Valentines’ Day? Yes or No!

I’d written and scheduled this post before the news came out about the shooting in the Florida high school. Please take a moment and pray for all those who’ve been affected by this tragedy.  I’ll write more on this subject later. 

This may surprise you since I’m a romance author, and I confess I love me a good Hallmark movie, but I really don’t like Valentine’s Day.

However last Friday night I had a great time at the Haltom City Public Library “A Night of Romance.” It was every bit as much fun as past years.


Allison Long and her staff do a super job organizing and planning a fun time for all the folks who come.

There’s a Bingo game where the readers ask authors for the answers. There is chocolate flowing from a fountain. I sampled, and it was yummy! 😊


The readers and authors all got roses. Mine still looks super! IMG_6708

Readers won all kinds of cool things including baskets the authors had made. Kiersten Dean won mine, which included a personal bottle of champagne, a wine glass, a Hershey bar, two of my books, one of my turquoise pens, a cup with chocolate flavored coffee beans, and a vanilla scented candle.


Got to meet up with a fan who I’ve bet through the Haltom City Public Library. And that’s really fun. Always good to see you, Belinda Capps. IMG_6685

Several authors read from our books. Several people told me they enjoyed my reading the most. 🙂 Made me feel really good. I read from ACT OF TRUST, Book 2 in the Second Chances Series. Next year, however, I’ll have to find another selection to read, since we have so many repeat readers attending, and I read this selection last year.

Back to why I don’t care for Valentine’s Day.

There’s this drive to have a date and for that date to be spectacular. The perfect place for dinner, the perfect meal, the perfect wine, and of course, the perfect gift!

Well, nothing is perfect and when we put unrealistic expectations on an event, we almost guarantee disappointment.

This holiday even affects kids. There’s the issue of everyone getting a valentine card so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Most teachers today will tell students that if they bring one Valentine, they must bring something for everyone.  That was not always the case. One year, I entered a new school right before Valentine’s day. No one thought to make sure I got a Valentine. I was in 6th grade, old enough it shouldn’t have bothered me, but the pain is still with me.

Besides, why do we need a special day to tell someone we love them? If we really love them, shouldn’t we do that every day?

So, what about you? Do you have a favorite chocolate or flower? Did you celebrate in a big way? Have you been watching all the Hallmark movies? As it turns out this year, Valentine’s Day fell on Ash Wednesday, so many people probably went to church, putting a potential crimp in restaurant sales.  Love to hear from you.

PS—Since writing this, I picked up my youngest granddaughter from school and took her to dance. During the drive, she told me what she was doing for her mother and dad. Then she asked what I was doing for Granddad. Well, frankly I hadn’t given it any thought.  So, when I went to the store I picked up a sweet card and a giant Chocolate Kiss. Maybe it’s time I get over my 6th grade hurt. 😊 He had an equally sweet card for me. Blog  @Marsharwest

3 responses to “Valentines’ Day? Yes or No!

  1. “A Night of Romance” at the library sounded perfect!!! It could have been your valentine celebration. I loved all of the photos of you and the scrumptious looking chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate fountain. By the way, that was some gift basket!! And the games sounded fun.

    Bill and I had a fun Valentine’s Day. We went to an art museum in Minneapolis and laughed more than anyone should in an art museum. We had such a great time. Then we went out for margaritas to a favorite Mexican restaurant. No gifts. (Our gifts were each other.) We did exchange cards, which was fun in itself.

    A wonderful post. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. Yes, the library even was quite fun and it’s why I go there every year. Also, it’s not a terrible drive for me to get there. 🙂 I was proud of my basket. It might be the best one ever. LOL I’ve seen your pics of the museum event and that looked really fun too. I loved you got to vote with a heart on your favorite. Very progressive museum to think of a way to make the museum interactive. Bob worked and I went to church. We probably wouldn’t have gone out, but I’d have fixed a special meal. Next year will do for that. Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. 🙂


  2. The library event sounds like a winner! And the basket is the perfect giveaway. Awwww-Valentine’s Day. I’m afraid most of the country disagrees with you about Valentine’s Day. The news reported folks spent 18 Billion dollars last year on gifts. As a florist, I hated VDay. Soooooooo many roses to clean and wire, not to mention the spring flowers to process. Making red and white and pink arrangements and wrapping flowering plants seemed endless. We worked several days before the day and sometimes till midnight getting orders ready. And of course, being in Michigan, we had to wrap every delivery so the cold air wouldn’t freeze the delicate blooms. But to top all that off, we usually had a gigantic snowstorm so we couldn’t deliver outside of the city to the folks in the country. Out-of-town customers (and shops in the South) couldn’t understand why we couldn’t deliver the flowers on VDay if they weren’t familiar with snowy and icy road conditions. I know things are different nowadays with online services by-passing the local florist and so many other options for buyers. It was a lot of work for us with a lot of expenses, so we usually eeked out enough to pay the gas bill to heat our greenhouses and that was it. But honestly, I wouldn’t trade those days for anything! Now we may go out for dinner (early) and discuss that time, and appreciate that we don’t have that worry and stress anymore on Feb. 14. After all that venting, I still love roses, peach roses especially. And look what name I chose for my pen name, J.Q. ROSE! LOL. Glad you had a good day too!


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