The Whole 30

Today is the 10th day of this program I’m doing with my younger daughter Laura, who owns a Pilates studio. She’s the one who studied dancing in college and went on to perform in musicals across the country and with the Radio City Rockettes, so she knows something about taking care of her body. Well, I do, too. The difference is she practices, and I don’t, at least not with any regularity. LOL 

IMG_6539 New years snow peas, mustard greens, & pork steak in orange juice.

Facebook reminded me it was 3 years ago I began my Nutrisystem plan which was successful. In almost 6 months I lost almost 30 pounds.

And then I went back to eating real food. Guess what happened? Over time I regained almost all of those pounds. ☹

In the interim, I’ve made several starts and stops. Lose a few pounds. Gain a few pounds. You know the deal.

For Christmas this year, we decided we’d give each other events/activities to make memories, rather than things which none of us need.

Laura asked me to do the Whole 30 with her during January. She even gave me 3 big books with all the information. (Well she wanted back her books she’d loaned me.) 😊 IMG_6569

(I asked for a girls’ weekend with them. It’s in the planning station, and I’m sure I’ll share how it turns out.)

So what is the Whole 30?

No Sugar

No Alcohol

No Grains

No Dairy

No Peanuts, Beans and Soy

Do Diary (Almond milk is okay.)

Omit these Additives: Carrageenan, MSG, or added sulfites

Eat: meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and natural fats

Hopefully, you end up feeling lots better with less inflammation, allergic reactions, aches and pains.

Is this forever?

IMG_6544 Tuna salad made with my own homemade mayo, celery, onions, bell pepper, dill pickles, & almonds.

No. After eliminating the items for a month, you can try adding one back in and see how you feel. Then take it out and add back in another. You continue with the process to see how you feel best. (This may not be exactly accurate. I haven’t studied that part of the book yet. Still have 3 weeks to go. 🙂

I do hate all the pots and pans, but hey, it’s a small price to pay to live a healthy lifestyle, right?

I’m not supposed to get on the scales, but of course I have. So far, I’ve lost 5 lbs. Not bad for 10 days and eating good food

.IMG_6560 Chicken, snow peas, yam spirals

Are there foods that you’ve learned you shouldn’t eat because they make you sick or not feel good? Have you ever done something like the Whole 30? I know there are people out there who’ve never had a weight problem but have food issues.  I’ve dealt with this since I was in 3rd grade. Even in the years I was slender, I thought I was heavy. I kick myself for not appreciating those times. I guess that’s a message for all of us all the time: Appreciate what we’ve got and who we are. Love to hear from you. Blog  @Marsharwest


12 responses to “The Whole 30

  1. Five pounds in ten days is spectacular! Congratulations!! And how great to do this with your daughter.

    I’ve been on a diet since January 1st and have lost four pounds. We will be having a lot of company the rest of the month, so I’ll see how it goes.

    Best wishes, Marsha!

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    • Hey, Susan. You’ve done great! And with a disadvantage I don’t have to deal with–a husband who is a great baker and bakes a lot. Enjoy your company and then get back on the healthy eating thing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and keep up the good work. 🙂


  2. You go, girl! Do they restrict your portion sizes or is the only limit on WHAT rather than HOW MUCH you eat? Curious.
    As you know, I lost my weight on a calorie-restricted, low-fat diet, but I found it difficult to find the balance after I hit my goal. I was hungry and tired ALL THE TIME. Did some research and learned my body needed more fat. I played with that for a while, and then three years ago, still at my goal weight, I shifted over to a ketogenic diet, high fat/moderate protein/low carb, for maintenance, and like the Whole 30, that meant giving up grains. I didn’t know that I didn’t feel good, and I feel so much better now. Even my moods evened out. Eliminating starches and almost eliminating sugar made a huge difference for me physically and emotionally.
    Finding what works for you that you can live with is key to long-term maintenance. This sounds like a fantastic experiment. Have fun with your discoveries!

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    • Hey, Renée. You are such an inspiration both in how well you’ve done figuring out what works for you, but in sharing your journey. I highly recommend to anyone working on this is to read your book, WHAT’S REALLY EATING YOU,Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating. It’s got great hints in it to help us “overcome.” I made tacos last night. Well, Bob ate tacos. I ate taco salad, that was Whole 30 compliant. Pretty good, if I do say so. I’m already thinking of ways to live this way, but modified. Like ice cream twice a year. Wine only one day a week. Cake (dessert) only on my BD. Kind of like you have sugar only on Sunday. You know I’m a rule follower. LOL It will be a while before I can even get to that, but I’ll get there (because I have before), and the food is really good. As to portion size, they do talk about that, I’m just not there yet. They say eat enough that you won’t want to snack. I really prefer three smaller meals with snacks mid morning and afternoon, but for now, when I get hungry, I pop one handful of healthy nuts. I’m sure I’ll update here as time goes on. Maybe tea next week or the week after? Thanks for stopping by and for your friendship and support.


    • Hey, Vicki. I’m pretty good at all or nothing. It’s amazing walking through the grocery store and not buying so many things I used to. (Oh, I keep chips on hand for Bob, but they’re not for me these days.) Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Kathryn. My daughter has been asking me to do it for a time and when she tied it in to Christmas I couldn’t say no. Besides, what I was doing wasn’t working. LOL Thanks for the good wishes and for stiopping by.


  3. So wonderful that you can do this with Laura. It certainly sounds like a healthy way to eat. You know I eat pretty much like that with a few exceptions (I have to have peanuts around in case I have low blood sugar, as orange juice doesn’t work for me), and my weight stays pretty stable. Bob is learning that portions are definitely important. We are going to Paris again next month, where wine is cheaper than water, so I will have a small glass of wine with lunch and dinner, something I never do otherwise. You are definitely right about enjoying your moments and appreciating what you have, and most definitely, who you are. Stopping the self-bashing (I’m terribly guilty here) and concentrating on the good you are doing is absolutely necessary. Can’t wait to hear about your progress and what you are learning. You go, cuz!

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    • Hey, Sandy. I know you are a very healthy eater. That’s what this plan is, just cutting out the foods that aren’t “real” food. Paris huh? Yeah, you gotta go with the wine and good food there. We’re going to New Orleans in May and right after I’m supposed to go see my GP to check BP and cholesterol. Think I need to change the dr. apt to before I go. I know the numbers will be better what with doing the Whole 30. I sure don’t want to blow those on this trip, but I deserve credit for what I’m doing, too. Hope I can reschedule. Thanks so much for stopping by and safe and wonderful travels to Paris. 🙂


  4. Thanks, Marsha. (This is our second time going to Paris. Went in 2016. Guess we only go in even numbered years!) Good luck with rescheduling that appointment, and have a great time in New Orleans!

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  5. I don’t know what to say. The good part you are enjoying good food and have lost five lbs.!!! The diet sounds like I would be deprived of any enjoyment eating dinner. So glad it isn’t forever for you, but scary that you are thinking of eating cake only once a year. I don’t drink wine or alcohol so that’s not an issue for me, but I bet one a week is difficult when you enjoy it. We are eating smaller portions of food. I believe I learned that when you were on your Nutri system plan. And trying to be aware of what I am eating–no sitting in front of the TV with a bag of Doritos open on my lap mindlessly stuffing them in my mouth. I know I need to get in more exercise. This year it’s been so cold and windy here, I’ve lost my oomph to walk, but I will need to be in shape for a trip we will be taking in June, so that should motivate me. Wishing you a successful journey through this Whole 30 and hugs to your daughter for being such an inspiration to you.(and your readers!)
    JQ Rose


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