A Variety of Thoughts

Tripping over assumptions

Assumptions—I keep saying I’ve learned my lesson, but every time I assume, I’m brought up short and give my self a mental head slap. Because talking is so easy for me, I forget that others need wait time to gather their ideas and form their words.

Who am I-sm

 Who Am I? —A strange question for someone my age, but the great thing I’ve discovered in my many years is that I can keep reinventing myself. How have you reinvented yourself?

Tangled Paths

Stumbling forward—Sometimes our paths forward are not clear, but we keep moving. We Keep on Keeping on.

Without Mistakes

Mistakes—Oh yes, there have been those, but we really do grow from those mistakes. They are painful, but the learning is worth the pain.

Stop Hatred rainbow

Peace—It seems so far away on so many levels. I haven’t written about the Stoneman High School young people who are pushing America, kicking and screaming, toward a more peaceful world. Many people are threatened by these kids. I am filled with hope by their actions.

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4 responses to “A Variety of Thoughts

  1. Great post, Marsha.
    There is no rule book on how to act, only our gut, our history, and our empathy, our conscience, etc. We need to expand our knowledge to the entire world, not just look/concentrate on/ at ourselves.

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  2. So next year I will be stumbling forward trying to reinvent myself. My daughter and her family are moving to Houston. She is taking two of my grandkids and I will have nothing to do with my free time. I have helped her by keeping the kids and taking them to appointments. I even volunteer at Sophie’s school one day a week. I have loved it, but I need to start thinking about new avenues to enjoy my life.

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    • Hey, Sue. Yes, you are entering a new phase. I love that we get to keep reinventing ourselves. I have no doubt you will find something/someone to devote your strength and passion. Who or Whatever it/they are will be very blessed. Maybe it will even include having time for us to get together for lunch or tea regularly. 🙂


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