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Publication1 VEWeather! Yikes!

The other night a good friend told me that I obsess about the weather more than anyone she’s ever known. I’m hard pressed to disagree with that since I don’t know all the people she does, and I am very interested in the weather. (I take exception to the idea that I “obsess” about the subject.) 😊

That being said, our weather patterns in Texas are nuts! Just a few days ago, we were suffering through a drought and we had burn bans out in our county and all the surrounding ones. Fortunately, we’ve never been hit as hard as the poor state of California, but to the west and south of us, people has experienced scary devastation. (Take a moment and pray for the poor souls in CA continuing to deal with massive fires.)

And it was cold. Did I mention it was cold with big winds? When the winds come across the lake…? Well, you know what a gale feels like? That’s what we get. IMG_6354

Tuesday however, we woke to a dark morning spiked with flashes of lightening. I flew to turn off the computer. We have iffy electric connections in storms which we proceeded to have that morning.  Rain and gusty winds. Fortunately, the winds died down, and I was able to get on the computer.


I had no place I had to go after a busy proceeding week. When the rain stopped, Charley and I went out for his morning walk. Really pleasant, though we didn’t see any deer. Some of our trees still have gorgeous reddish/orange leaves on them. How that’s possible after all the winds we’ve had?


I’ve mentioned the California fires. Other places have been hit with deep snows. I confess to a bit of envy of those places and got very excited at the snowflake that appeared on my Weather app on my phone Tuesday morning, forecasting a bit of the white stuff for our area after Christmas. By noon the snow flake was gone, and that will probably be as close as we get except for pictures from friends. This one is by Susan Bernhardt. Stunning, isn’t it? IMG_6461

Now to the piece about obsessing. I don’t like to be cold, or wet or hot. So being the good girl scout I am, I keep up with the weather. As a parent, I made sure the girls went out appropriately clad, until they became teenagers and thought they no longer needed a coat. LOL As a principal, I became livid with the parents who didn’t make their kids wear the appropriate covering when I knew they had a coat or sweater at home. A kid saying no when they’re in elementary school should be ignored. (IMHO) Well, perhaps not so humble. LOL

It has stopped raining, though still foggy, and I need to mail my Christmas cards, so I will head out before it picks up again.


Do you still mail Christmas cards?

IMG_6468Do you have all your presents purchased? How is your weather? Is it treacherous to get to wherever you celebrate the holidays?

Safe travels to you all. Enjoy your family and friends and good food.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwansa, Happy Ramadan, and anything else you feel like celebrating as we approach the longest day of the year. Be kind to one another. Blog  @Marsharwest




10 responses to “BOOK Sale Weather

  1. Merry Christmas, Marsha! I talk about weather a lot also because we have extremes. The temperature is supposed to be -11 Christmas morning. That is not wind chill and is supposed to warm up to -1. I pay attention every morning to the weather. You dress differently if the temps are 28 degrees or 10 degrees. 28 degrees, Bill is probably already out on a walk. That’s warm! Lol!

    Enjoy the holidays!

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    • Hey, Susan. Yes. You get it. Only a few degrees of temps or whether the wind is blowing makes a huge difference. Bless you in your especially cold weather. Warming up to a -1? Yikes! Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for your beautiful winter pics. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Marsha, you would get on just fine in the UK, where the weather is our number one topic of conversation. I don’t know why that’s so – we certainly don’t have the extremes of other countries – but it does vary a lot (from mild and drizzling to mild and heavy downpour :D)
    One heavy snowfall and the whole country shuts down in shock.
    We also send out Christmas cards – to everyone we know, including the postman. Last week I did my elderly aunt’s shopping and bought her 70 stamps for her Christmas post 🙂 You should definitely move here – you’d fit right in! Wishing you and family a happy Christmas!

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    • Hey, Helena. So nice to know I’m not a total goof ball! Well at least about this weather thing. Love that y’all go on about it. And kudos to your elderly aunt still sending out Christmas cards!! Wow 70. Impressive.
      If I can’t move there, Helena, I’ll definitely have to visit. Love the pics you share of your homeland. Christmas greetings to you and your family.

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  3. Hi, Marsha! I like to watch weather too. There can be a lot of excitement. We had over four inches of rain and near the lake, I had to turnaround and find an alternate route.

    And yes, I send Christmas cards. They bring lots of joy and friendships. Merry Christmas!

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    • Hey, Vicki. 4 inches of rain. Wow! That’s a lot. We only had 1 1/2 inches. Glad you have alternative routes. Nobody should ever drive through standing water. I just don’t know how much longer I’ll keep up with the cards or maybe I’ll go to e-cards. I do that a lot for other things throughout the year. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful Christmas.


  4. I like watching the weather, especially at this time of year. Back in Alberta we could be hit with -30F and 2-3 feet of snow, or have a chinook come through and have it feel like spring.
    Now that I’m on the west coast, we get rain, wind, and the odd snowstorm, except here when it snows, it brings black ice and treacherous road conditions!
    I’ve been lazy about Christmas cards for the last few years, though I do like sending the virtual ones 🙂
    Happy holidays!

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    • Hey, Jacquie. Wow! That’s extreme weather. Hate black ice. We get ice here way more than snow. The only thing that saves us is generally, most everything closes down. I have dreadful memories of a snow/ice event that began after school had started. It was after 6:30 pm before all our kids were picked up. Parents couldn’t get to them because of traffic snarls and wrecks. Then I had to drive home! Thankfully, I got home without incident except my steering wheel was dented where I held on too tight. 🙂 I like virtual cards, Jacquie. It saves land fills and people don’t have to struggle with the issue of “Where do I store these or do I keep them at all?” Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday.

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  5. Read Vermont Escape and loved it. What a bargain! I too obsess about the weather. When we went back to Michigan last week, there was 12 inches of snow on the ground. Have not seen that in many years. Pretty, but treacherous travel. I don’t send many cards out anymore. But not sending any this year since we got back home too late. I’m thinking maybe a New Year’s note to some folks who are not on Facebook. Have a Merry Christmas, dear friend.

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    • Hey, JQ. I did notice you’d returned to Michigan from your FB posts. Hadn’t thought about your missing family Christmas all these years while basking in Florida’s sun. I’ve received cards as late as March before. Never minded. Was always just glad to hear from the folks. Wish you a wonderful Christmas, too. I value our friendship. One of the blessings of having MIU buy that first book. 🙂 Happy New Year, too. 🙂

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