March Primary ELECTIONS

Happy March. Can you believe we’re in the 3rd month already? Don’t let the title of this post worry you. I’m not going all political on you again. I know I kind of did that last week, but some issues are too important not to speak out.

Here’s the deal. Primary Early Voting is almost over in Texas. The actual day is March 6. We usually early vote just to make sure we get our vote in. Anything could happen on the day of and we’d miss our opportunity to make our voices heard. Well, you know how I’d hate that. LOL


Visiting with a friend recently moved to Texas from California, she complained how hard it was to find out who the candidates were, their stances on issues, and what the referendums were. In California, they have lots of those.

I spoke up for my state telling her there were lots of places to find a list. I’d heard one of our local radio stations report they carried the list on their website. And the League of Women Voters had that information.

Wednesday morning, I set out to find the list and make a print out for Bob and me. I know main races, but we have lots of judicial races.

Guess what?

The TV station that every night makes a report about upcoming elections & points viewers to their web site, is not user friendly. I couldn’t get to the list. Oh, I could if I downloaded some thing that was going to change a bunch of stuff on my computer. No. I don’t think so.

Well, the League of Women Voters in the old days printed a list in the newspaper. They sent candidates a form with questions. You were expected to fill it out and return it in a timely fashion. I did a number of those when I was a candidate for the school board. They were a pain to fill out. LOL But, the voters deserved to hear our responses to those questions.

Flash forward to 2018 when I tried to find a list of candidates. I spent about 30 minutes on Wednesday morning trying to get that. Now you all know, I’m not the most adept person when it comes to technology, but still it should be easier to find candidate info so I could informatively


Okay, I went back to the LWV website and tried a couple of other places. Sure enough, the list popped up as I remembered it with Q & A for the candidates. Whew!

So glad I can send this info to my friend and defend the reputation of the great State of Texas, the place where it becomes more and more difficult to vote.

Now I’ve got to find my voter ID card. I’ve got the old blue one, but I need the yellow one. Bob has his, and I remember them being delivered. It’s not in any of the places it should be: my desk, my car, my purse! 😦


How does voting work in your state? Are you an early voter? One of my daughters and her husband wait until the day of. They take their daughter and make a bid deal of it. You think my daughter remembers her parents doing that back in the day before we had an early voting opportunity? Where do you find info on candidates?

Whoever and whatever referendums you support, please vote. Our overall turnout is poor for a country that prides itself on belief in the importance of “one person/one vote.”

Love to hear from you. Blog  @Marsharwest

3 responses to “March Primary ELECTIONS

  1. It shouldn’t be that hard to find out who the candidates are in any state and what they stand for.

    I work at the voting polls, registering voters. This year is an important voting year for Wisconsin. We need to clean house, big time.

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  2. We vote the easy way–absentee. Just sit at the kitchen counter or dining room table and vote. We aren’t too politically conscious or proactive about learning about the candidates. Our mayor has been mayor for 18 years. He finally had an opponent in the last election. She lost. Our daughter is city clerk in her city and she is up on election laws and candidates. I had no idea there was so much training about holding an election. She worries she’ll do something that s illegal and ruin the election. What a scary thought. She doesn’t want to be on TV due to some slip-up. Fingers crossed, so far all has gone well at her election polls including learning and using new voting machines for last year’s elections.


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