This year for the first time we didn’t put them on our yew tree outside our living room windows. I miss seeing those lights and have mentioned it to Bill. It’s so dark when we look out. Next year they’ll be up again.

    Regular temperature is 8 degrees this a.m.

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    • Hey, Susan. I appreciate you not turning the lights on until at least Thanksgiving. LOL We used to have neighbors across the street from us and he got those lights out mid November and it was a very cool display, but he’d turn them on. Of course, now we have the lake out our windows and I have white lights on the railing of the walkway and a string from the house to a tree to the house. I have those on all year. I enjoy them, but I know the folks on the other side of the lake can see them the way I see theirs. Lights are really nice. Though we’ve recently heard from our neighborhood association about too many lights on all the time mess with the animals we share the space with. Who knew?
      Brrrrrr! 8 degrees!!! Yikes. It’s 45 degrees at 1 in the afternoon with a 9 mph wind making it feel like 30. Wreaths are still not up! LOL Thanks so much for stopping and sharing. 🙂


  2. Christmas lights can make you cra-a-a-a-zy. They work one minute when testing them, but when they are hung, the will not light! Grrrrrr–GT experienced that this year. We had to go buy lights to go across the front of the house above the porch. And they weren’t on sale that time of year.!! That is a double whammy. Your lights look very festive and fun at your house. Enjoy!


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