Galveston Island Book Signing

Last Friday Bob and I went to Galveston for the Texas Author’s book signing. Lovely drive down with lots of bluebonnets, but hard to get pictures when you’re flying by at 75 miles an hour. 😊 Ours in Fort Worth are just beginning to come out, and some in South Texas are already past their prime. The wildflowers along Texas highways are, thanks in large part to Lady Bird Johnson, who made them one of her causes.


You need to have the right attitude about book signings. Don’t go expecting to sell a ton of books. If you don’t sell, you’re not disappointed. If you sell, it’s a lovely surprise. I don’t even take as many books as I did at first. Generally, I take 5 of each title. Well, with 6 books out that makes 30 books, and they weigh a ton. Thank heavens for rolling bags and husbands who help tote.


You need to go to a book signing with the attitude you’ll get to meet a lot of cool people, many of them other authors. Comparing notes on what works and doesn’t is a bonus. People always ask about my Bitty Booklets and where I get them— where Laron Glover does great work. Sometimes I share the info even if they haven’t asked. 🙂MW_BB_BETRAYAL_INSIDE_1

Of course, in Galveston there is great eating, and both nights we had super seafood.

IMG_6786 IMG_6787

The sounds of the surf and the seagulls surprised me. I’ve gotten used to our serene lake, and our sea birds that are relatively quiet. I’d forgotten how constant the noise is on the coast. On the lake, we get the noise and waves when the wind picks up or when we have storms, but the coast is constant


At this point the next book signing, another one sponsored by Texas Authors, will be on June 9 in Wimberly, Texas. It’s possible I’ll have one of my own between now and then, but it’s so much easier to go to one put together by someone else.

I really appreciated Bob’s help. We’ll take Charley next time, though I was excited to see him playing with other little pups at the Spa Paws Hotel where he stayed while we were gone. IMG_6812

What do you do with your fur babies when you go out of town? Do you take them to the Vet, a place like the Hotel? Do you get a house/pet sitter?

I hope for those of you celebrating Passover or Easter that you find a spiritual blessing.

For those of you who tried to get a FREE copy of Lone Star Love, An Anthology and weren’t able to here is the correct link with my story “The Major and Her Colonel.” Lone Star Love 200x300

Love to hear from you. Blog  @Marsharwest




8 responses to “Galveston Island Book Signing

  1. I loved your photo of the bluebonnets, Marsha. That’s not a flower I’ve seen before. They’re beautiful.
    I’m with you about the book signings. It’s a place to meet readers and other authors, and if you sell a few books, that’s a bonus.
    Hope you have a happy Easter!

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    • Hey, Helena. It’s exciting to see them pop up along the highways each spring. We have a darling pic of our daughters when they were small children among a patch of bluebonnets.It’s kind of the thing here to get pictures of dogs and children among the lovely blue. I hope you’ve been able to get the anthology now. Thanks so much for stopping by,


    • Hey, Vicki. Are you a member of Texas Authors? They sponsor about 5 book signings around the state during the year. Check out their website. Would’ve been fun to be there with you. Hopefully, another time. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Galveston, Galveston–I hear Glen Campbell singing in my ear now. Love that song. I’ve never visited there, but your photos certainly make it look as if it should be on my “to visit” list. The blue bonnets are gorgeous and what I think about when I think Texas. Thanks for the warning about book signings–not to get my hopes up. I’ve had the same experience of going but not selling. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only author in the situation!! Excited to have paperbacks now to sell this summer. Hope to meet lots of readers.
    Have a blessed and joyous Easter!
    JQ Rose

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    • Hey, JQ. I hated book signings before I had paperbacks, even when I had my Bitty Booklets. Now I did notice an uptick in e-book sales after this last one, but so much fun with a “real” book. Good luck to you on your next booksigning and thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I too hear that song in my head. 🙂


  3. What an interesting post. And what a great place for a book signing! We loved the beach at Galveston and went there a number of times.

    When we travelled we always took our dog to the kennel. He loved it there and often his “girlfriend” would be visiting as well. We always had to hid the fact we were taking him there, pack his toys and food when he was in the backyard, so he wouldn’t know. Then when we took him down to the car, he’d be so excited, he’d be turning in circles.

    Happy Easter, Marsha!!

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  4. Hey, Susan. I chuckled as I read about hiding what you were doing from your pup. I so get that. I was soooo glad he seemed to have a good time. We have two other times this year, Charley will go. Glad you liked Galveston. Just think it’s such a neat place with super history. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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